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Fenghua City Jianqing Metal & Stamping Factory is a manufacturer specializing in various auto parts, such as C.V. joints, metal stampings, casting and machining parts. Our main products are many kinds of clamps (deluxe band/buckle clamps, universal clamps, hose clamps), ABS rings, caps which are useable in Honda, Nissan, Xiali, Fiat, Toyota, Mazda and other vehicles.

Our factory export the various plastic gear such as straight gear, helical gear, worm wheel worm, Imperial crown gear, Cone gear, Planet gear, Tooth box and more.

Our factory also make stampings and metal products as per your samples and drawings. We have complete machines, such as punches, jointing machines, Winding Machine, lathes and grinding machines. We are looking forward to doing long-term trade with our clients from worldwide.

Our Products/Services: Metal part, metal stamping, die casting, machining parts, plastic part, welded part, plastic gear, straight gear, Winding Machine, Turning Parts

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    Sanxi Village,Dayan Town
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    Fenghua, Zhejiang, China
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