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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide AIBN SERIES, other inorganic chemicals, Acid, Amines, Alcohols, Organic Salts, Other organic chemicals, Ester, APIS, Flavours & Fragrances, and more from China.

Jinan Yunxiang Chemicals is located in Shandong, China.It is the common task of all countries to realize sustainable development as human beings faces the same future.
As one ofthe largest domestic provider of propylene oxide, and Acylic acid series product pursues for the concept of innovation and communication of technology, impr ovement of producing level.
Bearing the concept ofComprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, employing ab undant resources and experience in the past 20 years, Yunxiang has created globally advanced equipment, technology, and qualified human resources reservoir. Yunxiang's main products consist of PO, AA,BA,MMA,EA, and the business profit is increasing steadily.
Green enterprise means a promising future. Yunxiangr witnesses China's reform and opening-up in the past three decades, and is fullflling the duty to supply energy and chemicals to society. Jinan Yunxiang Chemical Co., Ltd. believe that a best enterprise in green chemicals industry will also be a leading player in the market.
In the future, Yunxiang will unit all employees' intelligence and take advantage of chances brou ght by Yellow River Delta Eco-economy Area and Shandong Peninsula Ocean Economy Area development, create more wealth and repaying more to the society, and contribute more to the China chemical in dustry.

Our Products/Services: Acrylic Acid, Butyl Acylate, Benzoic Acid, PO, EDTA .

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    Manufacturer, Trade Company
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    Room 501,NO.40 Huayuan Road, Licheng Area,Jinan China
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    Jinan, Shandong, China
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    Ms. Jerry Pei
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Products from this company

2-methyl Resorcinol
2-METHYL RESORCINOL Specification: CAS No.: 608-25-3 ; Other Names: 1,3-Dihydroxy-2-methylbenzene;2,6-. ; MF: C7H8O2 ...
Product Category: Benzene & Ramification

Phthalic Anhydride
Phthalic Anhydride Specification: CAS No.: 85-44-9 ; Other Names: Phthalandione;Benzene-O-dicarboxyl. ; MF: C8H4O3 ; ...
Product Category: Benzene & Ramification

Cocamide Mea 88%
Cocamide MEA 88% Specification: CAS No.: 8052-62-8 ; Other Names: CMEA ; MF: RCONHCH2CH2OH ; Grade Standard: ...
Product Category: Amine

95%p-toluene Sulfonic Acid104-15-4
95%P-toluene sulfonic acid104-15-4 Specification: Classification: Sulfonic Acid ; CAS No.: 104-15-4 ; Other Names: ...
Product Category: Sulfonic Acid

Melanotana Ii
Melanotana II Specification: CAS No.: 121062-08-6 ; Other Names: Melanotana II ; MF: C50H69N15O9 ; Type: ...
Product Category: Organic Intermediate

99.5%sodium Benzoate532-32-1
99.5%Sodium Benzoate532-32-1 Specification: Classification: Ammonium Organic Salt ; CAS No.: 532-32-1 ; MF: C7H5NaO2 ...
Product Category: Ammonium Organic Salt

Potassium Sorbate
Potassium Sorbate Specification: Classification: Potassium Organic Salt ; CAS No.: 24634-61-5 ; Other Names: ...
Product Category: Potassium Organic Salt

Potassium Sorbate /cas : 24634-61-5
Potassium sorbate /CAS : 24634-61-5 Specification: Classification: Sodium Organic Salt ; CAS No.: ...
Product Category: Sodium Organic Salt

Lanolin Specification: CAS No.: 8006-54-0 ; Other Names: LANOLIN HYDROUS ; Appearance: Yellow or brown ointment ; ...
Product Category: Hair Care Chemicals

Potassium Sulfate
Potassium sulfate Specification: Classification: Sulphate ; Type: Aluminum Sulphate ; CAS No.: 7778-80-5 ; Other ...
Product Category: Aluminum Sulphate

Produce Lithium Bromide Anhydrous/cas :7550-35-8
Produce lithium bromide anhydrous/CAS :7550-35-8 Specification: Classification: Halide (Except Chloride) ; Type: ...
Product Category: Halide

Sodium Cyanide
Sodium cyanide Specification: Classification: Phosphate ; Type: Sodium cyanide ; CAS No.: 143-33-9 ; Other Names: ...
Product Category: Phosphate

Bleaching Powder 65% &, 70% Granular
Bleaching Powder 65% &amp, 70% granular Specification: Classification: Chlorate ; Type: Calcium Hypochlorite ; ...
Product Category: Calcium Hypochlorite

Aluminum Sulfate
aluminum sulfate Specification: Classification: Sulphate ; Type: Aluminum Sulphate ; CAS No.: 10043-01-3 ; Other ...
Product Category: Aluminum Sulphate

Bleaching Powder
Bleaching Powder Specification: Classification: Chlorate ; Type: Calcium Hypochlorite ; CAS No.: 7778-54-3 ; Other ...
Product Category: Calcium Hypochlorite

Potassium Carbonate
potassium carbonate Specification: Classification: Carbonate ; Type: Potassium Carbonate ; CAS No.: 584-08-7 ; Other ...
Product Category: Potassium Carbonate

Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous
sodium sulfate anhydrous Specification: Classification: Sulphate ; Type: Sodium Sulphate ; CAS No.: 7757-82-6 ; ...
Product Category: Sodium Sulphate

99.00%ammonium Bicarbonate
99.00%Ammonium Bicarbonate1066-33-7 Specification: Classification: Carbonate ; Type: Sodium Bicarbonate ; CAS No.: ...
Product Category: Sodium Bicarbonate

Smooth Clearance Hypophosphorous Acid/cas No : 6303-21-5
Smooth clearance Hypophosphorous acid/CAS NO : 6303-21-5 Specification: Classification: Phosphoric Acid ; CAS No.: ...
Product Category: Inorganic Acid

Zinc Oxide
zinc oxide Specification: Classification: Zinc Oxide ; CAS No.: 1314-13-2 ; Other Names: flowers of zinc ; MF: ZnO ; ...
Product Category: Zinc Oxide

Castor Oil
Castor oil Specification: Type: Castor Oil ; Product Type: Nut & Seed Oil ; Processing Type: Refined ; ...
Product Category: Plant & Animal Oil