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Changzhou Fuchun Electronic Co.,Ltd is one of leading professional manufacturers and exporters in China. Since 1984, we have been specializing in the production of alligator clip, battery clip,test leads,car cigarette lighter,now we produce many kinds of cable and connector, such as audio/video cable,rca cable,Scart cable,rf cable,usb cable,hdmi cable...... and we also export many kinds of electronic and electrical accessories, such as power supply, antenna, microphones,communication accessories,DC motor and fans,transformers, multimeters, relays,transistors & IC,s,etc. Our good quality control,large items selection,very competitive prices and best service let our business guests enjoy good market in the world.

Changzhou Fuchun Electronic Co.,Ltd is your reliable source of electrical and electronics components and spare parts for replacement market around the world. OEMs/ODMs are welcome ! We are waiting to serve you better!

Our Products/Services: Alligator clip
Alligator clip with cable
Test lead
Color coded leads
Battery clamp
Battery Clip
crocodile battery clips
Battery clip with cable
booster cable
booster cable clip
Terminal Clip
wire terminal clips

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    NO.129,xiaoliu industrial zone Luoyang town west,Wujin
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    Changzhou, china
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    +86 519 88791259
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    +86 519 88799910
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Products from this company

Alligator clips, Battery clips, Crocodile clip
Alligator clip crocodile clip Alligator clip with cable Test lead Color coded leads Battery clamp Battery ...
Product Category: Wiring Accessories