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we are the leading supplier of flavoring & essence.High level research group, advanced apparatus and good scientific atmosphere ensure the quality of R&D. All the products in plant are the fruit of R&D department.Our products reach the advanced standard of domestic market, many of which reach the international standard.

Our Products/Services: As a leading multifunctional enterprise in china, we specialize in fine chemicals, flavor and fragrance, food additive, pharmaceutical raw materials. Our Cinnamic acid, Cinnamic alcohol, Cinnamic aldehyde, Methyl Cinnamate, Ethyl Cinnamate, Hydrocinnamic acid, etc, products have been highly recommended
by our clients.

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    No.496 Zhongshan Road Wuchang Dist
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    Wuhan,Hubei, China
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    joanna liu
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Products from this company

Basil oil
CAS No. 8015-73-4 Assay: 100% Appearance: light yellow to dark brown Package: 25kgs/drum Storage: store in a ...
Product Category: Edible Fats & Oils

Propylene glycol alginate
Propylene glycol alginate CAS No.: 9005-37-2 MF: C3H8O2•x Appearance: White or yellowish powder Applications: ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Citrus pectin
CAS No.: 9000-69-5 EINECS No.: 232-553-0 Type: Emulsifiers, Stabilizers, Thickeners Appearance: white to pale ...
Product Category: Thickener

Fumaric Acid
CAS No.: 110-17-8 MF: C4H4O4 MW: 116.07 Appearance: White granule or crystalline powder Application: used in ...
Product Category: Acidity Regulator

Raspberry ketone
CAS No.: 5471-51-2 EINECS: 226-806-4 Assay: 99% MF: C10H12O2 MW: 164.2 Appearance: White crystal Usage: ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Allyl caproate
Allyl caproate CAS: 123-68-2 MF: C9H16O2 MW: 156.22 Appearance: Colorless to yellow clear liquid Purity: ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Dihydrocarveol CAS: 619-01-2 MF: C10H18O MW: 154.25 EINECS: 210-575-1 Appearance: Colorless or light yellow ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.: 119-84-6 MF: C9H8O2 MW: 148.17 EINECS No.: 204-354-9 Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Dibutyl sulfide
CAS No.: 544-40-1 EINECS 208-870-5 MW: 146.29 MF: C8H18S Assay: 99% Appearance: Colorless liquid Usage: used ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Dipropyl trisulfide
Dipropyl trisulfide CAS No.:6028-61-1 MF: C6H14S3 MW:182.37 EINECS:227-903-4 Appearance: Colorless or ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Lychee flavor
Appearance: Liquid (water &oil soluble) Odor: true lychee flavor profile Application: used in beverage, cold ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Geranyl propionate
CAS No.:105-90-8 EINECS: 203-344-1 MF: C13H22O2 MW: 210.32 Appearance: Colorless or light yellow liquid Usage: ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.56-85-9 MF: C5H10N2O3 MW: 146.15 Assay: 99.0%min Appearance: White crystalline powder Application: ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Curcuma oil
CAS No.8024-37-1 Appearance: light brown or dark brown clear liquid Odor: gas specific, taste bitter and pungent ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Gaultheria Oil
CAS No.:68917-75-9 Appearance: colorless to light yellow oily liquid Application: food additives Package: ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.: 123-07-9 MF: C8H10O MW: 122.16 Appearance: Colorless or white needle crystal Application: used in ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

EINECS:205-771-9 CAS No.: 150-78-7 Molecular Formula: C8H10O2 Molecular Weight: 138.18 Appearance: white ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.:106-29-6 EINECS: 203-381-3 MF: CHC14H24O2    MW: 224.34 Appearance: Colorless or light yellow ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Butyl hydroxy anisd
CAS No.: 25013-16-5 MF:C11H16O2 MW:180.25 Assay: 99% Appearance: white or yellowish crystal Application: ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.: 123-11-5 EINECS: 204-602-6 MW: 136.1479 MF: C8H8O2 Assay: 99.5% Appearance: colorless to light ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Trans-2-Methyl-2-pentenoic acid
Trans-2-Methyl-2-pentenoic acid CAS No.: 16957-70-3 MF: C6H10O2 MW: 114.14 EINECS: 241-026-4 Purity:98% ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Safranal Food Additives CAS No.: 116-26-7 EINECS: 204-133-7 MW: 150.2176 MF: C10H14O Appearance: yellow ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Sodium glutamate
Sodium glutamate Food Additives CAS No.: 142-47-2 MF: C5H8NO4Na Assay: 99% min Appearance: White crystal ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Xanthan Gum
CAS No.:11138-66-2 MF: (C35H49O29)n EINECS: 234-394-2 Appearance: near to white or light-yellow powder Usage: It ...
Product Category: Thickener

