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List extensive product information of IC Cards (include Smart Card, Bar Code Card, Magnetic Card, Thermo Rewrite Card, Printing Card, Access Control Card), provided by IC Card manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

ZONET ZEW1000 Wireless PC Card
ZONET ZEW1000 wireless PC Card that offers 11Mbps data rate with 2.4GHz frequency. It offers peer to peer connection via notebook, and Ethernet LAN & WAN connection, RETAIL BOX IEEE 802.11B CARDBUS PCMCIA Card 11 MBPS. IEEE 802.11B CARDBUS PCMCIA Card 11 MBPS Standard Conformance IEEE 802.11b Data Rate 11, 5.5, 2 and 1 Mbps (Auto Fall Back) Interface PCMCIA Type II Frequency Band 2.400GHz ~ 2.483GHz unl- Abristech
Company: ShenZhen China Smart Card Technology Co. Ltd.    China

Titanium 2/Opos Card, Distance RFID
We are a leading wholesaler of the new titanium 2 card os 2.01 and the multi os opos card. Also supply Long Distance RFID: Inventory control and tracking system using ultra high frequency RFID tags.
Company: ShenZhen China Smart Card Technology Co. Ltd.    China

Magnetic Card
1) Material: PVC or paper ; 2) Thickness: 0.20 - 0.80mm ; 3) With a magnetic strip ; 4) Dimensions: 85.5 x 54mm ; 5) Customers' requirements available. Disclaimer: The pictures relevant to this product have been provided for reference only.
Company: ShenZhen China Smart Card Technology Co. Ltd.    China

Bar Code Card
1) Material: PVC or paper ; 2) There is a bar code in the card ; 3) Dimensions: ISO spec. 85.5 x 54mm ; 3) Customers' requirements are acceptable

Smart Card And Smart Card Reader
Sell Smart Card (credit card, membership card, smart cards, phone card) and Smart Card Reader, contactless, contact, scratch card, electronic label and more. Customer-Designed is very welcomed.

Contactless Card
1) Size: 85.6 x 53.98 x 0.84mm ; 2) Applications: access control, hotel locks, staff attendance and salary management, school campus access and payment control, identification and security systems, parking lot entry and payment, social security management, transportation payment, municipal and ancillary service payment ; 3) Products: Mifare1 S50, Mifare1 S70, Mifare Utralight IC U1, I CODE 1, I CODE 2, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Inside 2K, Inside 16K, Temic e5551, AtmelT5557, 88RF256-12, TK4100, ...

Automatic Punch Machine For Card
For smart card, rf card, credit card and telephone card ; sheet transfer => alignment => punch => stack of the punched cards ; punch machine is the equipment that punches the final laminated sheets to the shape of the card according to the international standard measure. features: the load capacity of the automatic dispenser and stacker:600 sheets ; automatic sheet alignment: X, y eye-mark sensor type ; automatic feeding of the sheets: Eye-mark sensor and load detecting sensor ; ...

Sandisk Sd Card, Sony Memory Stick
1) Store transfer and share your digital pictures, videos, music, presentations, data, voice files and more ; 2) IC recording media ; 3) Reading speed: Max 2.45MB per second ; 4) Store speed: Max 1.5MB per second ; 5) Erase prevention switch

Paper Card, PVC Card
Paper Card: 1) Material: paper ; 2) Uses: promotion, brand identification. PVC Card: 1) Material: PVC ; 2) Length: 85.47 - 85.72mm ; 3) Width: 53.20 - 54.03mm ; 4)Thickness: 0.3mm - 0.76mm ; 5) With printing, sign panel.

Em Chip Card
Em smart card type: Read only read/write ; Memory:64 bit,128 bit: Protocol ask, Manchester ; Mode: Em4100/em4102, h4069/h4150 ; Rate:125 khz +/- 3 khz ; Transmission: Passive ; Operating temperature: -30 degree c to +75 degreec ; Storage temperature: -40 degree c to +85 degree c ; Material: PVC ; Size:86 x 54 x0.8 mm(t). Chip em4102 feature: 64 bit memory array laser programmable ; Several options of data rate and coding available ; On chip resonance capacitor ; On chip supply buffer ...

Smart Cards, Ic Chip Lenticular Cards
In China Hong kong forever printing is a pioneer in producing various Lenticular contact/contact less smart cards, ic chip lenticular cards, public transport cards, telephone IP cards, morph lenticular school cards, hotel VIP card, lenticular membership VIP cards, cinema cards, DVD, covers,3D lenticular exhibition and fair cards, care health membership card, x mas, easter, birthday cards, magazine inserts, stationary,3D dimensional

Thermo Rewrite Card
Our thermo rewrite(reprint) ISO cards allow information to be reprinted and updated on the card surface over 500 times. Data, which was stored in the contactless chip, is now humanly visible without the need for expensive LCD monitors. We are able to provide thermo rewrite card embedded with various kind of contactless chips. The cards can be delivered with blank white or full color customer specific design. Major applications include proximity access control, student ID cards, electronic ...

