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List extensive product information of Rechargeable Batteries (include Charging Battery), provided by Rechargeable Battery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

D/C/SC Sizes
Specifications for model nos.: TH-D: 1500, 4500, 8000; TH-C: 1500, 2500, 4000; TH-SC: 2000, 2500, 3000: 1) Environmentally friendly: Cd:0%, Hg:0%, Pb:0% ; 2) Long service life: 500-1000 charges under normal usage ; 3) No memory effect ; 4) Rechargeable after partial discharge ; 5) Sizes: A/AA ; 6) Capacities: various ; 7) Nominal voltage: 1.2V. Major applications: 1) Telecommunication devices: cordless phone, cellular phones, and fax machines. 2) Audio-visual equipment: camcorders, portable ...
Company: Forever Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Casio Digital Camera Battery Pack
We can produce Li-Ion batteries for the following models: 1) Canon: NB1L/ NB2L/ NB3L/ NB4L/ 5H/ BP406/ BP412/ BP422/ BP511/ BP512/ BP522/ BP535/ BP911/ BP930/ BP945/ BP2L12. 2) JVC: V107/ V114/ V306/ V312/ V408/ V416/ V428/ V432/ V507/ V514/ V607/ V615/ 1E/ 2E/BN-VM200/ NB-VF707/ NB-VF714/ BN-VF733/ FC10/ FT1/ FR1/ FC11/ FE1/ FM50/ FM70/ QM71D/ FM90/ QM91D/ FS11/ F960/ FA50/ FA70. 3) Panasonic: BCA7/ S001E/ BM7/ S002E/ VBA05/ S003E/ S004/ S602E/ S101E/ SB202/ D220/ D16S/ D320/ D28S/ 20E/ ...
Company: Forever Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries
1) Ultra high capacity: up to 2,500mAh ; 2) Excellent high drain performance ; 3) Fast charge capability ; 4) Up to 1,000 recharge cycles ; 5) Environmentally friendly ; 6) No memory effect ; 7) Best for: a) Digital cameras ; b) PDAs ; c) CD, MD, MP3 players ; d) Shavers ; e) Electric toothbrushes ; f) Toys and games ; 8) Specification: AA 1.2V, 2,500mAh
Company: Forever Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Battery and Charger Set
1) Input: AC 110 / 220V, 50Hz, 3W ; 2) Output: DC 1.4V, 180mA ; 3) For AA / AAA Ni-MH, Ni-Cd batteries ; 4) Offer all kinds of batteries chargers (flat plug, normal English plug, noraml European plug) ; 5) OEM orders welcomed

Communication Battery
Communication Battery: 1) Type: 2/3AA ; 2) Capacity: 400mAh ; 3) Voltage: 3.6V ; 4) Customized OEM orders welcome

Portable DVD Player Battery Cell
1) Rated capacity: 2200mAh ; 2) Impedance: =<45mΩ ; 3) Max. dimensions (D x W x L): 4.8 x 35 x 130mm ; 4) Max. operating current: 1C (2200mA) ; 5) Weight: about 44.0g ; 6) Nominal voltage: 3.7V ; 7) Operating voltage: 2.75-4.2V ; 8) Operating temperature: -20~60°C

USB Charging Battery
Features: 1) Rechargeable lithium ion battery ; 2) Standard 5V USB DC input and output ; 3) Charging indictor ; 4) On / Off switch button for energy indicator ; 5) Protector for short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge ; 6) Compatible with PDA, cellular phone, DC, DV, MP3 and other applicable low energy consumption devices. Specifications: 1) Battery: lithium ion battery ; 2) Capacity: 3,600mAh, 3.7V ; 3) Input: DC 5V ; 4) Output: DC 5V, 1,000mA ; 5) Size: 120 x 55 x 20mm ; 6) Weight: ...

Rechargeable Battery Pack
1) Low internal impedance ; 2) Superior leakage resistance ; 3) Safe ; 4) Long cycle life ; 5) Stable, reliable and durable. We can offer you many kind of rechargeable battery cells (such as Nimh Nicd Rechargeable Batteries) from china.

Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
1) Normal voltage: 7.2V ; 2) Capacity: a) Minimal: 2,850mAh ; b) Typical: 3,000mAh (When discharged at 0.2C, voltage lowers to 1.0V at 20oC) ; 3) Cycle life: >500 cycles (IEC standard) ; 4) Weight: 350g ; 5) Standard charge: 300mAh for 16hrs at 20oC ; 6) Fast charge: 1500 - 3000mAh, charge 105%, control as -V=5mV ; 8) Applications: electronic toys, cordless phones, communication products, medical equipment, precision instruments, electric tools

Digital Camera Battery and Camcorder Battery
1) Replacement for Nikon ENEL3 ; 2) Voltage: 7.4V ; 3) Type: Li-ion battery pack ; 4) Capacity: 1,500mAh ; 5) Shape: original size

Rechargeable Battery ( AA Ni-MH 2300mAh )
1) Made of imported materials by way of advanced production technologies ; 2) Extremely high capacity and packed in four-piece industrial packages ; 3) High cost-effectiveness makes the product a most desirable choice for consumers ; 4) It is particularly suitable for use in CD compact players, MP3 players and other digital electronic appliances.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
1) AA size, Ni-MH, high capacity with advance technolgy ; 2) Specially for digital camera ; 3) High energy density, low self-discharge ; 4) Long service life, chargeable up to 500 or 1000 times ; 5) High discharge voltage and long platform time ; 6) Functions at a wide temperature range ; 7) No memory effect ; 8) Low internal resistance

Ni-Cd D, Ni-MH 9V Rechargeable Cr123a Battery
Ni-Cd D, Ni-MH 9V Rechargeable Battery Suitable for telecommunication, UPS. Outer packing: 1pc/ctn. Carton dimensions: 190 x 495 x 395mm. G.W.: 80.0kg. Rechargeable Cr123a Battery: Voltage: 3.0/3.7v ; Capacity: 750/ 450mah ; Diameter: 7.0mm ; Height: 33.5mm.

Replacement Batteries
We supply high quality replacement batteries for laptops, camecorder, digi-cameras, mobiles, MP3 etc. We invite enquiries from serious buyers to contact us for further details. Our batteries are compatible with many japanese products.

Ipod Nano Battery Stick
2300mah portable battery stick, support ipod shuffle, mini, nano and other eletrical devices. Such as Sony psp, MP3/ MP4/ PDA etc.

PDA Battery, VRLA Battery
We can supply communication batteries, UPS batteries, VRLA batteries, etc. PDA Battery: 1) High capacity Li-ion polymer battery packs ; 2) Available for various brands ; 3) No memory effect.

Ni-MH High / Low Temperature Rechargeable Batteries
1) High discharge rate performance at high/low temperature ; 2) Charging efficiency can be 65% to 95% at 45 -70 centigrade ; 3) Rated voltage (V): 1.2 ; 4) Nominal capacity (mAh): BP50AA2100TmAh, 50AAA750TmAh, BP43SC3000TmAh, BP62D9000TmAh, BP50A2100TmAh ; 5) Approx. weight (g): 30.5, 14.5, 57, 170, and 39 ; 6) Standard charge current (mA): 210, 75, 300, 900, and 210 ; 7) Standard charge time (h): 15 ; 8) Rapid charge current (mA): 1050, 750, 1500, 4500, 1050 ; 9) Rapid charge time (h): 2.3, ...

Rechargeable Batteries
Specifications: Voltage:2v,4v,6v,8v,12v,24v ; Capacity:0.3ah to 3000ah ; Designed floating service life at 20oc/68of: Fp type-5years ; Lfp type-10years ; Cfp type-18years. Applications: 1. UPS power supply ; 2. Motorcycle or electric bicycle ; 3. Automobiles, golf cars and buggies ; 4. Emergency lighting ; 5. Solar lighting equipment ; 6. Telecommunication equipment ; 7. Electronic instruments ; 8. PDA equipment as laptop computer,. Camera, phone sets, medical sets ; 9. Power tools, lawn ...

