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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide OLED materials, Rare earth products, Fine Chemicalpharmaceutical intermediates, Natural Ingredients, Aromatic Compounds intermediates, Gold and silver catalyst, Ruthenium compound catalyst, Iridium compound catalyst, Rhodium compound catalyst, Palladium compound catalyst, Platinum compound catalyst, Homogencous catalyst, Inorganic salt catalyst, Oxide carrying noble metal catalyst, Noble metal catalyst, Carbon-carrier catalyst, and more from Hong Kong.

Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co.,Ltd whichengaged in R&D, industrial production chemicals. Mainly serving the chemical, pharmaceutical, materials, energy, biotechnology, food and other fields, has been used our own R & D service platform, successfully established a long-term stable good relations of cooperation with many famous companies in USA, Germany, United kingdom, Korea, India, Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia etc.

With our own laboratory (Shanghai) and factory (Zhejiang, Henan) as well as main production partners , Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. can quickly and efficientlyprovide a variety of organic compounds , pharmaceutical intermediates,OLED intermediates and noble metal catalyst and so on, including : Boronic acid, thiophene , Linear hydrocarbon, Fluorene derivatives, Adamantane compounds, Norbornene Derivatives , organic phosphorus compounds , Aromatic Compounds , Reagents for peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis, palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium catalysts and advanced materials. At present, Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. can provide customers with more than 2,000 kinds of products, Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. provide custom synthesis from the laboratory scale to commercial production.

In addition, according the special requirements of organic, medicine field, Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. set up a new company Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co.,Ltd. Relying on our strong research and development, pilot and larger productivity, offering services with heart and soul , strive to achieve shorter development cycles and reduce cost. Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. d like to supply a series of efficient, quality services to raise the core competitiveness ofcustomers!
Yurui Chemical is sub company of Ruiyuan Group Limited.

Our Products/Services: Catalyst, noble metal catalyst, palladium carbon, platinum carbon, rhodium carbon, RuCl3, platinum alumina, ruthenium alumina, lindlar catalyst, palladium barium sulphate catalyst, PdCl2, palladium acetate, RhCl3, IrCl3, intermediate, resveratrol, coenzyme q10, sodium saccharin, green tea extract, lutein .

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Products from this company

Pentafluorobenzyl Chloride
Pentafluorobenzyl chloride Specification: CAS No.: 653-35-0 ; Other Names: Pentafluorobenzyl chloride ; Purity: ...
Product Category: Benzene & Ramification

Lysipressin Acetate
Lysipressin Acetate Specification: Classification: Ammonium Organic Salt ; CAS No.: 50-57-7 ; Other Names: ...
Product Category: Organic Salt

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate
sodium stearoyl lactylate Specification: Other Names: SSL ; Type: Emulsifiers, Thickeners ; sodium stearoyl ...
Product Category: Emulsifier

3,4,6-trifluoropyridine Specification: CAS No.: 1737-93-5 ; Other Names: 3,5-Dichloro-2,4,6-trifluoropyridi. ; ...
Product Category: Benzene & Ramification

Gellan Gum/cas No.:71010-52-1
Gellan Gum/CAS No.:71010-52-1 Specification: CAS No.: 71010-52-1 ; Other Names: Gellan Gum ; MF: ********* ; EINECS ...
Product Category: Gum & Gum Products

Acesulfame-k/cas No.:55589-62-3
Acesulfame-K/CAS No.:55589-62-3 Specification: CAS No.: 55589-62-3 ; Other Names: acesulfame potassium ; MF: ...
Product Category: Sweetener

Methyl Sulfonylurea Acyl Methane /cas No.:67-71-0
methyl sulfonylurea acyl methane /CAS No.:67-71-0 Specification: CAS No.: 67-71-0 ; Other Names: SSL ; MF: ********* ...
Product Category: Nutrient Additives

Sodium Iodide/cas No.:7681-82-5
Sodium Iodide/CAS No.:7681-82-5 Specification: Classification: Halide (Except Chloride) ; Type: Other ; CAS No.: ...
Product Category: Halide

Specification: CAS No.: 57519-09-2 ; Other Names: H-His(Nt-Me)-OH ; MF: C8H13N3O2.HCl ; Purity: 99%min. ; ...
Product Category: Chemical Reagent