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Bj Sports is a manufacturing & exporting house supplying hand-stitched sports balls and accessories to elite brand houses, worldwide. Our product line includes Soccer balls, Volley balls, Handballs, Indoor balls, Rugby balls & Mini balls.
We are manufacturing an extensive league of balls including professional balls, training balls, promotional balls and mini balls. An extensive range of high-performance outer shells are available at all times alongside our specialized printing facility. The manufacturing processes employed are in accordance with international standrads which we have now made our norm. Our complete production process boasts ten surgical inspection points, all of which require precision-based'results in order to avoid rejection by our inspection personnel.

Our Products/Services: Sportware, Soccer Balls, Handballs, Volleyballs, Goalkeeping Gloves, Shinpads

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    Kashmir Road, Pacca Garha, Mohallah Ismailabad, Butt Street
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    Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
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Products from this company

Chrono Pro-ex Volleyball
Professional 18-panel volleyball ; Soft touch balanced flight ; Both for indoor and outdoor use ; Handswen fitted ...
Product Category: Basketball & Volleyball

Soccer Ball
Elite training ball with high gloss PU shell ; Could be used both for match and training use ; Most economic PU ...
Product Category: Football & Soccer
Product Group: Soccer Ball

Chrono Mc2 Footballs
Elite quality professional ball with microfibre shell. Softer to the feel faster off the foot. Accurate with high ...
Product Category: Football & Soccer
Product Group: Football

Football Shorts
We supply Football Shorts. 100% polyester short. Main color blue. Red panels with white piping. Size: M L XL XXL .
Product Category: Athletic Wear
Product Group: Football Short

Athletic Wear
We supply brand football sportswear, throwback sportswear, football jersey, fashion men's jersey, branded ...
Product Category: Athletic Wear