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Pioneer Group's main business is in the field of Aquaculture Equipments & Marine Fish Cage Farming System. Our staffs possess solid professional backgrounds, including Aquaculture, Mechanical Engineering and Geo-Technical specialists with over 15 years experiences.

Pioneer Group's major products & services are specified below:
-- Aquaculture Equipment : Paddlewheel Aerators (""Teco"" Motor made in ""Taiwan"" under ISO9001/ISO14001), Air-Injectors, Automatic Feeders, Rings/Roots Blowers (ISO9001), and Water Pumps (ISO9002).
-- Marine Fish Cage Farming System & Accessories. (Turn-Key Package Offered!)
-- Automatic Grits Manufacturing Machines, Mixer Machines, Fish Chopping Machines, Fish Mincing Machines.
-- Power Control Panels (ISO9001).
-- Electrical Cables (ISO9001).
-- HDPE Pond Liner (ISO9002).
--Aquaculture Consultant Services etc

Our Products/Services: Cage Farming System, Paddlewheel Aerator, Multi-Impeller Paddlewheel Aerator

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    15F, 7, Ssu-Wei 4 Rd., Ling-Ya, District,
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    Kaohsiung , Taiwan
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    Sunny Wang
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