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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Roly-Poly, Leather Chemicals, Gravity Casting, Sand Casting, Solvent Dyes, Acid Dyes, Resorcinol, Bisphenol-S, Industrial Fabrics, Metaldehyde, and more from China.

Established in 2001, Shanghai Tongkai Trading is specializing in the import and export of chemical materials, such as dyes and leather auxiliaries. Our products can be used in textile, coating, leather, pharmaceutical industry and other fields. Our products are selling well in the EU, the USA, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Moreover, Shanghai Tongkai Trading Co., Ltd. have established long-term and close cooperative relationships with companies in Switzerland, Spain, India and Austria.

At present, Tongkai has been highly valued by customers for reliable quality, good price and excellent technical services.

Sticking to the modern chemical enterprise idea of "stressing on quality, stressing on reputation, stressing on environment protection", Tongkai looks forward to cooperating with companies all over the world for mutual development.

Our Products/Services: dyes, chemicals .

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    Manufacturer, Trade Company
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    Room 1101, Building 1,Lane 111 ,Fudu Road, Minhang District
  • City/State/Country:
    Shanghai, Shanghai, China
  • Contact Person:
    Mr. Eric Xiao
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Products from this company

C.i. Solvent Green 5 Dyes
C.I. Solvent Green 5 Dyes Specification: CAS No.: 0000 ; Other Names: Oil Green 402 ; MF: 0000 ; EINECS No.: 0000 ; ...
Product Category: Solvent Dyes

Anyasol Smoke Green Hr Dyes
Anyasol Smoke Green HR Dyes Specification: CAS No.: 11111 ; Other Names: 11111 ; MF: C28H22N2O2 ; EINECS No.: 11111 ...
Product Category: Solvent Dyes

C.i. Solvent Yellow 14 Dyes
C.I. Solvent Yellow 14 Dyes Specification: CAS No.: 1111 ; Other Names: 1111 ; MF: 1111 ; EINECS No.: 1111 ; Type: ...
Product Category: Solvent Dyes

High-quality Sulphur Bright Green Dyes
High-Quality Sulphur Bright Green Dyes Specification: CAS No.: 111111 ; Other Names: 111111 ; MF: 111111 ; EINECS ...
Product Category: Sulphur Dyes

C.i.solvent Orange 86
C.I.Solvent Orange 86 Specification: CAS No.: 81-64-1 ; Other Names: Oil Orange 501 ; MF: C14H8O4 ; EINECS No.: ...
Product Category: Ink Dyestuffs

Acid Red 18 Dyes
Acid Red 18 dyes Specification: CAS No.: 2611-82-7 ; Other Names: Acid Red 18 dyes ; MF: C20H11N2Na3O10S3 ; EINECS ...
Product Category: Dyestuffs

Supply Solubilised Sulphur Black Br 200%,240%
Supply Solubilised Sulphur Black BR 200%,240% Specification: CAS No.: 1326-83-6 ; Other Names: C.I.Solubilised ...
Product Category: Sulphur Dyes

C.i.solvent Red 111 Dyes
C.I.Solvent Red 111 Dyes Specification: CAS No.: 82-38-2 ; Other Names: C.I. 60505;C.I. Disperse Red 9 ; MF: ...
Product Category: Ink Dyestuffs

Olindol Cx80 Fat Liquoring
OLINDOL CX80 fat liquoring Specification: Classification: Catalyst ; Other Names: fat liquoring ; Application: fat ...
Product Category: Catalysts

Aurosoft Lf
AUROSOFT LF Specification: Classification: Catalyst ; Other Names: softening agent ; Application: Fat liquoring of ...
Product Category: Catalysts

General-purpose Degreaser
General-purpose degreaser Specification: Classification: Catalyst ; Other Names: General-purpose degreaser ; ...
Product Category: Catalysts

Metaldehyde 99%
Metaldehyde Appearance: white powder Metaldehyde is a kind of pesticide to kill mollusk such as slug and snail. ...
Product Category: Agrochemicals & Pesticides