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Ammonium Nitrate from San corporation( is white prilled crystal, which has strong moisture absorption and agglomeration. It easily explodes under the action of calefaction or detonation agent. And it is easily soluble in water, methanol, acetone and liquid ammonia. It is mainly used in making ammonium nitrate explosives, emulsion explosives, refrigerating agent and nitrogen oxide adsorbing agent, as well as glass industry, medicine and fertilizers etc.

Calcium Nitrate from San coporation( is colorless and transparent uniclinal crystal, which is soluble in water, methanol and ethanal and is easily moisture absorbing in the air. As an oxidizing agent, it is burnable and explosible with going off while exposed to organic substance and sulphur. Calcium Nitrate is primarily applied as flocculant for rubber emulsion, petroleum exploration, effluent treatment, etc. In agriculture it is used as rapid efficiency fertilizer in acidic soil and in cultivation without soil. In light industry it is used to produce fireworks and tungsten lamp hood. In national defense industry it is used to produce explosives. In electro instrument industry it is used to coat cathode. Also it is a raw material for dyeing process and nitrate production.

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