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We are a professional enterprise specializing in manufacture and exporter of agrochemicals, include 100% water soluble NPK fertilizers, plant growth regulators.

Our Products/Services: Agrochemicals, growth regulators, fertilizers and Potassium humate, agar agar, Lithium hydroxide, mono potassium phosphate

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    No.77 Lvling Road
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    Xiamen, Fujian, China
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    Ms. Chen

Products from this company

CPPU (Forchlorfenuron) 99%
CPPU (Forchlorfenuron) 99% ; CAS:68157-60-8; chemical name:1-(2-chloro - 4- pyridyl)-3- phonylurea; molecular ...
Product Category: Plant Growth Regulator
Product Group: Forchlorfenuron

Paclobutrzaole 15%WP. Content of Paclobutrazole:14.5-16.0%. Suspensibility:65%min. Wetting time: 90 S max. Finess ...
Product Category: Plant Growth Regulator
Product Group: Paclobutrazol

Mepiquat chloride 99%
Mepiquat chloride 99% white crystal, content:99.5%, N-methyl pyridine HCL:0.34%max. Plant Growth Regulator--Mepiquat ...
Product Category: Plant Growth Regulator
Product Group: Mepiquat Chloride

Prilled Urea N46%
Specification: Prilled Urea N46% ; Prilled, free flowing,100% treated against caking ; Non-clotted - free from ...
Product Category: Fertilizer

Organic Enzyme
Super Organic Enzyme. 1. Reduce, avoid, and stop the rices straw and stubble burning.2. Decrease the number and the ...
Product Category: Fertilizer
Product Group: Organic Enzyme

Gibberellic Acid
1) Chemical name: gibberellic acid (ga3). 2) Molecular formula: C19H22O6 3) Molecular weight: 346.37 4) ...
Product Category: Agrochemicals & Pesticides
Product Group: Gibberellic Acid