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List extensive product information of Battery Packs (include Camera Battery, Laptop Battery, Portable Battery), provided by Battery Pack manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Battery Pack For E-bike
Supply enviromental friendly rechargeable nimh battery pack up to 36v 13ah and charger in low price and good quality, tailor-made dimension. Good use records and immediate available in UK, France, Turkey, south Africa, Australia and Canada.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack
1) Max. discharge rate: 10C (30A) ; 2) Superior leakage resistance and extremely safe ; 3) Extra-low internal impedance ; 4) Weight: 371g ; 5) Excellence in stability and consistency ; 6) Suitable for aerobatics.

Cordless Phone Battery Packs
We can supply all kinds of quality batteries from china, including battery packs and Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Specifications: 1) AA/AAA Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack ; 2) Used for cordless phones ; 3) Up to 1,000 recharge cycles.
Company: Ningbo Keqiang Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Ipod Emergency Battery Pack
IPod Emergency Battery Pack Use dry battery, can be extend the Ipod use time. Ag1 Batteries: 1) Size: AG1 ; 2) Voltage: 1.5V ; 3) Capacity: 15mAh ; 4) Weight: 0.2g.
Company: Ningbo Keqiang Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Rechargeable Li-Ion Camcorder Battery
1) Normally digital camera/camcorder batteries ; 2) OEM customer designed batteries available. Different sizes and different capacities are available.
Company: Ningbo Keqiang Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Portable Batteries
Supply Portable Batteries from china. Mobile batteries to charge your iPod, PSP, digital camera, video camcorder, PDA, mobile phones.

Ni-MH Battery Pack
1) Rated voltage (V): 6.0 (for battery pack) ; 2) Nominal capacity (mAh): 2,500 ; 3) Approx. weight (g): 52 (for single battery) ; 4) Dimensions (mm): 23 (D) x 43.5 (H) (for single battery) ; 5) Standard charge current (mA): 250 ; 6) Standard charge time (h): 16 ; 7) Rapid charge current (mA): 1,250 ; 8) Rapid charge time (h): 2.3 ; 9) OEM orders welcome ; 10) High energy density ; 11) Long cycle life ; 12) High drain performance ; 13) Fast charge performance ; 14) Absolutely no memory ...

NiMH AA 1300mAh 9.6V Battery
1) NiMH AA 1300mAh 9.6V with plastic case ; 2) High energy density ; 3) Low self-discharge ; 4) Long service life ; 5) Chargeable up to 500 or 1000 times ; 6) Excellent performance of high rate charge and discharge ; 7) Low internal resistance

USB Charging Battery Pack
This portable charging battery pack(2nd battery), after being charged By user's home electrical outlet, can be used in charging portable electronic devices Without any extra battery such as cellular phone, apple iPods, PDAs, MP3 players, DMB terminals, PMPs/PMCs, pocket PC, Palm PDAs and other handheld computers.

Battery Pack, Laptop Battery Pack
Battery Pack ( Replace JVC BN-V615 ): 1) (standard) dark grey ; 2) Li-ion 1700mAh (120g) ; 3) L=57.00 W=38.00 H=36.50 ; 4)7.2V. Laptop Battery Pack: Laptop Batteries for IBM, Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, HP, Sony, Apple and more.

Battery Cell For Digital Camera
1) Limit of excess charge ; 2) Limit of excess discharge ; 3) Prevention of short circuit ; 4) Limit of excess current ; 5) Limit of temperature on charging

Battery Box
1) Number of batteries installed: 1 x No.1 battery ; 2) Outline dimension: 93 x 47 x 45mm ; 3) Central distance of the fixed hole: 82mm ; 4) Note: the battery box size can be changed according to the customers' requirements

Sony Digital Camera Battery
We can offer new hot model Sony digital camera battery, the quotation as below: NP-FP50: USD13.25 ; NP-FP70: USD15.25 ; NP-FP90: USD16.25. Any interest, please contact us freely, Darcy offered.

Pocket Power For DC Device From 3v-9v
Following portable device is popular recently whether it was pointed in computer or electronics or communication fields. They need to have a portable power when user stay outdoors. Our power bank can supported these convenience for user. Such as digital camera, camera record, DVD player.. Etc. Power bank is exactly backup battery. You will avoid some issue at energy resource. It will be helpful to reduce stock risk and extend market for you. In fact, power energy is a Controvertible problem ...

9V Battery Core
1) Manufactured using imported materials and advanced production technologies ; 2) Features the advantages of high capacity, low internal resistance, and long operational life ; 3) Particularly suitable for applications in remote control units, wireless microphones, multi-meters and other instruments or electronic appliances

Psp Back-lock Battery Pack
PSP back-lock battery pack (1800mAh) Main Feature: enlong gaming time. Psp Internal Battery Pack: 1) spare battery pack compatible for psp ; 2) 3.6v/1800mah ; 3) 4 hours.

