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Future Sky Equipment is based in Dubai U.A.E., providing the wide range of automation and instrumentation equipment mainly diversified controllers, sensors, timers and counters, etc. to consumer and industrial community.

Our Products/Services: sensors controllers motion devices measurement items warning light and tower light

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    Trading Company
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    Dubai, UAE
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    amir souri
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Products from this company

Digital Multimeter ,DMM-8061
Feature: DMM 8061 Modern Digital Multimeter with AC True R.M.S. Measurement 1. 3 3/4 digits, 3,999 counts 2. ...
Product Category: EL Products

Heavy Duty Digital Multimeter,DMM-8050
features: â?† 19.999 count LCD display â?† 0.05% DC V accuracy â?† High voltage to 1,000 DC and 750V AC. ...
Product Category: EL Products

Pen type pH meter,pH-873
pH-873 high accuracy pen type PH meters uses combined pH electrode of high sensitivity , fast response, and good ...
Product Category: EL Products

Digital Tachometer,RM-1501
Features * 5 Digits LCD display * Auto range, from 10.00 to 99,999 RPM * Measuring distance 50 to ...
Product Category: EL Products

Digital stroboscope,DT-2239A
The digital stroboscope measures the speed by simply aiming the beam to the object, adjusting and synchronizing ...
Product Category: EL Products

PT100 Ohm 3 wires Temperature Probe,PT100-01
* PT 100 Ohm 3 wires Temperature range : -50 ~ 700 deg C. * Accuracy : Class A * +/- (0.15 + 0.002 x ...
Product Category: EL Products

Pocket DMM + Bargraph,DMM 113
Pocket DMM + Bargraph,DMM 113 Features : Auto power off Analog bargraph Low battery indicator Data hold Range ...
Product Category: EL Products

Low Cost Multimeter,DMM-124
Features : â?† 8 Functions, 23 ranges â?† DCV, ACV, and Ohms measurement â?† Capacitance 20μF~20mF â?† ...
Product Category: EL Products

DC Linear power supply,GPS-2303
features: 2 Independent Isolated Output Four "3 Digits" LED Displays 0.01% Load and Line Regulation ...
Product Category: EL Products

UV Meters,UVC,ST510
These instruments are designed to measure ultraviolet light in the range from 220 to 275 nanometers (UVC), 380 to ...
Product Category: EL Products

Large Display Indoor/Outdoor,Thermometer/Hygrometer,DTM-303
Features: 2 rows Big digits LCD display Indoor temperature and humidity display (Outdoor ...
Product Category: EL Products

High Voltage Proximity Detector,HVP-275
Features: ‧ Sealed by " O" Ring. ‧ 8 voltage settings: 240Vac, 2kV, 6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 132kV, ...
Product Category: EL Products

Coating Thickness Gauge for Ferrous or non Ferrous material,TG-902
Specifications: TG-902 Specifications: TG-902 Range 0 to 40.0 mils ( 0 to 1000 micro m) ...
Product Category: EL Products

AC / DC mA Current Clamp ,CA-60
Features: 1. This miniature clamp meter features two Hall effect sensors 2. For use with any multimeter with ...
Product Category: EL Products

Field Network
* Max. 63 basic units extensible for each master unit * Extended I/O unit extension available - Max. 3 extended ...
Product Category: EL Products

Switching Power Supplies
This product is to heat of cool a heater, a electronic furnace etc. and also to control the power supplied to ...
Product Category: EL Products

HMI and Display Units
Graphic touch panel is a typical device for HMI(Human Machine Interface) and rapidly replacing lots of single ...
Product Category: EL Products

Sensor Controllers
*12 kinds of various operation modes selected by DIP S/W *High speed input response *Flip-flop function is built ...
Product Category: EL Products

Temperature Transmitters
Datexel Manufacture Temperature Transmitters both to fit into Thermocouple heads (hockey pucks) and units which can ...
Product Category: EL Products

Temperature Controllers
Temperature Controllers, used in wide variety of industries, is the starting and important tools for the controlling ...
Product Category: EL Products

SKMLR,Streamline LED Revolving Warning Light With Magnet
Power LED Type of High Brightness, Suitable for Emergency Vehicle, Portable and Magnet Type Having rubber ...
Product Category: EL Products

SJSP Cubic Tower Xenon LampStrobe Light □90mm Max.90dB
Strobe Light of High Brightness, Excellent Visibility from a Distance and Long Durability Xenon Lamp Strobe ...
Product Category: EL Products

STC80L ,Multiple Colors 1 Layer LED Tower Light
Economical product that can transmit 2 to 3 colors signal by using 1 layer tower lamp Ensuring high visibility from ...
Product Category: EL Products

SWTE,Wall mounting LED Semi Cylinder Tower Light
Easily Attached to Walls as Wall Mounting Product and Reduced in the Risk of Damage from Touching by Obstacle ...
Product Category: EL Products

ST80WEL, LED Tower Light with Signal Sound
POLE Mounting Type. Simultaneously Transmitting Plural Visible Signal & Audible Signal 80mm external ...
Product Category: EL Products

SM40,Miniature MotorSiren
ABS Housing, Heavy Duty product with High Durability and High Volume Miniature Moter Siren with the ...
Product Category: EL Products

SN-1 ,Small Sized Steel Housing Siren
High Durability with Strong Steel Housing Employed High in Durability with Strong Steel Housing Employed ...
Product Category: EL Products

S60ADH ,Small Sized Sounder(Buzzer)
Compact and Light Weight Product with High Volume Buzzer Sound Output Small sized product with beautiful ...
Product Category: EL Products

SC1 Combination Of Warning Light And Souder
Possible to Diversify the Combination of Products According to Required Function/Operating Economical product ...
Product Category: EL Products

SSL400-KW LED Spreader Indicator/Traffic Light Ø100mm
Excellent Durability Even Under Super Vibration & Impact Suitable for signal transmission for container ...
Product Category: EL Products

SSEL EXplosion Proof LED Perimeter Light Ø150mm
LED Steady Light Suitable for helideck and other dangerous area as perimeter light. Astructure ...
Product Category: EL Products

SNE-S Explosion-Proof Xenon Strobe Warning Light of Economic Model Ø100mm
Impact Sized Explosion-Proof Xenon Strobe Warning Light of Economic Model Explosion-proof warning light ...
Product Category: EL Products

SCDWLR,Heavy Duty LED Revolving Warning Light with Sound Signal
Signal sound built-in product of wall-mounting type with LED revolving warning light and horn integrated. ...
Product Category: EL Products

Multi Functioned Combined Product with Signal Light and Strong Sounder, Suitable for Automobile Production Line, ...
Product Category: EL Products

QWHL150K,LED work light
Power LED Applied Product with 1400Lux, Separable Bracket(Available with both Wall Mounting & Direct Mounting) ...
Product Category: EL Products

LED Flood Light of Low Power Consumption and Low Cost, Securing Stable Intensity by Emitting Light to One Direction ...
Product Category: EL Products

Possible to interlock signal sound and signal light by one touch function. Output clear and stable signal ...
Product Category: EL Products

External Diameter 130mm, Structure of Striking Bell Housing, Generates Plain and Light Alarm Sound Performing ...
Product Category: EL Products

Superior Adaptability even to a Hostile Environment as Vibration, Impact, Storm, Intense Cold and Severe Heat ...
Product Category: EL Products

Explosion-Proof Solenoid Valve Box Al housing explosion-proof product which has excellent durability and ...
Product Category: Industrial Materials