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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide cylinder lock, Zinc Alloy Padlock, Brass Padlock, Iron Padlock, Code/combination lock, Laminated padlock, Chain Lock, Fire Extinguishers, Landing Valve, Jet/Spray Nozzle, and more from China.

NINGBO UNITECH CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Fire Fighting Equipment ,Pipe Fitting Hardware, Hydraulic Fitting and Combination Padlock. With the former name of UNITECH FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD . our company was founded in 1998.
In 2001,Ningbo Unitech Co., Ltd. established UNITECH HAREWARE CO., LTD,which is focusing on manufacturing combination padlock.Now UNITECH HARDWARE is one of leading manufacturers of combination padlock in CHINA.
In 2003,Ningbo Unitech Co., Ltd. started business of Cam&Groove Coupling,Ningbo Unitech Co., Ltd. invested in our joint-venture factory TAIZHOU SANYE PRECISION MACHINEY FACTORY.Ningbo Unitech Co., Ltd. owned 2 serials molds for aluminium couplings , 1 serials molds for brass couplings,1 serials PP injection molds for PP couplings.NowNingbo Unitech Co., Ltd. are supplying aluminium die-casting, and gravity-casting,brass forged, stainless steel , PP camlock couplings, Air hose couplings ,and other types of pipe fittings.

Our Products/Services: Brass ball valves, landing valves, cam & grove couplings, hydraulic fittings and other pipe fittings, fire extinguishers & parts, hose couplings & adapters, brass padlock, combination padlocks, iron padlock .

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    Manufacturer, Trade Company
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    3-36,No.269, Zhongxing Road
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    Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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    Mr. Chen Jiwei
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