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Shanghai huawan chemical co. Ltd. (huawanchem) is a chemicals enterprise having self-importing and exporting located on the shanghai pudong district. As a window for our parent company hubei xiangyu(group) chemical co. Ltd.

Our company is the mainly producing pharmaceutical intermediate including triclosan(100 tons); sodium fluorosilicate(700 ton); mono-ethylfumarate and azamethiphos and so on, and inorganic chemical materials including sulfuric acid(350,000 ton); ammonium dihydrogen phosphate(240,000 ton); calcium superphosphate(160,000 ton); ammonia(30.000 ton) and other fine chemical products.

Our Products/Services: TriclosanO-Phthalaldehyde4-chloro-3, 5-dimethylphenol2, 4-dichloro-3, 5-dimethylphenol Monoethyl fumarate AzamethiphosSodium fluorosilicate Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate(MAP)

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    No.28 North Zhangjiabang Road
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    Shanghai, China
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    Mr. Wu
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Products from this company

Description: the material shall consist of azamethiphos together with related manufacturing impurities and shall be ...
Product Category: Insecticides