Laptop Computer Battery Pack
1) Cell type: Li-ion ; 2) Capacity: 4,000mAh ; 3) Voltage: 11.1V ; 4) Dimensions: 215.00 x 73.00 x 18.50mm ; 5) Weight: 393g ; 6) Cycle life: more than 500 charges

PSP 3600MAH thick battery pack
XBOX360 battery charger,XBOX controller charger,XBOX360 accessories,game accessories 1.Can charge your XBOX360 Controller directly with a controller charging cable. 2.It can work 18 hours after charging,and with a 2100mA battery pack in it. 3.It can protect your XBOX360 Controller with secure circuitry. 4.It has overcharge protecting. 5.Capacity: 1800mAh/2100mAh/3600mAh. supply the battery charger,car charger,like PSP2000 car charger,WII car charger 12V/2A,NDSL car charger and so on. ...
Product Group: X360 Battery Charger
Company: Top Sheung Electronic Co.,LTD    China

Battery Powered Wireless Camera For Sony
battery powered wireless camera for Sony SNP-BD1 Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Application: Camera ; Size: 46.15*35.5*5.2 ; Voltage: 3.7V ; Weight: 25g ; Nominal Capacity: 650mAh ; Type: camera battery pack ; Color: Black ; Cell: 053436SL*1 ; battery powered wireless camera for Sony SNP-BD1 product show: NP-BD1/FD1 Volt: 3.6V Color:Dark grey Dimension(mm/L*W*H): Type:Li-ion Capacity: 650mAH Apply for: DSC-T75, DSC-T77, DSC-T500, DSC-T700 Fits for Sony camera battery with ...
Company: Shenzhen Yuancheng Century Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Odm Power Tool Battery Pack
ODM power tool Battery Pack Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Application: Power Tool ; Voltage: 11.1V ; Nominal Capacity: 1.3Ah ; 1 Battery cell type: 18650, 1400mAh 2 Nominal Voltage: 11.10V 3 Charging Voltage: 12.60V 4 Typical Capacity: 1400mAh (0.5C) 5 Minimum Capacity: 1300mAh 6 Standard Charge: 700mA 7 Maximum charge current: 4200mA 8 Standard Discharge: 15000mA 9 Maximum discharge current: 20A within 3Sec for pulse discharge 10 Overcurrent protection: 25A-45A 11 Power ...
Company: Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

2000mah Universal Micro Usb Portable Battery Pack,with Built-in Usb Input And Micro-usb Output Charging Cable
2000MAH Universal Micro USB portable battery pack,with built-in USB input and micro-USB output charging cable Specification: 2000MAH Universal Micro USB Portable battery Pack,with built-in USB input and micro-USB output charging cable Features Slim and elegant design Lightweight and compact Built-in USB input and micro-USB output charging cable Short circuit overload protection High-capacity battery LED charge status display Bright LED power indication Smart power management ...
Company: E-Ser Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

7.4v 4600mah Rechargeable Li-ion 18650 Battery Pack
7.4V 4600mah rechargeable li-ion 18650 battery pack Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Application: LED light ; Size: 18*72*66 ; Voltage: 7.4v ; Nominal Capacity: 4600mAh ; Li ion Battery packs 18650 7.4V 4600mAh 1.capacity:3600-4800mAh 2..Excellent Safety Peromance 3.Small Size 4.Ultar Light Weight 5.Long Cycle Life Li ion Battery packs 18650 7.4V 4600mAh With steady and reliable electrical performance. UL, CE and ROHS approved. Longer cycle life,No memory effect.steady performance,friendly ...
Company: Shenzhen Yong Neng Da Electronic Technology Ltd.    China

Multi-purpose Low-cost Mobile Power
Multi-purpose low-cost mobile power Specification: Composed Type: Other ; Type: Li-Ion ; Components: Other ; Application: Mobile Phone ; Voltage: 5v ; Weight: 65g ; Nominal Capacity: 5000mAh ; black: white ; 1. High Capacity USB Battery Pack - 5000mAh. 2. Provides 300% or 3 Full Charge for iphones. 3. Compatible to iphones 3G/3Gs/4G and IPAD more than 500 times Dis/Recharge USB output Capacity:5000mAh Dimension:99×72×18mm Weight: Input:5V/1000mA Output: ...
Company: Shenzhen Guqin Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Li-ion Rechargeable 2200mah Battery For Psp1000
Li-Ion Rechargeable 2200mAh Battery For PSP1000 Specification: Composed Type: other ; Type: Li-Ion ; Components: Other ; Application: Game Player ; Size: standard ; Voltage: 3.6V ; Weight: other ; Nominal Capacity: 2200mAh ; black: black ; Li-Ion Rechargeable 2200mAh Battery For PSP1000 Features: 1.Overcharge protection, no memory effect 2.Photo is representative of actual battery 3.Battery is a high-quality equivalent 4.Battery will charge in the same manner as your original battery ...
Company: Shenzhen Yoao Co., Ltd.    Hong Kong

