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List extensive product information of Lithium Batteries and Mobile Phone Batteries, provided by Lithium Battery, Mobile Phone Battery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Lithium iron phosphate battery cell
Lithium iron phosphate battery cell is a more safety cell which is regarded as the best one for making dynamic battery pack by far. It can be widely used in the field of electronic bicycle, motocycle, mineral lamp and so on. The norminal voltage of single cell is 3.2V, and we can make the battery pack by the connection in series and in parallel to meet the requirement of customer.
Product Group: Lithium Battery
Company: Shenzhen Oceanwide Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Lithium Battery
1) Nominal capacity: 1400mAh (10mA continuously discharge, 2.0V cut off at the temperature of 23oC±3oC) ; 2) Max constant current: 1500mA ; 3) Max pulse current: 3500mA ; 4) Operating temperature range: -40oC ~ +60oC. Applications: 1) Cameras ; 2) Medical treatment instruments ; 3) Lights ; 4) Radios ; 5) Electronic locks ; 6) Electronic meters (water meters, gas meter ammeters, etc.) ; 7) Power source of memory backup meter
Company: Shenzhen Telstou Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Mobile Phone Battery
1) For SONY J6 mobile phones ; 2) 3.7V 500mAh Li-ion battery ; 3) Stylish design, good appearance ; 4) Standby time: 3 - 5 days ; 5) Various capacities and designs available, competitive price ; 6) With A-grade cell, double IC circuit for multiple-protection function to avoid over-recharged, over-discharged and over heat ; 7) Double IC and NTC PCB offer over-discharging, over-charging, over-current, over voltage and short-circuit protection.
Company: Shenzhen Telstou Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Lithium Primary Battery
Expert and leading manufacture of lithium primary battery, Supply various of lithium battery as, ER14250, ER14505, ER18505, ER17335, ER26500, ER34615, CR123A, CR14250, CR14505, CR18505, CR34615, etc
Company: Shenzhen Telstou Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Mobile Phone Battery, Motorola Battery
Mobile Phone Battery Series: 1) Li-ion core ; 2) High capacity ; 3) Long usage life ; 4) High quality and low price. Motorola T720 Battery: Grade A mobile phone Li-ion battery ; Compatible with Moto T720 ; Capacity:600mAh

Lithium Fluoride Battery Grade 99.95%
1. Assay(LiF): > 99% ; 2. Na+K: < 0.10% ; 3. SO4: < 0.05 % ; 4. CL: < 0.001% ; 5. Ca: < 0.05 % ; 6. Pb: < 0.01 % ; 7. Fe: < 0.01 % ; 8. SiO2: < 0.06% ; 9. Moisture(H2O): < 0.5% ; 10. Size(wet analysis):95% Min. Minus 325 Mesh.

Lithium 9V Battery For Smoke Alarms
Our lithium 9-volt battery is a consumer-replaceable battery that lasts up to 5 times longer than ordinary alkaline 9V batteries and 10 times longer than carbon-zinc batteries. It has the highest energy density, flattest discharge voltage curve, longest shelf life, widest operating temperature range, and lightest weight of any comparable 9-volt battery.

Portable Energy ( Mobile Phone Batteries )
The ZAP Portable Energy is a revolutionary battery product design for digital camera, PDA, camcorder, MP3 and CD players. The 5V-USB and 7.4-DC ports mark it the most friendly power source for your digital products. For an average user, this product bears rich functions as a substitute power supply to extend the life of the personal electronic collections. For the business professionals, as an alternative energy source, ZAP Portable Energy simply brings much needed extra strength in the ...

Cell Phone Batteries (Nokia Compatible)
1) Nominal voltage: 3.7V ; 2) Capacity: 650mAh, 850mAh, 1200mAh. ; 3) Stand-by time: 75 ~ 110hrs ; 4) Model and capacity depend on customers' requirements

Li-ion Battery (BP Type)
1) Scope of availability: compatible with video cameras using Sony BC-L40, L60 and L90 batteries, such as Betacam SX, digital Betacam and DVCAM series ; 2) 4-level LED power indicator ; 3) Built-in intelligent control and temperature, voltage and current multi-protection ; 4) On-board standard Power Tap socket which can easily supply power to light super focusing lights ; 5) Operation temperature: -20 ~ +55°C ; 6) Dimensions (W x H x D): 185 x 72 x 25mm ; 7) Weight: 400g ; 8) Available for ...

Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Battery
As a specialized manufacturer of lithium-manganese batteries, we can supply power button cells, Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Battery, etc... 1) Lithium button battery ; 2) Nominal voltage: 3V ; 3) Nominal capacity: 150mAH.

