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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Hot-selling Products, New Products, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Concentrated Fruit Juice, Fruit Puree Concentrate, Vegetable Juice Concentrate, Other Products, Others, and more from China.

Green Fiber----Shandong Lvwei Syrup is located in the economic development zone of Jiaxiang, which is a famous agriculture area in China with an area of 38mu. Our factory covers an area of 7000 square meters. Our company is a share-holding enterprise which specializes in the cultivation of agricultural products and vegetables, the research, processing and marketing. The first phase work has been invested by over 40 million Yuan. Our company has introduced the production line of fruit and vegetable concentrated solution which take membrane ultra filtration as the core technology and the beverage filling production lines. These production lines can produce 10,000 tons of concentrated solution and 20,000 tons of drinks and process 100,000 tons all of kinds of raw materials of fruits and vegetables each year. Shandong Lvwei Syrup Co., Ltd. first have established 30,000mu-plantatio-base of unharmful fruits and vegetables in the local area. Our enterprise makes full use of the state industrialization, combines with the superiority of Jia Xiang Agriculture Area and draws on the advanced business experience of other countries. The utilization of concentrated solution program has been ranked in national spark plan and given the title of the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization.

Technology ------ Our company, in the innovative spirit of self-transcendence, lead in the development of science and technology, has developed membranes ultrafiltration of the fruit and vegetable juice processing successfully, which is today's international high-tech and with independent intellectual property rights. The most important feature of this technique is the use of membrane separation sterilization process, thus avoids the defects which's brought about by high-temperature sterilization process of traditional technology, makes the product to maintain all the nutritional essence, pure taste, creates a new era of fruit and vegetable process technology. At present, the process technology can be adapted to varieties of fruits and vegetables manufacture and forms a complete new product technology development and manufacture system.

Quality ------ Our company has always advocated the quality as the root and taken quality as the life. Our production has rigorous processes from raw materials planting to finished products. Each process step is interlocked, controlled by strict data and supported by advanced testing equipment, with complete detection means and the comprehensive analysis of the product quality. Our company has attained ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, HACCP food safety management system certification and Kosher export certification which is an effective guarantee of product quality.

Development--- In accordance with the plan of corporate strategy development, taking the local unharmful and purely natural fruits and vegetables as raw materials, in a, based on the first production scale, Shandong Lvwei Syrup Co., Ltd. are committed to opening up new areas of health food; the second phase, with the technology and market of Shanghai, the use of fruit and vegetable of the active ingredient of natural fruits and vegetables, Shandong Lvwei Syrup Co., Ltd. research and development health functional food and pharmaceutical grade cellulose.

Our Products/Services: Pear juice concentrate, pomegranate juice concentrate, cuapple juice concentrate, concentrated tomato juice, pistons .

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