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Lanxi Yibu Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of HID lighting products and energy saving lamps. Specifically, the mainly products include Lighting Bulbs, Lighting Tubes, mercury lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, reflector lamps, Halogen lamps, energy saving lamps.

We have advanced production equipment and testing systems to assist the overall business implementation. our products are selling well in the Middle East Asian, European and North African markets.

Our Products/Services: Lighting Bulbs, Lighting Tubes, Hid bulbs, energy saving lamps, marine bulbs, mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, fishing lamp

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    No.9, Sanziqiao Road, Economic Development Zone
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    Lanxi, Zhejiang, China
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Products from this company

HID PAR38 Lamp
Features: 1) Widely used for decorative lighting ; 2) Long life ; 3) High brightness ; 4) Excellent color rendering ...
Product Category: Lighting Bulbs & Tubes

MR16 Halogen Lamp
1) Advantages: centrally lit, highlights illuminated objects and surroundings, low volume, energy saving ; 2) ...
Product Category: Lighting Bulbs & Tubes

Energy Saving Lamps, 3U Energy Saving Bulb
We can supply Energy Saving Lamps (DC), 3U energy saving lamp in blister from china. Also supply 100 Mini Lights. ...
Product Category: Lighting Bulbs & Tubes