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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Dongfeng Tractor Truck, Dongfeng Cargo Truck, Dongfeng Truck Chassis, Dongfeng Stake Truck, Dongfeng Dump Truck, Cummins engine parts, Starter/Generator, Dongfeng body and accessory parts, Dongfeng axle assembly and spare parts, Dongfeng transmission system, Dongfeng chassis parts, and more from China.

Since1997, our company has been specializing in the supply of aftermarket and quality replacement parts for Cummins Engine and Donfeng Truck.
Shiyan Wandingke Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. currently supply to Cummins Engine Parts including:
1. Cummins & Renault Engine, Overhaul Kit
2. Cylinder Block ,Cylinder Head, Cylinder Linner
3. Oil Filter,Fuel Filter, Oil Cooler Core
4. Piston,Piston Pin, Piston Cooling Nozzle,Piston Ring
5. Oil Pump,Water Pump, Oil Pump Body Gasket, Oil Pump Bracket
6. Camshaft, Crankshaft, Main Bearing, thrust bearing,oil seal
7. Supercharger, oil return tube, Supercharger Exhaust Pipe
8. Connection Rod, Gear Chambe, Oil Pan, Valve Parts
4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3, 6L8.9, ISBe,ISDe. ISLe, L10.N14.NT855, M11,QSM. ISM, KT19, KT38 series
Shiyan Wandingke Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. also supply Dongfeng truck series:
1.Dongfeng dump truck
2.Dongfeng fuel truck
3.Dongfeng watering truck
4.Dongfeng tractor
and Dongfeng Truck Parts as following:
1. Dongfeng Kinland parts (T375, T300, DFL4251, DFL1311, DFL4181 and DFL4240 parts)
2. Dongfeng T-Lift parts (DFL3251, DFL3310 and DFL3250)
3. Dongfeng parts (EQ1141G, EQ3141G, EQ1208G, EQ3208G, EQ1242G, EQ3242G, EQ1290W and EQ1108G parts)
4. Dongfeng cab assembly
5. Dongfeng off-road truck parts (EQ240 ,EQ2081E,EQ2082E6D,EQ245,EQ2100E,EQ2100E6DY,EQ2100E6D,EQ2102,EQ2102G,EQ2102N parts)

Shiyan Wandingke Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. have been providing our products to our customers worldwide, including South Africa, Russia, Iran and Vietnam , etc.
Shiyan Wandingke Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. aim for 100 % availability and a 'one stop shop' facility.
Our experienced staff offer a friendly welcome and however large or small your enquiry, Shiyan Wandingke Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. will competitively quote for all items available. Shiyan Wandingke Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. are always willing to help customers with technical advice & product support if required.
Welcome to visit our web page for further information. Thanks.

Our Products/Services: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Parts, Dongfeng Kinland truck Parts, Dongfeng T-lift Truck Parts, Vehicles Exporting, Dongfeng Trucks .

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    Manufacturer, Trade Company
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    No. 16, Guangzhou Road
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    Shiyan Hubei, Hubei, China
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    Mr. Jerry Liang
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Products from this company

Dongfeng Truck Parts Gearbox Spare Parts
Dongfeng truck parts gearbox spare parts Specification: Type: gearbox spare parts ; OE NO.: DC9J135T-136 ; Car Make: ...
Product Category: Steering & Transmission System

Dongfeng Truck Parts Fourth Gear
Dongfeng truck parts fourth gear Specification: Type: Transmission Gear ; OE NO.: DC9J135T-140 ; Car Make: Dongfeng ...
Product Category: Transmission Gear

Cummins Exhaust Manifold
Cummins exhaust manifold C3970066 Specification: Type: Exhaust Pipe ; Car Make: Cummins engine 6BT ; OE NO.: ...
Product Category: Exhaust Pipe

Oil Cooler Core
Oil cooler core 3974815 Specification: Type: oil cooler core ; Car Make: Cummins engine ; OE NO.: 3974815 ; We aim ...
Product Category: Lubrication System

6ct Turbocharger Parts&, 6ct Turbocharger Oil Return Pipe
6CT turbocharger parts&amp, 6CT turbocharger oil return pipe Specification: Type: Turbocharger parts ; Car Make: ...
Product Category: Air Intakes

Cummins Piston
Cummins Piston 3925878 Specification: Type: Piston ; Car Make: Cummims engine 6BT ; OE NO.: A3907163 ; We aim for ...
Product Category: Piston

Cummins Injector
Cummins injector 3406604 Specification: Type: Injector ; Car Make: Cummins engine M11 ; OE NO.: 3406604 ; Cummins ...
Product Category: Fuel Injector

Exhaust Mainfold
Exhaust mainfold Specification: Type: Exhaust Pipe ; Car Make: Dongfeng 4H engine ; OE NO.: 10BF11-08025 ; We aim ...
Product Category: Exhaust Pipe

Cummins 6bt Piston
Cummins 6BT piston 3926631 Specification: Type: Piston ; Car Make: Cummins engine 6BTAA ; OE NO.: 3926631 ; We ...
Product Category: Piston

Cummins Water Pump
Cummins water pump C4934058 Specification: Type: Water Pump ; Car Make: Dongfeng Kinland ; OE NO.: C4934058 ; We aim ...
Product Category: Auto Water Pump

Dongfeng Engine Eq4h Water Pump
Dongfeng engine EQ4H water pump 1307BF11-010 Specification: Type: Water Pump ; Car Make: Dongfeng engine EQ4H ; OE ...
Product Category: Cooling System

Dongfeng Truck Parts Down View Mirror Assembly
Dongfeng truck parts down view mirror assembly 8219010-C0100 Specification: Type: Side Mirror ; Function: down view ...
Product Category: Car Glasses & Mirrors

Air-condition Compressor
Air-condition Compressor Specification: Type: Compressor ; Car Make: Dongfeng Kinland ; OE NO.: 8104010-C0100 ; We ...
Product Category: Heating & Air Conditioning System

Alternator Specification: Type: Alternator Assembly ; Car Make: Cummins engine ; OE NO.: JFZ273C ; We aim for 100 % ...
Product Category: Generator & Alternator