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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Lady Coat, Ladies' Shirt, Men's T-shirt, Men's Suit, Ladies' Suits, Women's Uniforms, Men's Trousers, Men's Shirt, Women's T-shirt, and more from China.

Our aim: To create value for customers and provide the best service; to create opportunities for employees and business and grow together.

KAESAR offers high-end customized clothing and is the expert in the field.

Jinjiang Kaesar Clothing now has over 100 employees, a modern workshop and a pure handmade production workshop. Jinjiang Kaesar Clothing Co., Ltd. integrate research, development, design, manufacture and sale. In addition, Kaisawang clothing has more than 10 cooperative factories. Our main products are high-end men and womens suits, men's casual wear, administrative uniforms, shirts, T-shirts, coats, trousers, casual pants, jeans, beach pants, ties and hats.

Chenzhitian in his 20-year clothing career, from the clothing production process to sale and then to customization, has accumulated a large customer group and rich sales experience. His customers include Central leaders, politicians, business leaders, sports stars and business successful people.

In the customization market, he has a deep understanding. Thus, a bold new program was created in his mind: Yu Yi Square, the palace based on high-end, the birth from a noble but doomed to survive. However, he can not be complacent with a workshop, only do a respectableThe Court of Queen tailor. He should provide the best quality services for high-end groups. He is not only in Indonesia, not only in China, should be in the world.

But to the world, there must be a famous name to be accepted by the people all over the world. So the name should have not only a meaning of noble and positive moral but also should be easy to remember. In the end of the play, what should the name is? When he was trying hard to think, the Roman "Caesar" suddenly burst into his brain, which is like a mythical figure legend, his name and spirit is not exactly what he wants to say? So "Caesar King" and English KAESAR (with CAESAR homonym) will be formed quickly in his mind. He immediately started designing LOGO, while doing registration and other related matters. Jinjiang Kaesar Clothing Co., Ltd. successfully registered the company - Hong Kong KAESAR (International) Holdings Limited in Hong Kong in 2009. In May 18th, 2010, Jinjiang Kaesar Clothing Co., Ltd. registered Jinjiang Kaesar Clothing in China. In the promotion process, he has been recognized by every one. In this way, Kaisawang clothing came into being.

Kaisawang can make products according to you looks, body characteristics, status and personal needs. The image of its all-round design, shape and packaging is tailored. Jinjiang Kaesar Clothing Co., Ltd. aim to provide the best possible service which is a real personalized service. After many years of operation, Jinjiang Kaesar Clothing Co., Ltd. already have had a large number of high-end customer base, many of business leaders and sports stars have been our customers.
Contact: Chenzhitian
Tel: 15559050999
Fax: 0595-86178828
Address: Room 201, Building 2, Chang Xing Road,Haofu Gardens, Jinjiang City, Fujian

Our Products/Services: Suit, business casual wear, trench coats, pants, shirts/t-shirts, jackets, jeans, beach pants, hats .

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    Manufacturer, Trade Company
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    201Blog2 HongZhai Park qingyang street jinjiang city
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    jinjiang, Fujian, China
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    Mr. Zhitian Chen
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Product Category: Uniforms & Workwear

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