PHIL Mobile Phone Compatible Battery
1) Battery type: Ni ; 2) Standard voltage: 3.7V ; 3) Rated capacity: 700mAh ; 4) Excution standard: GB/T18287-2000 ; 5) Charges by appointed charge ; 6) Stores in a place between 0 - 40°C

Li-Polymer Cell
1) Voltage: 3.7V ; 2) Long cycle life ; 3) Low self-discharge ; 4) No memory effect ; 5) Safe and environmentally friendly ; 6) Arbitrary shape ; 7) High energy density ; 8) Custom Li-polymer battery packs available on request: 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V, 24V, 36V ; 10) Applications: mobile phones, Bluetooth products, PDA, portable DVD, notebook, EV

Mobile Phone Battery
1) Nokia 8210 compatible battery ; 2) Two capacity models available: a) Standard model: LB-N-8210S, 800mAh ; b) Enhance model: LB-N-8210E, 1100mAh ; 3) Using Class A Li-ion battery cell, 6 months quality guarantee

Bluetooth & MP3 Battery Cell
1) Rated capacity: 130mAh ; 2) Impedance: =< 190mΩ ; 3) Max. dimensions (D x W x L): 4.1 x 20.5 x 25mm ; 4) Max. operating current: 1C (130mA) ; 5) Weight: about 2.8g ; 6) Nominal voltage: 3.7V ; 7) Operating voltage: 2.75V~4.2V ; 8) Operating temperature: -20~60°C

Lithium Battery for Wireless Adapter
1) 900mAh polymer lithium battery, absolute safety is guaranteed ; 2) Can be cooperated with SA01 or SAW01 ; 3) Charging time: 2hrs ; 4) Power supply duration: a) 2.5hrs (working with wireless function) ; b) 5.0hrs (working with cables)

High Power Lithium Polymer Batteries
We can supply high power lithium polymer batteries for use in electric and hybrid buses, trucks, cars, motorcycle and electric scooters, radio controlled planes etc. The following battery cell sizes are available at a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts, Medium pacity: 145, 360, 640, 720, 1100, 1500, 2000 milli amp hour. High capacity: 5, 7.5, 11, 31, 40, 70, 100 ampere hour. We can make battery packs that meet your exact requirements.

Rechargeable Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Cells
Specifications: ICR18650 ; nominal voltage: 3.7V ; nominal capacity: 1800mah or 2000mAh ; max Diameter: 18.4mm ; max Height: 65mm ; Weight: 48g ; Cycles: 500 time by 0.2C ( 80% initial capacity kept). widely used to make battery pack for camcorder, notebook computer and other wireless devices. Several cells can be connected in parellel or in series by nickel strips to reach higher voltage and capacity, like 7.2v 1800/2000mah;10.8v 1800/2000mah;10.8v 3600/4000mah etc; the shape can be ...

15min Rapid Charge Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
1) Rapid charge performance: 15minutes ; 2) Rated voltage (V): 1.2 ; 3) Nominal capacity (mAh): 2,000 ; 4) Approx. weight (g): 30 ; 5) Dimensions (mm): 14.5 (D) x 50.5 (H) ; 6) Standard charge current (mA): 200 ; 7) Standard charge time (h): 16 ; 8) Rapid charge current (mA): 80,00 ; 9) Rapid charge time (min): 15 ; 10) OEM orders welcome ; 11) High energy density ; 12) Long cycle life ; 13) Absolutely no memory effect ; 14) Resealing safety vent ; 15) High shelf life (80% initial capacity ...

Camera Battery, Camera Battery Pack
Digital Camera Battery: 1)Cell: Li-ion ; 2)Capacity: 710mAh ; 3)Volt: 3.7V ; 4) Dimension: 40*35*6mm ; 5)Weight: 15g. Video Camera Battery Pack: 1) For Panasonic DV-P620 video cameras ; 2) 7.2V 2400mAh battery ; 3) With long usage life

CR2-Size Round Lithium Battery
CR2-Size Round Lithium Battery: 1) Nominal voltage: 3.0V ; 2) Diameter: 15.0 ~ 16.0mm ; 3) Height: 26.0 ~ 27.0mm ; 4) Shelf life: 5 years. CR2016 Batteries: 1) Size: CR2016 ; 2) Voltage: 3V ; 3) Capacity: 75mAh ; 4) Weight: 1.9g

Polymer Lithium-Ion Mobile Phone Battery
1) Rated capacity: 850mAh ; 2) Charging and discharging cycles: >500 ; 3) Nominal voltage: 3.6V ; 4) Internal resistance: =<40mΩ ; 5) Self-discharge: <5% ; 6) Limited charging voltage: 4.2V ; 7) Cut-off voltage: 2.75V ; 8) Dimensions (D x W x L): 6.3 x 30 x 48mm ; 9) Weight: 18.0±1.0g

Replacement Battery For Interphone / Two Way Radio
Our main items are of quality battery, rapid charger and durable earphone of interphone, for motorola, kenwood, vetex, icom, nextel, maxon, uniden, tait, midland.

