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We are a professional research institution and manufacturer of botanical insecticide, fungicide and fertilizer from natural herbal plant for agriculture, grain storage and public health pest control.
All product's material from natural herbal plant, no contain any content of chemical pesticide component as organophosphorus pesticide and pyrethroid pesticide; and these products can be substituted for organophosphorus and pyrethroid pesticide product. So my products belong to natural organic product. And products are the broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and long-acting pesticide. This product principally characteristic is dissociation easily--so has no pollution, no residual toxicity and without carcinogen, --and these products can stimulate plant growth and improve 10-20 % the quality of fruits.
Use these pesticides, the vegetables and fruits can fundamentally guarantee the cleanliness of food. Thus preventing poison form entering the mouth; and especially in the exported foodstuff industry, it plays an even wider and greater role, as a result, the pests in the foodstuff and grains can be fundamentally prevented and eliminate during storage. All the crops are excellent in quality, high in yield, clear, without poison.

Our Products/Services: natural organic pesticide, bio insecticide, fungicide, biotanical pesticide fertilizer, technical product, herbal extract

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    Trading Company
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    Shanghai, China

Products from this company

We can supply various of Plant Growth Regulator with good quality and low price. Plant Hormones Products: 1. 90% ...
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Mammalian Toxicology: Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats 481-693mg/kg(in sesame oil),dogs 1600mg/kg(highest dose without ...
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Dichlormid: CAS#: : 37764-25-3. Structural formula: C8H11Cl2NO. Property: Technical grade of this products is ...
Product Category: Agrochemicals & Pesticides
Product Group: Dichlormid

Systemic foliar fungicide with a broad range of activity, at 100 -150 g/ha. Specification: 95% TC, 25% EC, 15% ...
Product Category: Fungicide
Product Group: Propiconazole

Botanical Insecticide
Emulsion Botanical Pesticide. Specification: 1% EC, 3.5% EC, 6% EC. The product is a high-effective, low-poisonous, ...
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Botanical Fungicide
Matrine Emulsion Botanical Fungicide. Specification: 0.3% EC. 0.3% matrine emulsion was invented and produced in our ...
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