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Dongguan Delong Machinery Equiment Factory is located in Dongguan City of Guangdong provience,China.The company occupies an area of over 1,000 square meters .founded in 1987,specializesed for motor manufacturing industry characterized by friendly,stable,reliable,energy-saving and environmental operation with computerized control Know-how. For over 20 years experience, Dongguan Delong Machinery Equipment Factory have devoted itself in this field with professional technicials and experienced production staff. We have developed a wide range of new products in order to meet requirements of customers. In 1998, the peripheral equipment of punch we developed has been widely used in large and automatic production of motors for automabiles and home electrical appliances and industrial small and medium-sized motors.

Our Products/Services: Insulation forming machine series , coil inserting machine series , coil winding machine series, pre-shaping machine series ,intermediate shaping machine series,final shaping machine series,coil lacing machine series,automatic production line, coil inserting machine mould,shaping machine mould,coil winding machine mould, machine mould blade.

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    No.1village industrial zone,zhongtang town,dongguan city,Guangdong provience,china.
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    Dongguan/guangdong, china
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Products from this company

Single-side coil lacing machine DLM-3
Single-side coil lacing machine DLM-3 Introduction: This machine is used to bind the engine stator coil, ...
Product Category: Others Industrial

Coil Winding Machine Series DLM-0866
Coil Winding Machine Series DLM-0866 It is horizontal and automatic winding machines with serial parallel coil ...
Product Category: Industrial Materials

Insulating Machine Series DLM-0855A
Insulating Machine Series DLM-0855A It is power actuated,controlled by cam program and able to automatically do the ...
Product Category: Others Industrial

Insulation forming Machine Series DLM-0818
Insulation forming Machine Series DLM-0818 This machine is adopting the mode of horizontal mechanical ...
Product Category: Others Industrial

Stator Coil Inserting Machine DLM-5
Stator Coil Inserting Machine DLM-5 Description: With the components of paper feed, body, transmission and ...
Product Category: Others Industrial