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Readyke Technology LTD. is a manufacture in China who specializes in making EAS and RFID products.With many years experience,we develope more than 100 types of product.In EAS field,we create many type product.According to the habit,we devide EAS into hard tag,soft label and systems.Hard tag include RF/AM hard tag,Ink tag and Bottle tag,soft label include RF label,AM label and EM label,systems include RF system,AM system and EM system.In the other field,we could offer labels and Reader&Antenna.the labels we can supply such as LF label,HF label and UHF label,also include the Reader&Antenna concren the label.All the demension we mensioned is our stock product,if you have your favorite demension,we could design it as you wish.

Welcome to viste our website,anything you can contact us,even something dosen't concern our main business.All we want is gain more freindship from you,and as a friend we can help you to solve your problem!

Our Products/Services: eas label, rfid label, security tag, security, eas, rfid, reader, antenna, hard tag, rf label, am label, em label, dr label, checkpoint, sensormatic, detahcer, accessories, handhold, eas systems, rfid system, esl, electronic shelf label

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    12D,Building B,Duhui electronic plaza,Futian
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    shenzhen, China
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    kam fang
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Products from this company

Rfid UHF label RU01
Product No.:RU01 Label dimension:30mm*50mm Antenna material:Aluminum Substrate material:PET ...
Product Category: Wireless Component
Product Group: Rfid Label

Eas EM label
Product No.:EE01 Frequence:27KHz /104KHZ Color:Transparent/barcode/Customized Dimensions:10mm*40mm ...
Product Category: Safety Products
Product Group: Eas Label

Eas DR label ED01
Product No.:ED01 Frequence:58KHz Color:White Dimensions:45.21mm*10.67mm Packing: 5000pcs/box ...
Product Category: Safety Products
Product Group: Eas Label

Eas lock tag
Product No.:HR07 Frequency:8.2MHz Color:Black/Gray/White or Customize Dimension:53mm*43mm Lock:Three ...
Product Category: Safety Products
Product Group: Eas Label

Eas Mini Square label, security tag
Product No.:HR01A Frequency:8.2MHz Dimension:46mm*42mm Color:Black/Gray/White or Customize Lock:Three ...
Product Category: Electronic Component
Product Group: Eas Label