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Chongqing Vegconcept Beverage Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of vegetable & fruit juice, some kinds of vegetable concentrate juices of broccoli, cucumber, spinach, green pepper and lettuce. We also provide some kinds of fruit concentrate juice, such as tangerine juice, lemon juice and orange juice.

We integrate trade, industry and agriculture together. We use Japanese technique to make vegetable juice and to mix fruit & vegetable juice. Supported by China Agriculture Science Institute and Jinan Fruit Research Institute, our company has made further improvement on production.

Our Products/Services: Fruit and vegetable mixed juice, fruit juice, vegetable juice, beverage, Juices Concentrates, Juice drink, Green tea

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    Yanjia Industrial Park
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    Chongqing, China
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Products from this company

Multi-Taste Jelly Bar
1) Flavor: lichi + lemon, strawberry + peach, grape + pineapple, orange+ apple ; 2) Net weight: 15g ; 3) Total ...
Product Category: Beverages

We can provide most kinds of juice drink, including mixed fruit juice, mango juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, ...
Product Category: Beverages