RFID Tags And Readers
Wizard Technologies - all type of RFID Tags, Readers, Antennas & also develop custom applications for the same.

Secure Digital Cards
Secure Digital cards are designed to allow you to easily upload, download, store and capture images, music and data in your digital camera, audio player, PDA or other handheld devices. These non-volatile, durable cards are designed to perform over a wide temperature range while being extremely shock resistant.

Plastic Card Systems
Chica farkli amaclara yonelik kart uretiminde pratik ve hesapli cozumler sunar. personel ve ziyaretci kartlar, ogrenci kartlari, uyelik kartlari, giris kontrol kartlari, magaza kartlari, otel kartlari, fotografli kimlik kartlari.

Access Control Card
Our clamshell card is constructed of durable ABS plastic housing. It is a lower cost rfid card solution if compared to the more sophisticated ISO card. Additionally, it is strong, flexible and resistant to cracking and breaking. The card is predominantly used in access control and ticketing application. Features: Dimensions:85.6 x 54 x 1.9 mm(3.370 x 2.125 x 0.075 ) ; Operating frequency:125 khz& 13.56 mhz ; Reading range: Depending on the reader design ; Operating temperature: -25 to + ...

SIM Cards
The products of the Company mainly include such four product series as cards, read and write terminals, application tools and system integration. Among them, cards are the principal products, including contact smartcards, contactless smartcards, double-interface smartcards, magnetic strip cards and scratch cards. Adopting international advanced card-making technologies, the Company produces various types of high-quality smartcard products that are in accordance with international, national, ...

Contactless IC Card
1) Contactless card ; 2) Chip and wire inside the PVC card invisible ; 3) Chip: Philips MF1 IC S50 ; a) 1KB, organized in 16 sectors with 4 blocks of 16 bytes each (one block consists of 16 byte) ; b) User definable access conditions for each memory block ; c) Data retention of 10 years ; d) Write endurance 100.000 cycles ; 4) Mifare1 S70 ; a) 4KB, organized in 32 sectors with 4 blocks and 8 sectors with 16 blocks (one block consists of 16 byte) ; b) User definable access conditions for each ...

Reel Cob Counter For Card
Counter class: Reel type cob(bad or live cob counter) ; sensor: Photo sensor(high sensitive) ; display: Counter or monitor(option) ; output: Printer output based on the special format(option) ; working time:10,000/30 min. Cm2 ; driver: AC 220v motor ; power: AC 220v 50/60hz,1 ohm ; operating temp:18 - 25 centigrade ; machine size(mm):1,280(w) x 1,200(h) x 450(d)

SANDISK Memory Card
Large capacity and fast access, combined with a compact and slim profile, makes the SD Memory Card very appealing for a wide range of products and applications. The SD Memory Card is revolutionizing the way people use audio, video, communications, and information devices and appliances. Our company can provide other memory cards such as CF cards and MMC cards.

Metal Card
1) Material: metal ; 2)Surface material: silver, 18K, 24K gold ; 3) Dimensions: 80mm x 50mm, 85.5m x 54mm ; 4) Thickness: 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, custom sizes are available

Tempero Printing Card
Supply Tempero Printing Card from china. 1) Material: PVC paper ; 2) Custom requirements are available ; 3) Dimensions: 80 x 50mm, 85.5 x 54mm.

Magnetic card, Magstripe card, Bank card
Our magnetic card is produced in a very good environment. ISO9000 and MasterCard management concept has embodied everywhere in the production. We have adopted KURZ full automatic eight trace magnetic stamping machine from Germany. The annual capacity for magcard is 180 million cards. Coercivity is the property of a magnetic stripe that indicates its resistance to demagnetization. It is measured in Oersteds (OE). The coercivity of a regular credit card is about 300 OE, and considered as ...
Company: Shenzhen Kaisere Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

Rewrite card
Rewrite Card (Visual Card, Thermal Card) excels over the traditional Paper and Magnetic cards primarily on the fact that the rewrite card technology allows information to be instantly printed and updated on the card. Data is now humanly visible without the need for expensive computer and paper. Highlights of Rewrite Card 1. Latest information can be updated on the card 2. Cost effective promotional and marketing channels 3. Card holder can always have the current status view 4. ...
Product Group: Rewrite Card
Company: Natec-China Technology Co.Ltd    China

Thermal rewrite card
Thermo-re-write is a printing and erasing technology, where thermal energy is applied onto a specific foil on the card to generate and erase printings. A TRW card is a conventional plastic card made of PVC or PET, which is laminated with a special TRW foil. The foil is a chemical based film, which reacts to heat. The foil is laminated onto the card by heat and pressure (hot lamination process) in course of the card production. The foil can be laminated onto PVC as well as PET cards. Paper ...
Product Group: Thermo Rewrite Card
Company: Natec-China Technology Co.Ltd    China

