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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Natural active ingredients and intermediates, Synthetic Chemicals, Plant/herbal extract, Others, and more from China.

Shaanxi Sciphar Biotechnology is a biological high-tech company which is primarily engaged in the research and development, production and marketing of various natural plant extracts, chemical intermediates and chemical synthetic materials. Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. are committed to the guarantee of human health protection with our corporation culture of "manufacture sophisticated products with carefully selected natural resources; meet customers' needs with perfect quality".

Our R&D department and marketing centers are located in Xi'an High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Relying on sufficient talents, as well as technological and researching advantages in Xi'an High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. have cooperated closely with a number of research institutes and universities.

At the same time, Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. take full advantage of natural pharmaceutical resources that grow in Qinba Mountainous Area and Qinling Mountain. After years' development, our core competitiveness has been formed and maintained.

There are several well-known experts and consultants working with us, and Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. have formed a technology and management team which is multidisciplinary, comprehensive, specialized and professional. Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. are qualified to take national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects and have achieved success thoroughly every time.

The name of "Sciphar" means "scientific pharmaceutical" and Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. succeed in what Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. desire. Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. have advanced extraction, separation, purification and drying equipment and technology, Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. have sufficient experience in natural plant extracting and strict quality control system, and Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. have built a comprehensive sales service system. All those keep our leading position in world market. Our products are sold to the United States, Europe, Japan and Asian-Pacific countries and regions, enjoying a high reputation.

Our goal is to become a global, professional and reliable company that provides international customers with the best pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical intermediates, food supplements and additives, as well as cosmetic raw materials. Finished forms of dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, functional foods, health foods, and herbal medicines are capsules, tablets, oral solutions and oral powder. Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. promise that wee provide reliable quality and quality service.

Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. firmly believe that our customer's success is our success. At Sciphar, Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. are always committed to giving our customers the reliable products and services that they expect and deserve.

Our Products/Services: herbal extract, plant extract, functional ingredient, lycopene, resveratrol .

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    Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
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    Mr. Xinkang Jin
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Products from this company

Kinetin Specification: Classification: Kinetin ; CAS No.: 525-79-1 ; Other Names: Kinetin ; MF: C10H9N5O ; Grade ...
Product Category: Organic Acid

Chondroitin Sulfate
Chondroitin Sulfate Specification: CAS No.: 9007-28-7 ; Other Names: no ; MF: C14H21NO14S ; EINECS No.: no ; Purity: ...
Product Category: Oral Care Chemicals

EGCG Specification: CAS No.: 989-51-5 ; Type: Antioxidants ; color: light yellow ; Purity: 95% ; Epigallocatechin ...
Product Category: Antioxidants

Folic Acid
Folic Acid Specification: CAS No.: 59-30-3 ; Other Names: Vitamin B11 ; MF: C19H19N7O6 ; EINECS No.: 1 ; FEMA No.: ...
Product Category: Nutrient Additives

Riboflavin Specification: CAS No.: 83-88-5 ; Other Names: vitamin B2 ; MF: C17H20N4O6 ; EINECS No.: NA ; FEMA No.: ...
Product Category: Acidity Regulator

Tocotrienols Specification: CAS No.: 84929-27-1 ; Usage: Other ; Assay: 98% ; Tocotrienols are members of the ...
Product Category: Daily Chemicals

Vitamin U
Vitamin U Specification: CAS No.: 3493-12-7 ; Other Names: S-Methylmethionine ; MF: C6H15NO2S ; EINECS No.: ...
Product Category: Acidity Regulator

Sucralose Specification: CAS No.: 56038-13-2 ; Other Names: Sucralose ; MF: C12H19Cl3O8 ; EINECS No.: 421 ; FEMA ...
Product Category: Sweetener

Beta-Carotene Specification: CAS No.: 7235-40-7 ; Type: Antioxidants ; dark red: powder ; Purity: 96.0%-101.0% ; ...
Product Category: Antioxidants

Astaxanthin Specification: CAS No.: 472-61-7 ; Other Names: 3,3'-Dihydroxy-beta,beta-carotene-. ; MF: ...
Product Category: Food Colorants

Aspartame Specification: CAS No.: 22839-47-0 ; Other Names: Aspartame ; MF: no ; EINECS No.: no ; FEMA No.: no ; ...
Product Category: Flavors & Flavor Enhancers

Minoxidil Specification: CAS No.: 38304-91-5 ; Other Names: Minoxidil ; MF: C9H15N5O ; EINECS No.: 02414455 ; ...
Product Category: Hair Care Chemicals

glycyrrhizin Specification: CAS No.: NA ; Other Names: Glycyrrhizin ; MF: Glycyrrhizin ; EINECS No.: NA ; Purity: 99 ...
Product Category: Hair Care Chemicals

Chitosan Oligosaccharide
Chitosan Oligosaccharide Specification: CAS No.: 9012-76-4 ; Other Names: Chitosan Oligosaccharide ; MF: (C6H11NO4)n ...
Product Category: Feed Grade Amino Acids

Acesulfame Potassium
Acesulfame Potassium Specification: CAS No.: 55589-62-3 ; Other Names: Acesulfame Potassium ; MF: Acesulfame ...
Product Category: Sweetener

Melatonin Specification: CAS No.: 73-31-4 ; Other Names: N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine ; MF: C13H16N2O2 ; EINECS No.: ...
Product Category: Gums & Stabilizers

Salicin ,white Willow Bark Extract 10%-98%hplc Cas:138-52-3
Salicin ,white willow bark extract 10%-98%HPLC CAS:138-52-3 Specification: CAS No.: 138-52-3 ; Other Names: Salicin ...
Product Category: Dyes Intermediates

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
Kojic Acid Dipalmitate Specification: Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent ; CAS No.: 79725-98-7 ; Purity: 99 ; ...
Product Category: Paper Chemicals

Veratridine is a steroid-derived alkaloid from the family of Liliaceae that functions as a neurotoxin by activating ...
Product Category: Agrochemicals & Pesticides

Zeatin Molecular Formula: C10H13N5O Molecular Weight: 219.24 CAS No.: 219.24 Characters: White to yellow ...
Product Category: Plant Growth Regulator