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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Chinese traditional plaster, 90*120mm medicated plaster, Permanent Magnet Plaster, Sore Throat Lozenges, agriculture product, Sore throat granules, mineral water, and more from China.

Sunrain Green Industry was established in Dingxiao Economic Development Zone in Guizhou in 1993. Due to nearly 3 years of hard work, Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou began to operate the production line of "sunrain" bottled water in 1996 and started to run the "sunrain" barreled water production line in the following year. In 2003, Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou began to use Daddy Miao plaster production line. In 2005, Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou started to produce the Miaoyitang honeysuckle tablets. In 2006, our company set up Sunrain Industry in Kaili Economic Development Zone in Guizhou. Sunrain Industry began to produce the "sunrain" barreled water in the next year. In the same year, a 900T honeysuckle production line was put into use.

Till now, Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou have formed 4 production and marketing systems: firstly, the drinking water production system with Sunrain natural water as the core product; secondly, the Daddy Miao production system; thirdly, the honeysuckle tablet production system; last but not the least, Chinese medicine processing and sales system.

In the industrialized operation of agriculture, from 2004 to 2006, as a leading enterprise in the industrialization of honeysuckle, our company enthusiastically participated in constructing the honeysuckle base of 300,000mu, which was promoted by the National Forest Bureau, the Southwest Guizhou Government and the Democratic Parties. In 2007 and 2008, Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou completed the construction of the eucalyptus growing demonstrative base (12000mu) with the cooperation of Southwest Guizhou Forest Bureau, Xingyi Bureau, Luowan Village and Cangjiang Village.

With 18 years of development, Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou are developing the economic benefits and social benefits with the same strength. Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou got lots of support from the central and local governments, departments and communities. Our company got the honors of "National Sparkle Plan Enterprise Technology Innovation Center" issued by Ministry of Science and Technology, "National Economic Forest Industrialization Enterprises" issued by National Forest Bureau, "Provincial of Industrialized Agricultural Key Enterprise of Guizhou Province" issued by Guizhou commission and government, and "Provincial Forestry Industrialized Operation Enterprises" issued by Guizhou Forest Bureau. As the vice president of the Bottled Water Commission of Guizhou Quarantine Association, Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou took part in the drawing work of Guizhou Natural Drinking Water Standard.

At present Sunrain Green Industry Co., Ltd. Guizhou hold lots of investing and stock branches and organizations, including Guizhou Daddy Miao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, Guizhou Miaoyitang Biology Engineering Co., Ltd, Guizhou Southwest Advertising Co., Ltd, Sunrain Industry Co., Ltd in Guizhou Kaili Economic Development Zone, Songzhuyin Food Factory in Guizhou Dingxiao Economic Development Zone, Guizhou Southwest Yuanben Miao Medicine Research Institute, Kaili Sunrain Literature Association, Xingyi Wantun Fine Breed Nursery Plant and Xingyi Luowancangjiang Eucalyptus Forest.

Our Products/Services: Chinese plaster, medicine tablet, honeysuckle, tea, nursery stock, eucalyptus, honeysuckle tablet, electuary, mineral water, pure water, herb medicine, plaster for scapulohumeral periarthritis, plaster for cervical osteoarthritis, plaster for osteoproliferation, honeysuckle tablet, plaster for rheumatism, Chinese herb product, Chinese herb, honeysuckle candy .

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