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Shanxi Nandong International Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in exporting gas mask and activated carbon fiber with our own manufacturing bases. Since 2000, our gas mask has already exported to America, Latvia, Iran, and Israel, Iraq and Germany and so many countries. Besides,our activated carbon fiber has exported to Korea, Thailand, India and a lot of Asian military factories. What’s more, we have a well-equipped factory with advanced technology and a prefect system of quality assurance.

On the other side, the company has been importing mineral for a quite long time, such as iron ore (fines/lump/pellet), nickel ore, manganese ore, and chrome ore from Philippines, India, Brazil, Thailand, and Australia and so on. On top of a good relationship with many steel companies at home, the company has built a great sales network around the world. In addition, we can provide ample supply and prompt delivery for all the customers. So our goods have met with great favor home and abroad, and are always in great demand.

Nandong persists in cooperating friendly with customers at home and abroad for mutual benefits! Nandong promises to provide you with the most reasonable price and the best service! Nandong wishes a better future with all the friends!

Our Products/Services: Exporting gas mask,face mask,activated carbon fiber,activated carbon,respirator,ceramic fiber and anti-poison clothing.

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    Trading Company
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    No.14 Pingyang Road
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    Taiyuan, China
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    Miss Zhang
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Products from this company

Anti-poison Clothes
Anti-poison Clothes Properties: 1. Efficient absorbability and Perfect evenness 2. Comfortable Wear Discharge ...
Product Category: Speciality Clothing
Product Group: Anti-Poison Clothes

Ceramic Fiber
Ceramic Fiber Properties: 1. High heat stability 2. Low heat conductivity 3. Resistance to heat shock Usages: ...
Product Category: Insulation & Heat Insulation
Product Group: Ceramic Fiber

Activated Carbon Fiber
Activated carbon fiber is a new kind of fabric absorptive material with large specific surface area and pore ...
Product Category: Activated Carbon
Product Group: Activated Carbon Fiber

Face Mask
ACF face mask is made by activated carbon fiber, which can absorb and filter effectively. It is the best choice for ...
Product Category: Safety Products
Product Group: Face Mask

Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon Usage: 1. Remove H2S and other sulfides 2. Recovery benzene, xylene, ether, ethanol, gasoline ...
Product Category: Activated Carbon

Respirator Properties: 1. Efficient Adsorption and Filtration The canister is filled with activated carbon of ...
Product Category: Safety Products
Product Group: Respirator, Gas Mask

Gas Mask
Gas Mask Properties: 1. Efficient Adsorption and Filtration The canister is filled with activated carbon of high ...
Product Category: Safety Products
Product Group: Gas Mask, Safety Mask