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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Fish meal(feed grade fish powder), Suitcases, Hardware, DCP,MDCP,MCP, Hydrated lime(for water treatment), Artemia cysts(Brine Shrimp eggs), Fishing net, Art works, Others, and more from China.

Xin long Group was founded in 1976 and now has developed into a set of feed additives, watertreatment, biological, chemical, nets and other products of scientific research and development on integrated cross-regional, cross-industry production, processing and sales of enterprise groups.
Since the early 21st century, Spark is committed to foreign trade business, our products been exported to Europe, America, Africa and dozens of other continents,countries and regions ,Wudi Xinlong Foreign Trade Corporation Limited have our own Australia, Southeast Asia old-guys by our longterm business .

Xinhuo enterprises as the main factory of Xinlong group,base on producing and selling calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium chloride, calcium hydroxide-, annual output of 16,000 tons DCP(powder &granule), CaCL2 8,000 tons, 3,000 tons Ca(OH)2. Our company has our uniquely convenient transportation advantages,west near to 205 State Road, south near to Shandong's largest acid production ,east is the international production base of calcium chloride -----Weifang Haihua Development Zone.

Xinhuo enterprise has the largest integration of technology Artemia base, for breeding Artemia,captured, frozen, activation processing, intending to trade export-oriented enterprises. Our company occupies 30,000 square meters, workshop 6800 square meters, refrigerating storage of 1000 tons,. Wudi Xinlong Foreign Trade Corporation Limited are the first company to resaerch Artemia breeding, spawning halogen, the technology filled the domestic blank, also in the international leading position. Our Company has a large area of professional seed breeding base, with a Central Laboratory, municipal Artemia Research Institute, annual processing of 400 tons of Artemia products, mainly exported to Taiwan, Indonesia, New Zealand, India, Japan, the European Union and many other countries and regions, unanimously praised by customers

Xinhuo nets is located near the Bohai Bay --- Golden Wudi,where local netsproduction, processing in long famous,history, so-called the China's largest distribution.Wudi Xinlong Foreign Trade Corporation Limited operation in 1998, now has total assets of 60 million RMB, registered capital 500 million RMB, Own 68 modern production lines and nylon Fully silk imported from Japan;NSB7-40 high-speed looms, 91 sets of domestic looms 120 sets testing self-contained, forming for spinning, weaving one-stop production system, the main products ranges from 0.10mm-12mm, all kinds of nylon filament fully mechanized;usage in the lake& ocean ,our annual fishing output 20 million (standard mesh ); a variety of construction safety net, golf nets, bird nets and others output 3,600 tons, annual, the registered trademark "Spark" series products have been sold to more than 20 countriess and regions of the international market.

Xinhuo Enterpriese headquarter located in the top of Bohai Bay, depending on the alluvial plain of the Yellow River Delta, drawing close to Tianjin, Qingdao, Huanghua harbor, Jinan, Tianjin Airport, State Road 205, Binzhou---zibo high-speed, Beijing-Kowloon railway, water, land, Air transportation all are extremely advantageous.

All XinHuo Colleagues are continuing to carry forward to our " spark" spirit ,been committed to research, development and sales our products.Wudi Xinlong Foreign Trade Corporation Limited develop in green pollution-free brands, so that China's Spark can shine all over the world

Our Products/Services: Fish meal, Hydrated lime, feed additives .

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Fish Meal,poultry Feed
PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Crude protein:>62.8%,Crude fat:about 4.5% Moisture:<8% CATEGORY:FEED GRADE ...
Product Category: Poultry & Livestock