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Jiaxing Hengwei Battery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading battery manufactures in China. With the 18 Japan-technology automatic production lines and annual production capacity of 0.6 billion batteries, we have a number of well-known brands of alkaline and carbonic product series, tailing to customers' specific requirements and needs.

Relying on rich industrial experience and advanced industrial technology, we provide our customers with the most reliable services and most competitive prices. Fully implemented with ISO9001 international quality authentication system and safety standard, we guarantee the quality of our products is at the highest level.

Our Products/Services: Super Alkaline Battery, Super Heavy duty battery, Dry battery, Carbon Zinc Battery, Primary Battery, Alkaline Zinc-Manganese battery, Zinc-Manganese dry battery

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    No.77 West Zhengyang Road, Youchegang, Xiuzhou District
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    Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
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Carbon Zinc Battery -2/s
CARBON ZINC BATTERY R20-2/S Specification: Battery Type: Zn/MnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: D ; CARBON ZINC ...
Product Category: Batteries & Chargers

Phone Battery Pack, Mobile Phone Battery
Cordless Phone Battery Pack P311: 1) 3.6V 280k rechargeable battery pack ; 2) Used in cordless phones. Mobile Phone ...
Product Category: Batteries & Chargers

Second General Motorcycle Battery
1) Nominal voltage: 12V ; 2) Rated capacity (10 hours rate): 2.5Ah ; 3) Dimension: 79L x 70W x 105H (mm) ; 4) ...
Product Category: Batteries & Chargers

Ni-MH High Low Temperature Rechargeable Battery
1) High discharge performance at high/low temperature ; 2) Charging efficiency can be 65% to 95% at 45 -70 ...
Product Category: Batteries & Chargers