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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Public, Herbal Tea, Prebiotics, Personal Care, Minerals & Trace Elements, Soluble Food Fibers, Health Products, Herbal & Essential Oils, Sports & Ergogenic Supplements, Dietary & Nutritional Supplements, and more from China.

A&Z Food Additives was established in 2000 and is located in the beautiful tourist city-Hangzhou, China. A&Z Food Additives Co., Ltd. specialize in the export, research and development of high quality food ingredients and dietary supplements. To be an attractive partner for our customers, our research & development program focuses on novel ingredients and good service solutions.

With rich experience and strong professional teams, our goal is to be a preferred global supplier in the food and nutraceutical industries. A&Z Food Additives Co., Ltd. strive for superior economic performance through improved productivity and high quality ingredients.

Good quality Ingredients have been exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

Our Products/Services: acesulfame (sunett) erythritol erythorbic, aspartame (nutrasweet) sucralose (splenda), stevioside / steviosin / stevia fructose, saccharin / saccharine / saccharide cyclamate, ascorbic (vitamin C) TBHQ lutein (marigold), ascorbyl palmitate nisin natamycin (pimaricin), polylysine riboflavin (VB2) tocopherols, VB2) tocopherols (tocopherol / vitamin E), L-Tryptophan Lysine (L-Lysine) Threonine, (L-Threonine) Arginine (L-Arginine), indole-3-carbinol (I3C) chitosan oligosaccharide, MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane)creatine, fructose disodium phosphate 5-hydroxytryptop, FDP 5-hydroxytryptophan Coenzyme Q10, Ubidecarenone inulin .

  • Business Type:
    Trade Company
  • Company Address:
    801 Yitai Building, No. 76, Gucui Road
  • City/State/Country:
    Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Contact Person:
    Mr. Guoliang Chen
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Products from this company

L-tyrosine Methyl Ester
L-Tyrosine Methyl Ester Specification: CAS No.: 1080-06-4 ; Other Names: tyrosinemethylester ; MF: C10H13NO3 ; ...
Product Category: Ester

Ocimene 13877-91-3 Fema 3539
OCIMENE 13877-91-3 FEMA 3539 Specification: CAS No.: 13877-91-3 ; Other Names: OCIMENE ; MF: C10H16 ; EINECS No.: ...
Product Category: Daily Flavor

Alkyl Polyglucoside
alkyl polyglucoside Specification: CAS No.: 68515-73-1 ; Other Names: APG ; Usage: Cosmetic Raw Materials, Detergent ...
Product Category: Hair Care Chemicals

Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate
Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate Specification: CAS No.: 7782-63-0 ; Other Names: Fesofor ; MF: FeH14O11S ; EINECS No.: ...
Product Category: Minerals & Trace Element

Sodium Polyacrylate
Sodium Polyacrylate Specification: CAS No.: 9003-04-7 ; Other Names: 2-Propenoicacid,homopolymer,sodium. ; MF: ...
Product Category: Thickener

Karaya Gum
Karaya gum Specification: CAS No.: 9000-36-6 ; Other Names: TRAGACANTH INDIAN ; EINECS No.: 232-539-4 ; Type: ...
Product Category: Gum & Gum Products

resorcinol Specification: CAS No.: 108-46-3 ; Other Names: 1,3-Dihydroxybenzene (resorcinol) ; MF: C6H6O2 ; EINECS ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Carrot Spray Dried
Carrot Spray Dried Specification: Style: Dried ; Type: Carrot ; Carrot Juice Spray Dried Powder is uesd in Bread ...
Product Category: Dehydrated Vegetables