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Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd. is a worldwide manufacturer of cleanroom supplies and critical cleaning products, including Cleanroom swabs, polyster swabs, ESD swabs, nasopharyngeal flocked swabs, sticky mats, wipes, cleaning cards, snap swabs, foam swabs, Backed by decades of experience in the manufacture of cleanroom supplies and consumables Miraclean Global Co., Ltd. Provides superior quality products on a large mass production scale. We guarantee that our products can meet or even exceed our customers' expectations. New products are being continuously developed using the most advanced equipment and technology to meet customers' requirements. With the use of sophisticated instrumentations and modern technology, Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd. Will emerge as one of the leading cleanroom consumable manufacturers in the world. We continue to strive for innovation to create and maintain world class manufacturing and quality systems

Our Products/Services: cleanroom swab;ESD Foam swab,polyester swab,antistatic swab,flocked swab,specimen collecion swab,cleaning cards,cleaning kits,wippers,sticky mats

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Products from this company

Presat P120i Cleaning card kits 105912-912
Cleaning Kits Include : T-Shape Long Cleaning Card (Engine) - 4 pcs (Zebra Part Number Reference : 105912-912) ...
Product Category: Safety Products

ESD Cleanroom Swabs TEXWIPE Compatitble
Miraclean’s Kleentips ESD Foam Swab is constructed from compressed, 100 ppi (Z) open-cell polyurethane foam ...
Product Category: Safety Products