Replacement Battery for apple a1175
Item specifics Condition: New Compatible Brand: Apple Type: Li-ion capacity: 5800mAh 10.8v color: silver warranty: 1 year Compatible Model: A1175 MA348G/A A1150
Company: Better Power Electronic Co.,LTD    China

Long Life Battery
*Model: FM200 (2V200AH/10HR) *Application: Telecommunication system; Power system; Mobile communication system *Size: 173(6.81)*111(4.37)*329(12.95)*365(14.37) mm(inch) *Approx Weight: 14 Kg (30.86 lbs)± 5% *Terminal: B *Capacity (25' C): 10HR (20 A) 200 AH; 3HR (50 A) 150 AH; 1HR (110 A) 1110 AH *Internal Resistance (Fully charged at 25' C): 0.0007 Ohm *Self-discharge: 3% of capacity declined per month at 25' C *Capacity Affected by Temp. ...
Product Group: Lead Acid Battery
Company: Shenzhen Fortune Battery Manufacturing Co. Ltd    China

Lr6/am-3 Aa Alkaline Battery
LR6/AM-3 AA alkaline battery Specification: Type: LiMnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AA ; Nominal Capacity: 350 min ; Origin: Jiaxing ; Jacket: Aluminum foil ; OEM: Available ; Certificate: SGS,CE ; Application: Digital camera,toys. ; Shelf life: 4 years ; Standard: IEC ; Quality: Stable ; Manufacturer: Yes ; 1) LR6/AM-3 AA alkaline battery 2) Shrink warp pack 3) We have &quot;DAYWANT&quot; brand battery, also OEM service is provided 4) Super alkaline, high capacity and stable ...
Company: Jiaxing Hi-Energy Battery Factory    China

Battery For Nokia Mobile Phone
BL-5K Battery for Nokia Mobile Phone Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Nominal Voltage: 3.8V ; Size: 47.3*43.4*5.9mm ; Nominal Capacity: 1050mAh ; Standby: 120hrs ; Charge Times: 300-500 ; Warranty: 1 Year ; Welcome to Shenzhen Bangdewei Battery Model: BL-5K Battery for Nokia Mobile Phone Type: Li-ion battery Delivery Most of your orders will be shipped in one week after the order confirmed. You can named a agent or use our agent, mostly we are shipping in shenzhen port, If you have any ...
Company: Shenzhen Bangdewei Battery Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Lead Acid Battery
lead acid battery Specification: Nominal Voltage: 12V ; Nominal Capacity: 24AH) ; Weight: 7.62kg ; Nominal Capacity: 24Ah ; Usage: UPS ,E-bike ,electronic scale ; Voltage: 12V ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: Free ; Size: 165*126*174*174mm ; lead acid battery 12v24Ah features: 1) Completely maintenance free , sealed construction eliminates periodic watering ,corrosive acid fumes and spills 2) Tank formation ensures voltage matching between cells 3) transport easily .No special ...
Company: Pinghu Hualong Enterprise Shareholding Co., Ltd.    China