CAS No.:121-33-5 MF: C8H8O3 MW: 152.14 Appearance: white or slightly yellowish, crystalline powder or needles, ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Sweet orange oil
CAS No.: 8008-57-9 MF: C15H24O Appearance: yellow, orange or deep orange liquid Usage: It can be used to ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.: 56038-13-2 EINECS: 259-952-2 MF: C12H19Cl3O8 MW: 397.64 Appearance: white to off white, ...
Product Category: Sweetener

Sodium polyacrylate
CAS No.: 9003-04-7 MF::[C3H3O2Na]n Appearance: white powder Usage: It can be use for thickening and ...
Product Category: Thickener

Sodium diacetate
Sodium diacetate CAS No.: 126-96-5 EINECS: 204-814-9 MF: C4H7NaO4•XH2O MW: 142.09 Appearance: ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Sodium alginate (SA)
CAS No.: 9005-38-3 MF: (C6H7NaO6)x Appearance: white or light yellow powder Purity: 98%min Usage: It is ...
Product Category: Thickener

CAS No.: 9057-02-7 MF: (C37H62O30)n EINECS: 232-945-1 Appearance: white crystalline powder Application: It ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.:600-14-6 EINECS: 209-984-8 MF: C5H8O2 MW: 100.12 Appearance: colorless or yellow liquid Usage: This ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.: 4430-31-3 EINECS: 224-623-4 MF: C9H14O2 MW: 154.21 Purity 98% Appearance: light yellow liquid ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.: 118-71-8 EINECS: 204-271-8 MF: C6H6O3 MW: 126.11 Assay: 99.0% Appearance: white ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.:502-65-8 MF: C40H56 MW: 536.85 Appearance: Deep red needle crystal Usage: food, beverage, supplement, ...
Product Category: Antioxidants

L-Malic acid
CAS No.: 97-67-6 MF: C4H6O5 MW: 134.9 Appearance: white crystal or crystal powder Application: It is ...
Product Category: Acidity Regulator

CAS No.: 513-86-0 EINECS: 208-174-1 MF: CH3CH(OH)COCH3 MW: 88.11 Appearance: Colorless or pale ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Grape Seed Extract
CAS No.: 84929-27-1 MF: C30H12O6 MW: 468.42 Appearance: Red-brown fine powder Assay: 95.0% ...
Product Category: Antioxidants

CAS No.: 106-24-1 MF: C10H18O MW: 154.24 Appearance: oily, colorless to light yellow viscous liquid ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.: 3658-77-3 EINECS: 222-908-8 FEMA No.: 3174 MF: C6H8O3 MW: 128.13 Assay: 99% ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Ethyl Maltol
CAS No.: 4940-11-8 EINECS: 225-282-5 MF: C7H8O3 MW: 140.14 Assay: 99% min Appearance: White ...
Product Category: Sweetener

CAS No.:713-95-1 EINECS: 211-932-4 MF: C12H22O2 MW:198.31 Appearance: colorless to pale yellow clear ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

CAS No.: 58-86-6 MF: C5H10O5 MW: 150.14 Appearance: white crystalline powder (sweet and no special smell) ...
Product Category: Sweetener

CAS No.: 50-69-1    Molecular Formula: C5H10O5 Molecular weight: 150.13 Appearance: white odorless ...
Product Category: Sweetener

CAS No.: 69-65-8 MF: C6H14O6 MW: 182.17 Appearance: Colorless to white needle-like or rhombic columnar ...
Product Category: Sweetener

Calcium Stearoyl Lactylate
CAS No.: 5793-94-2 MF: C42H78CaO8 EINECS: 227-335-7 Appearance: milky-white powder or flake-shaped solid ...
Product Category: Emulsifier

CAS No.: 431-03-8 EINECS: 207-069-8 MF: C4H6O2 MW: 86.09 Assay: 98% Appearance: yellow to ...
Product Category: Food Flavor

Black Pepper Oil
CAS No.:8006-82-4 Appearance: almost water-white or Pale Greenish Gray Usage: It is mainly used as ...
Product Category: Flavors & Flavor Enhancers

Agar Powder
CAS No.: 9002-18-0 EINECS: 232-658-1 FEMA No.: E406 MF: (C12H18O9)n Assay: 99% Appearance: white powder ...
Product Category: Thickener