Visual card printer
Rewritable Card Printer using thermo technology to print & erase visual data repeatedly on the card. Product Specification´╝Ü Natec Thermal Rewritable POS Printer CI-1000 Series Printhead: Combo Read/Erase Thermal Printhead Magnetic Reader/Writer: Choice of JIS II (Japanese International Standard V.2) or ISO format Card Thickness´╝Ü 0.76mm Text Color: Blue or Black Coating Material: Mitsubishi Leuco Thermal Writing Speed: 6 or 3 Seconds Card Loading: 400mm/s (Magnetic ...
Product Group: Rewrite Card
Company: Natec-China Technology Co.Ltd    China

Membership card, Prepaid phone card, Smart Card, PVC card
China Manufacturer and supplier of Plastic card, paper card, PVC card, VIP card, prepaid phone card, Printed Cards, Membership Cards, Smart Cards, Plain Cards, Id Card, Clear PVC Card Products, laminated cards, plastic business cards, key cards, keycards, key tags, membership cards, gift cards. 1, Products type: PVC/PEC/ABS/ PS. Plastic card 2. Material: PVC/ABS/PET/PS, Brass and 18K 24K real gold and silver plated 3. Meas: CR80 3.5 x2.24 87.5x56mm with bleed Abnormity available. 4. ...
Company: Grand rise printing & packing co.,ltd    china

Contact Ic Card Card
Contact IC Card card Specification: Product DescriptionContact IC Card (Sle4442/4428; Issi4442/4428; At88sc; Is23sc; At24c) Main Applications: Contact IC Cards are widely used as Member Score Cards, Prepaid Cards of Internet Bar, Medical Insurance Cards, Electronic Door Locks, Prepaid Water and Electricity Metering Cards and so on. Below is our Contact IC cards product list for your information. Available Materials: High Quality PVC / PET / ABS Available Size / Shape: ISO CR80, ...
Company: Shenzhen Edrtech Co., Limited    China

Usb Multi Fashion Ic Card Reader
USB Multi fashion ic card reader Specification: Products Status: Stock, Used ; Ports: 4 ; Interface Type: USB 2.0 ; Certification: CE FCC ; all in one usb card reader: black ; 1.Usb(Universal serial bus)v2.0 specification 2.Fast DATA/Files Access and Transfer Rate up to 480Mb/s 3.Truly plug&play and Hot swapping capability 4.Supports the SDHC cards and adapter free 5.Read and write many kinds of cards ...
Company: Shenzhen Kstyle Technology Co., Ltd.    China

2.1 Card Speaker
2.1 card speaker Specification: Type: Active ; Use: Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone, Compu. ; Channels: 3 (2.1) ; Special Feature: Portable, Mini ; MOQ: 1000Sets ; Function: USB/SD/Remote control ; IC: 540 ; 2.1 card speaker,mini speaker with USB/SD/Remote control,3.5mm socket To offer u best quotation,please give us details of your inquiry Output Power:20+4W*2 Power Supply:AC220V/50HZ Speaker Unit:3"+2"*2
Company: Shenzhen Lijiaxing Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Memory Chip Ic Samsubg
Memory chip IC SAMSUBG K4S641632K-UC75 Specification: Type: SD Card ; Type: SD Card ; date: 08+ ; Capacity: 1M*16*4 ; PACKAGE: 1000/reel ; Memory chip,ICs,we does all kind of SST memory chip. K4S641632K-UC75 08+ STOCK K4S561632C-TC75 08+ STOCK K4S561632H-UC75 08+ STOCK K4S281632I-UC75 08+ STOCK SST39SF040-70-4C-NHE 08+ STOCK SST39VF040-70-4C-WHE 08+ STOCK SST27SF020-70-3C-NHE 08+ STOCK SST39VF6401-70-4C-EKE 08+ STOCK SST39VF1602-70-4C-EKE 08+ ...
Company: Shenzhen Jbest Electronics Firm    China

High Good Quality Usb Card Reader Wholesale
high good quality USB Card Reader wholesale JH-HYD-1009 Specification: Type: SD Card ; Interface: USB ; Card Slots: All in 1 / Multi in 1 ; 1 slot: MS/MS Pro./MS DUO memory card: IC: GL827 ; Can view pictures and files directly: Support h. ; high quality USB Card Reader wholesale 1 slot: MS/MS Pro./MS DUO memory card IC:GL827 Can view pictures and files directly Support hot-swappable Color:Black/white package: 250PCS/Carton 56*34*39cm G.W:8.5KGS N.W:7.5KGS

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