E-bike Battery
E-bike Battery Specification: Type: Li-polymer ; Nominal Voltage: 36V ; Size: 80*100*390mm ; Nominal Capacity: 10Ah ; Use: E-bike ; Weight: 3.6Kg ; Characteristics Nominal voltage: 3.7 V; Working voltage: 2.75~4.2 V. Highest energy density, both volumetric and gravimetric Long cycle life No memory effect Environmentally friendly. Deleterious metals such as Hg, Cd, Pb are not contained. Light weight and small volume specification Nominal voltage 37V Capacity ...
Company: Shenzhen Huayou Polymer Li-Ion Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Wind Energy Battery
wind energy battery MX121000 Specification: Type: Maintenance Free Seal Lead Acid ; Nominal Voltage: 12V ; Size: 332(L)*174(W)*214(H)mm ; Nominal Capacity: 100AH ; COLOR: GREEN ; wind energy battery/lead acid battery maintenance free model:MX121000 norminal Voltage:12V Capacity:100Ah weight:33kg Dimensions: 332(L)*174(W)*214(H)mm Total Height:239mm Packing:1pc/carton Primary Competitive Advantages Competitive Price Good Quality Prompt Delivery Good Service Export Market Worldwide ...
Company: Foshan Union Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Lithium Battery
38120 lithium battery Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Nominal Voltage: 3.2V ; Size: 38*H120mm ; Nominal Capacity: 10Ah ; 38120 sepcification Item name 38120 38120P Nominal capacity 10Ah3V 8Ah3V Maximum Discharge Current 100A 200A Maximum Charge Current 50A 80A Cycle Life 1500 cycles 1C 100% DOD2000 cycles 1C 80% DOD Operation Temperature Charge 0-45oC,Discharge -20oC--55oC Storage Temperature -20oC--45oC Energy Density ...
Company: Zhejiang Xinghai Energy Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Lithium Manganese Oxide -lithium Ion Battery Cathode Materials
Lithium Manganese Oxide -Lithium ion battery cathode materials Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Classification: Manganese Oxide ; Other Names: LMO ; MF: LiMn2O4 ; Nominal Capacity: 105mAh ; CAS NO.: 12057-17-9 ; Appearance: black powder ; Application: Li Ion Cells Materials ; supply type: make to order ; Lithium Manganese Oxide (LiMn2O4) for Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Materials. Low Cost. Three types: Hight Temperature; High Discharge Rate; High Capacity. Other Raw Materials also can be ...
Company: Linyi Gelon New Battery Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Cell Battery
Cell Battery Specification: Type: Li-polymer ; Nominal Voltage: 3.7V ; Size: 7.0mm*34mm*96mm ; Nominal Capacity: 2200 ; Cell battery: lithium battery ; 703496 3.7V 2200mAh 25C 1. We can design all kinds of discharge rate battery according to our client's requirement, we can design 35C continue discharge rate battery. 2. High discharge rate platform, median voltage is over 3.3V when discharge under Nominal discharge rate. 3.Low temperature: the highest temperature is below 75 ...
Company: Zhuhai Hange Battery Tech. Co., Ltd.    China

Se180ah Lithium Ion Power Battery
SE180AH lithium Ion power battery Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Nominal Voltage: 3.2V ; Size: Other ; colour: blue ; Lithium Ion SE 180AHA Specification Nominal Capacity 180Ah Operating Voltage Cut-off Charge Voltage 3.6v Cut-off Discharge Voltage 2.5v Max.Charge Current &le;3CA Max.Discharge Current Constant Current &le;4CA Impulse Current &le;12CA Standard charge/discharge current 0.3CA Cycle Life 80DOD% &ge;2000 times ...
Company: China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Rechargeable Bicycle Lithium Battery
rechargeable bicycle lithium battery Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Nominal Voltage: 3.6V ; Size: 145*75*230mm ; Nominal Capacity: 150&amp;200Ah ; Prismatic: Stainless steel case ; High capacity: Power battery ; lithium ion battery: ICP150&amp;200SE ; 1. With similar capacity, the weight of li-ion battery is just half of a nickel-cadmium battery or a nickel-metal hydride battery; 2. Single lithium ion cell has a voltage of 3.6-3.7V (mean value), which equals either three ...
Company: Beijing King Bezel International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

36v15ah Lifepo4 Battery For Electric Bike, E-scooter
36V15AH LiFePO4 battery for electric bike, e-scooter Specification: Type: Li-Ion ; Nominal Voltage: 36V ; Size: 140*215*145MM ; Nominal Capacity: 15AH ; style: LiFePO4 battery pack ; material: lithium iron phosphate battery ; voltage and capacity: 36V15AH ; 36V15AH LiFePO4 electric bike battery Advantage: Fast charging Safer performance Self-balance Simplifying BMS and charger Light weight Small size Environment friendly Please check specification: Battery model 36V15AH ...
Company: Shenzhen Sffree Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Charge Cable And 4100mah Rechargeable Battery Pack For Xbox360 Slim
Charge Cable and 4100MAH Rechargeable Battery Pack for XBOX360 Slim Specification: Type: NI-MH ; Nominal Voltage: 2.4V ; Size: Battery pack ; Nominal Capacity: 4100mAh ; Condition: Brand new ; Package: Color box ; Color: White ; Type: Adapters &amp; Cables ; Comapatible: For XBOX360 slim ; Battery Capacity: 4100MAH ; Battery type: Nimh rechargeable battery pack ; Standby time: More than 35 hours ; OEM service: Yes ; Product Details: Recharge your Wireless Controller for XBOX360 Slim ...
Company: Shenzhen Baoan Swei Electronics Factory    China

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