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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Vacuum Pump-typed Advanced Milking Machines, Piston-typed Mobile Milking Machines, Pail-typed Advanced Milking Machines, Other Accessories/Parts of Milking Machines, Series Products of Vacuum Pump, Series Products of Clawpiece, Series Products of Pulsator, Large-scale Milking System, and more from China.

Zibo Boshan Rich Machinery Factory Co., Ltd mainly produces milking machine, various milking machine accessories, vacuum pumps, stainless steel products and milk separators.

Since establishment in 1996, it has been committing itself to promote the application and development of mechanical milking technology. On the basis of more in-depth research on both home and abroad cow milk feeding method and machinery milking status quo, it produces milking machines in different specifications that are suitable for specialized households and a variety of dairy farms in all sizes, and all products have passed quality inspections of national professional and technical supervision departments. In same industry, the scale of production, machine performance, product quality and sales price have advantages.

The main accessories of milking machine are vacuum pump, pulsator, electric motor, milking claw, milk tube and leglen etc, and all of them have adopted the most advanced product at both China and abroad, so it has ensured of overall performance of the machine.

Our company invariably adhering to promote sales of mechanical milking machine through promoting the mechanical milking technology, Boshan Yucheng Zhifu Machinery Factory insist that the careful technical information and the implementation of active after-service as well as the guarantee of spare parts supply can establish a good corporate image, and also can promote products rapidly. Now, a number of milking stations, dairy farms and dairy farmers are using milking machines manufactured by us.

Our products sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and districts in mainland China. In recent years, our products are popular with our customers, and hence, they have been exported to many other countries such as in Asia, America, Africa, Oceania and Europe. Our company strictly abides by contracts, ensures of good quality and provides good services to meet your satisfaction.

Our Products/Services: Series Products of Milking Machines, Various Accessories of Milking Machinery, Series Products of Vacuum Pump, Series Products of Milk Separator, Stainless Steel Milk Bucket, Pulsator, Milking Claw .

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    Qiancao Village, Yucheng Town, Boshan District
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    Zibo, Shandong, China
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    Ms. Helen Sun
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