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DaXingAnLing Koralle Bio-tech Co.,Ltd, which was established in March 2003. Our company lies in JiaGeDaQi, DaXingAnLing Region where is the only no-pollution forest in the world.
The wildlife resources at this place are richful.There are many kinds of natural plants here,including Wild blueberry and lingonberry.Company introduces European raspberry planting about 2,000 acres. The annual output of raspberry is 3,000 tons.
Our leading products are as follows:
1. Natural pigment: More than 50 kinds of natural pigment like Fucoxanthin,Spirulina Blue Color,Blueberry Anthocyanin,Elderberry pigment,Carthamus Red and Carthamus Yellow etc.
2. IQF fruit: including IQF blueberry,IQF lingonberry, IQF black currant,IQF red
3. Concentrate: lingonberry concentrate, blueberry concentrate, black currant concentrate.
Products have been turned around from research and development stage to mass production. More than 90% of our products are exported to Japan and Europe. To meet the requirements of customers,the company expanded Cold Storage in 2005. The annual output of blueberry and lingonberry can reach 3,000 tons now.
Warmly welcome customers domestic and abroad.

Our Products/Services: plant exract:arbutin, black soybean hull extract, capsaicin, celandine extract.
natural pigment: fucoxanthin,gardenia red,gardenia blue,tomato color, carthamus red, carthamus yellow,sodium cpopper chlorophyllin, curcumin.
Fruit powder, blueberry powder, elderberry powder, black currant powder

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    DaXingAnLing City,HeiLongJiang, China
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Products from this company

Madder Lake Color
component: ruberythrine acid, rubianic acid and rubianin character: salmon pink to brown powder origin: extracted ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Impatie Balsamina L. Color
Character: purple red powder, soluble in water Origin: extracted from the red petal of Impatiens Balsamia L. Use: ...
Product Category: Food Ingredients

Character: dark purple crystal or powder Origin: in existence of carapace, fish, eggs, blood and mushroom. Use: ...
Product Category: Food Ingredients

Fruit Powder
we provide three kinds of fruit powder with high quality, blueberry powder, elderberry powder and black currant ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Elderberry Extract
We can supply two specifications of this product: 10% and 20%.The active component is flavone. Test method: HPLC. ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Grape Seeds Extract
Grape Seeds Extract is widely used in drug industry. It contains OPC, which has the main function of clearing away ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

It is a kind of alkaloid existing in capsicum, the capsaicin of high purity is a kind of white needle-shaped ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Celandine Extract
Celandine extract is extracted from wild chelidonium majus. We can supply three specifications: 20%, 50% and 98% ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Bearberry is also called lingonberry, the main extract is arbutin and the content is up to 25%. Its main function is ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Black bean hull extract
It is extracted from the raw black bean peel and the effective component is anthocyanin. Widely used in food and ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Gardenia blue
We can see dark blue powder with our naked eyes.It is easily water-soluble. It is absolute a natural pigment ...
Product Category: Food Ingredients

Red Kojic Rice
We can see redbrown to purple-red rice grains with our naked eyes. It is absolute a natural pigment abstracted from ...
Product Category: Food Ingredients

Wolfberry Color
Fatty oil renieratene compound is the main part of the wolfberry color. We can see dark red with little yellow ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Corn color
Zeaxanthin, crtotixabthin are the main parts of the corn color. We can see yellow powder, pasty, liquid or ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Mixed Carotenoids
Phytoxanthin, neoxanthin, violaxanthin,andβ-carotene are the main parts of the mixed carotenoids.We can see dark ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Natural Carotenes
β-carotene, α- carotene, δ-carotene, ζ- carotene and other carotinoid are the main parts of the natural ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Lycopene is the main part of the tomato color.We can see dark red powder or oily liquid with our naked eyes. It is ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Purple corn color
Cyanidin-3’-glucoside and other Cyanidin pigment are the main parts of the Purple Corn Color.We can see red to ...
Product Category: Food Ingredients

Lingonberry red
Cyanidine-3-galactoside, Cyanidine-3-arabinoside, paeonidin-3-arabinoside are the main parts of the Lingonberry red. ...
Product Category: Food Ingredients

Black bean red
Cyanidine-3- galactoside , cyanidine-3- glucoside, dilphinidin triglucoside are the main parts of the black bean ...
Product Category: Plant Extract

Black currant color
Delphinidin, Cy-3-rut, dp-3-rut, cy-3-glu, Dp-3-glu are the main parts of the black currant color. We can see ...
Product Category: Pharmaceutical Chemical

Elderberry Pigment
Cyanin haematochrome is the main part of the elderberry color. We can see purple red powder with our naked eyes. It ...
Product Category: Pigment

Sell blueberry anthocyanin
Blueberry Anthocyanin is extracted from the fruit of wild-living blueberry by CO2-supercritical extraction method ...
Product Category: Plant Extract