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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide antioxidant series, mold-proof & freshness preservation, Improver, and more from China.

Established in 1987, Dongguan Guangyi Food Additives Industry integrates research & development, production and sales. Our products have such characteristics as food mold proofing, freshness preservation, oxidation resistance and improved quality. Guangyi people are committed ourselves to creating values for customers with high quality products and services, and Guangdong Guangyi Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd. are also boosting the significant growth to the company's business. Currently, our company boasts over 50 million Yuan worth of assets, and over a dozen of modernized product lines. The famous food additive brand, "Guangyi", becomes very popular in China along with the joint efforts made by Factories and branches affiliated to our company including Dongguan Guangyi Food Additive Factory, Guangyi Food Additives Industry (Shanghai Branch) and Guangyi Freshness Preservation & Mold-proof Research Institute.

Guangdong Guangyi Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd. attach great importance to the technological innovation and hold the principle of "Science and technology create life; Make the real strength of Guangyi known to all" as the impetus of our struggle. A scientific research team, led by experts and composed mainly of doctors and masters, has been established and cooperative partnerships have been built with famed universities and colleges in the state. Joint laboratories in partnership with Jiangnan University and South China University of Technology have been established in succession. Two national-level key scientific research projects and several technical projects at provincial and municipal level have been completed. Up to the present, Guangdong Guangyi Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd. have won many national-, provincial- and municipal-level awards in recognition of excellent scientific research. And Guangdong Guangyi Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd. have created huge social and economic benefits for the state. At the end of 2003, Guangyi Technological Research Institute was recognized by Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Committee as Dongguan food additive engineering technological research & development center.

Since establishment, our company has been sticking to the principle of "Quality First, Elaborate Services First", as well as the strictest standards, in order to ensure the excellence in quality, and has won the following certifications one after another:
Our company successfully won ISO9001:2000 certification in 2003;
Our company won HACCP certification in 2003
Also in 2003, our company won the technical authentication by the State Food Quality Inspection Center; the only one food additive enterprise has been certified;
In 2007, our company won ISO22000:2005 certification.
Our company is currently applying for Islamic and Jewish certifications.

Facing with the globalization of economy, our company has built up a perfect sales & service network, by constantly sticking to the concept of "Do business with widespread customers; deliver benefits to all families". In order to establish strategic cooperative partnerships with our cooperators and make them to realize our corporate strategic operational objective of "Maximizing the customers' satisfaction", Guangdong Guangyi Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd. actively develop domestic and international markets, and stick to building up "Guangyi" as a world-class brand.

Our huge investment projects bring advantages to Guangyi, which is equipped with domestically first-class scientific research talents and internationally advanced production and testing equipment and monitoring systems, thereby giving our people enough confidence to face the challenges from the domestic and international food additive markets in the 21st century. Guangyi, a gigantic aircraft carrier, will head for our target successfully!

Do business with widespread customers; deliver benefits to all families!
Provide the best quality products and services for food trade and customers!
Impel the development of food industry!
Ensure the food safety!
Create "Guangyi" as a century brand!

Our Products/Services: L-ascorbyl palmitate, tert-butylhydroquinone, bread antistaling agent, pastry & lotus paste antistaling agent, food decolourant, bread quality improver, stuffing improver, oxygen absorber, sodium dehydroacetate, pastry mix, maltitol, Fried oil antioxidant .

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