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Kingtai Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing, active and professional company in China, mainly focusing on crop protection products including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant growth regulator as well, who is a leader in developing innovative and unique solutions to farmers' toughest pest and weeds problems.

We dedicate ourselves to satisfying our customers by providing quality products, low price as well as good services. Our technical and business expertise involves a responsibility to work for the benefit of mankind and contribute to sustained and environmentally friendly development.

Our Products/Services: Azoxystrobin, Tralkoxydim, Clethodim, Glyphosate,Iprodione,Chlorothalonil,Bispyribac-sodium

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    Building A,4/F Building B,Yuanyang Mansion,Economic Development Zone
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    Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
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Products from this company

Fenpyroximate Diafenthiuron hexythiazox clofentezine Chlorfenapyr Chloropyrifos Amitraz Carbaryl. Common name ...
Product Category: Insecticides

Herbicide & Pesticide Intermediate
Product name:3,4/dichloroaniline. CAS No.: 95-76-1. Appearance:light - brown crystals,with characteristic odour. ...
Product Category: Herbicides

Features Specifications: Oxasulfuron Bispyribac sodium Tribenuron methyl Diclofop methyl: Mol. wt. 406.4 M.f. ...
Product Category: Herbicides