Ep Batt
EPB1000-18 EP Batt Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Application: Mobile Phone ; Size: 50.5 x 61 x 17.5 ; Voltage: 5V ; Weight: 60g ; Nominal Capacity: 1800mAH ; For Iphone 3G, 3Gs, 4G: Black or White ; EPB1000 - 18 provide you the power and light when you need it. Use it to charge your iPhone / iPod whenever you like - Add 60% to your talk time instantly - Higher Capacity - 1800mAH - EP-Batt is small and light which makes it great for storing in your purse, bag, or pocket. - Compatible with ...
Company: EMPRO TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD    Singapore

Ni-mh Rechargeable Battery Pack
Ni-mh rechargeable battery pack Specification: Type: NI-MH ; Voltage: 7.2V ; Nominal Capacity: 650mAh ; Color: Green, yellow,blue ; Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack *Voltage:7.2V *high energy density *long cycle life *no memory effect *excellent charge/discharge characteristics Major applications: R/C cars, R/C ships, Model planes,emergency lightings, solar lights, search lights, DVD and more.
Company: Shenzhen Yongnai Power Co., Ltd.    China

Grade A 260w Poly Solar Panel
Grade A 260W Poly solar panel Specification: Type: Other ; Application: Home use ; Size: 1320*990*35 ; Voltage: 28.8 ; Weight: 14.5 ; 260W solar panel Efficiency: 16%~17% Life-span: 25 years A grade solar cell 260W solar panel FF (%) 70-76%
Company: Rose Kong Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.    China

Portable Power Source/transformer
portable power source/transformer ES-MP5200 Specification: Size: 126*63*16mm ; Weight: 150g ; Model No.: ES-MP5200 ; Product Name: : power bank ; Capacity: : 5200mAh ; portable power source/transformer ES-MP5200 transformer batteries portable power source power converter Fit Model: Suitable to power up and charge iPhones, mobile phones, MP3/MP4 Players, digital cameras, GPS, PDA, game players, and other digital devices Battery Cell: Li-Polymer Capacity: 5200mAh Recharging Time: 6~8 ...
Company: Shenzhen Esino Technology Ltd.

Rechargeable Battery Pack With 4*18650
Rechargeable Battery Pack with 4*18650 BP4836 Specification: Composed Type: 4*18650 ; Type: Li-Ion ; Components: Plastic ; Application: Bike Light ; Size: 100mm ; Voltage: 3.7V to 4.2V ; Weight: 235g ; Nominal Capacity: 8800mAh ; Color: Black ; Model: Rechargeable Battery Pack with 4*18650 FEREI | BP4836 Specifications of BP4836: Weight:235g Capacity: 8800mAh Output Voltage: 3.7 to 4.2V Features of BP4836: * Professional lithium battery power pack , used for Bicycle Lamp B3/B5/B9 or ...
Company: Shenzhen Ferei Lighting Co., Ltd.    China

Color Lcd Monitor For Smart Battery Systems For 11.1v Li-ion Sbs
Color LCD Monitor for Smart Battery Systems for 11.1V Li-Ion SBS Specification: Composed Type: Other ; Size: L90*W45*T18mm ; LCD display 1 (Push "On/Off" Switch 5 milli-sec) Utilize for monitor parameter below Voltage (mV) RemCap (mAh) - (Remaining Capacity) DnCap (mAh) - (Design/Rated Capacity of the pack) FullCap (mAh) - (Full Capacity) Temp ('C) Current (mAh) Cycle (CYC) - (# of Cycle) LCD display 2 (Push "PU/PD" Switch) ...
Company: Shenzhen Smartec Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Lithium Battery Smoke Detector Battery_desay10
CP9V lithium battery Smoke detector battery_DESAY10 Specification: Composed Type: Prismatic battery ; Type: LiMnO2 ; Components: Other ; Application: Smoke detector, smoke alarm ; Size: 49.0 x 26.5x 17.0 ; Voltage: 9V ; Weight: 30g ; Nominal Capacity: 1200mAh ; Battery Type: LiMnO2 ; Size: 9V ; Nominal Capacity: 1200mAh ; Nominal Voltage: 9V ; Lithium battery. Shelf life: 5 years at least. Long serve life. Size Model Rated Capacity (mAh) Nominal Voltage (V) ...
Company: Desay Lithium Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Size Intelligent Jumpstart
EPE-12346FP Mini Size Intelligent Jumpstart Specification: Composed Type: LiFePO4 Battery Pack ; Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate ; Components: LiFePO4 Cell ; Application: Roadside Assistance ; Size: 27x17x22 (cm) (LxWxH) ; Voltage: DC-12V ; Weight: 1.95Kg ; Charging Hours: 4~ 5 hours by DC Power adapter ; Standard Capacity: 4.6Ah ; Cable Length: 0.5m ; Standard Battery Pack: EPE-12309FP, Cable, Manu. ; EPE-12346FP Mini Size Intelligent Jumpstart User-Friendliness 1. Light 2. Equipped with ...

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