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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide resveratrol, Green tea extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, Grape seed extract, Flavonoid, Sex product, Gotu kola PE, Herb extract, Sweetener, Plant Extracts, and more from China.

Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise and a professional processing and R&D company of Chinese traditional herbal medicine. Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd. also manufacture medicinal intermediate and health products.

Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd. have more than 50 kinds of products such as resveratrol, aescin, genistein, policosanol, icariin, zeaxanthin, amygdalin, and protodioscin. Our products meet the quality standard of ISO9001 and are used in many industries of medicine, food, health products, and cosmetics. Our products have been exported to Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia. Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd. have adopted many advanced manufacturing equipments for purifying water, extraction, filtration, concentration, purification, and drying. Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd. also have various experimental instruments, such as high performance liquid phase chromatogram instrument (HPLC). So Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd. create many new herbal medicines annually to meet the requirements of our customers in most parts of the world.

Gorunjie aims to satisfy your needs by providing you with high quality products and good services. Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd. welcome customers from all over the world and Wuxi Gorunjie Technology Co., Ltd. are ready to cooperate with any interested partner.

Our Products/Services: Genistein, resveratrol(trans), zeaxanthin, policosanol, octacosanol, sodium aescinate, aescine/escin, ursolic acid, steviosides, evodopa(l-dopa), laetrile/amygdalin, shikimic acid, lutin .

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    Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
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    Mr. zhigang hu
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Fructose 99.5%
fructose 99.5% Specification: CAS No.: 57-48-7 ; EINECS No.: 200-333-3 ; Type: Sweeteners ; specs: 10: 1 10% ; test ...
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Steviosides Specification: CAS No.: 56038-13-2 ; Type: Flavoring Agents ; Powder: white ; Purity: 200 ; We provide ...
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