Lithium Ion Battery BP-827
1. Lithium Ion Battery 2. Compatible With Select Canon Camcorders 3. Rated At 7.4V/2670mAh 4. Warranty: 1 Year 5. Item Weight: 5.6 ounces 6. Shipping Weight: 1 pounds 7. Item model number: 827 8. Canon Battery Pack BP-827 for the HG20 and HG21 Camcorder. Also works with VIXIA HF S10 Dual Flash Memory and the VIXIA HG20 Hard Disk Drive
Company: Better Power Electronic Co.,LTD    China

Replacement Battery for ASUS Eee pc901
Capacity: 12000mah Voltage: 7.4V Color: Black Warranty: 12 Months Replace Part Number: Asus AL23-901 / AL23-901H / AL24-1000 / 870AAQ159571 Fit for: Asus Eee PC 901 Series / Eee PC 901-W001 / Eee PC 901-BK002X / Eee PC 901-W001 / Eee PC 901-W003X / Eee PC 901-BK002X Asus Eee PC 904 Series / Eee PC 904HD Asus Eee PC 1000 Series / Eee PC 1000 / Eee PC 1000-BK003 Asus Eee PC 1000H Series / Eee PC 1000H / Eee PC 1000H 20GB / Eee PC 1000H 80GB Asus Eee PC 1200 Series
Company: Better Power Electronic Co.,LTD    China

Extend Battery For Samsung Vibiant T959 Galaxy S I9000
Extend Battery For samsung vibiant T959 galaxy s i9000 Specification: Compatible Brand: Samsung ; COLOR: BLACK ; Extend Battery For samsung vibiant T959 galaxy s i9000 Detailed Product Description 1)Stable performance 2)Grade A Li-ion battery cell 3)Power surge protection 4)High capacity:3500mAh
Company: Shenzhen Doit Superpower Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Mobile Rechargeable Battery
Mini mobile rechargeable battery Specification: Compatible Brand: Nokia ; Material: Metal ; Usage: Mobile battery ; mini quad rechargeable battery : 1. It is special used for Nokia series 2. Long Extra Working Time 3. Top quality, 1 year warranty. 4.the material can according to customer's requirement and sample 5.the high quality , energy -saving and competitive price date is subject to customer final confirmation 7.appearance: Bright surface gloss and ...
Company: Dongguan Yingyi Hardware Electric Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Station Backup Battery For Iphone4
Portable Power Pack Station Backup Battery for iphone4 Specification: Compatible Brand: Apple iPhone ; color: black ; Features: Lithium battery capacity: 3.7V/2000Mah Output Voltage: DC=5.10V&plusmn;0.1V Output Current: &le;700Ma(0.7A) Intput Voltage: DC=5.10V&plusmn;0.2V Intput Current: &le; 500mA(0.5A) Size(L*W**T): 116*46*17mm Charging time: 3-5 hours Working4 Temperature:-10-40&deg;C Packing Details Package: carton QTY/ctn: 72PCS ...

Mini Universal Battery Charger Travel Set
mini universal battery charger travel set Specification: Compatible Brand: MANY ; COLOR: blue and white ; Capacity: 3000/8000mAh ; It's a special universal power pack,which surface is made by extreme strong glass like Ipone 4G,and it have a LED light can indicate how many battery capacity remains when you are charging and discharging. Charge your partable devices anywhere at anytime Compatible with: 1.for ipone 2.for GPS 3.for MP3/MP4 4.for game console 5.for camera 6.for mobile phone ...
Company: Shenzhen Xinchuanbi Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Icom Uniden
ICOM Uniden BP-209 Specification: Compatible Brand: Other ; FOB Price: Get Latest Price Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Piece/Pieces Supply Ability: 4000 Piece/Pieces per Month Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union Quick Details Place of Origin: fujian China (Mainland) Brand Name: Power Time Model Number: PTO-209 Type: NI-CD Voltage: 7.2V Weight: 200g Nominal Capacity: 1100mAH Certification: CE, RoHS Packaging &amp; Delivery ...
Company: Dalian Yanliang Tongdao Technology Co., Ltd.    China

External Backup Battery Charger For Iphone 4g 4 G Ipod
External Backup Battery Charger for iPhone 4G 4 G iPod Specification: Compatible Brand: Apple iPhone ; Battery type: Lithium-ion battery ; Capacity: 1900mAh ; Dimension: 67*62*15mm ; Weight: 62g ; External Backup Battery Charger for iPhone 4G 4 G iPod Features: l Designed to provide power for your iPhone 4G, 3GS,3G, iphone, ipod, MP3/4 and other related devices l Compact and lightweight l Built in 1900mah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery l LED indicator for charging l LED ...

888 Portable Power Pack For Iphone 4
888 portable power pack for iphone 4 Specification: Compatible Brand: Apple iPhone ; Capacity: 1700mAh ; Battery: Lithium-ion ; Input: 5.0V---500mA ; Output: 5.0V---500mA ; Rated input: 5V/500mA ; Color: black ; portable power mobile power backup power specification rechargeable external battery case made for iphone 4 the power pack offers you the convenience of a fully protective form-fitting case with an extended built-in rechargeable battery for your iphone 4 all in an ...
Company: Shenzhen IT-TG Technology Co., Ltd.    China

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