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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Timer, Oscilloscope Probe, HDMI Adaptor, Electronic Tool, Buzzer & MIC, LED Lighting, Car Antenna Plug, XLR Connector, Antennas, Speaker Parts, Scart Plug & Cable, Plasma Bracket, RF Connector, Horn Speaker, American Power Strip, Halogen Floodlight, Panel Meter, Wiring Harness, Others, and more from China.

Changzhou Globaltone International Trade is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of various electronic products, such as AV connectors and cables, antennas, speakers,batteries, switches and telephone accessories, etc.

More than 90% of our products are exported to the international market.
In order to satisfy customers' requirements, Changzhou Globaltone International Trade Co., Ltd. will make great
efforts to develop new products and improve our services.

Welcome you to select our goods.

Our Products/Services: Antenna, cable, connector, AV cable, soldering iron, speaker, LED light, relay, switch, telephone part, extension cord, PCB, travel adapter, remote, home appliance, video camera, UTP cable, LAN cable, adaptor, lead acid battery .

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    Manufacturer, Trade Company, Agent
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    8129 Huangshan Road
  • City/State/Country:
    Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
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  • Contact Person:
    Mr. Young Zhao
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Products from this company

American Style 24 Hours Programmable Digital Timer
GT3-2851 American style 24 hours programmable digital timer Specification: Max. Current: 16A ; Max. Voltage: 120V ; ...
Product Category: Time Switches

Spiral Wrapping Bands --
Spiral wrapping bands -- GT1-9215 Specification: Type: Spiral Wrapping ; Material: PE ; ITEM.NO. D(mm) D(mm) ...
Product Category: Cable Sleeves

English Style 3200w Programmable Mechanical Timer
GT3-2302 English style 3200W programmable mechanical timer Specification: Max. Current: 13A ; Max. Voltage: 250V ; ...
Product Category: Micro Switches

30 Minutes Mini Mechanical Timer Germany Style
GT3-2022 30 minutes mini mechanical timer Germany style Specification: Max. Current: 16A ; Max. Voltage: 24V ; ...
Product Category: Wall Switches

Danish Style 24 Hours Programmable Digital Timer
GT3-2256 Danish style 24 hours programmable digital timer Specification: Operating Temperature: 105 ; Max. Current: ...
Product Category: Remote Control Switches

Programmabe Timer Controller
Programmabe Timer Controller Specification: Max. Current: 10Amp ; Max. Voltage: 250V ; This product can be used for ...
Product Category: Time Switches

Pcb Test Board
PCB test board Specification: Base Material: copper clad laminates ; Copper Thickness: 25um ; Board Thickness: 1.5mm ...
Product Category: Double-Sided PCB

Italy Typeprogram Mechaincal Timer Socket With Luminous Light
GT3-2410 Italy typeprogram mechaincal TIMER SOCKET with luminous light Specification: Theory: Other ; Usage: General ...
Product Category: Relays

Piezo Element
piezo element Specification: Type: Buzzer ; We are a professional manufacturer in the field of ceramic components, ...
Product Category: Acoustic Component