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List extensive product information of Solar Cells, Solar Panel (include Solar Module, Solar Battery), provided by Solar Cell, Solar Panel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Amorphous (A - Si) Thin Film Solar Modules
Amorphous(a-si) thin film solar modules: 40wp, 38wp, 20wp, 10wp. Jet forward - key amorphous silicon(a-si) photo voltaic modules. Model m40/m38 ; Stabilized power ; Rated power(pmp) 40w/ 38w ; Voltage(vmp ) 44.6v/45v ; Current(imp) 0.9a/1.0a ; Open cir. Voltage(voc) 60.2v/ 60v ; Short cir. Current(isc) 1.1a/ 1.05a ; Dimensions(w x L x h) 635x1245x7mm ; Weight(kg) 13.5/ 13.2
Product Group: Solar Module
Company: Huzhou Xinyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Solar Cell
Muti-crystalline silicon solar cell. Dimension:156x156mm ; Coversion effiency:15.8% ; Maximun power pmax:3.80w ; Optimun operating voltage vm(mv):513 ; Optimun operating current im(a):7.45 ; Open-circuit voltage voc(mv):617 ; And we have 103x103,125x125,156x156 ; Monocrystalline and muticrystalline silicon cell.
Company: Huzhou Xinyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Poly & Mono Solar Panel
Cell Efficiency (%) >15.2% ; Module Efficiency (%) >14.8% ; Output tolerance (%) +/-5% ; Frame (Material, Corners, etc. ) Aluminum ; FF (%) 73% ; Warranty: 2 years product warranty and 25 years 80% of power
Company: Huzhou Xinyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

20w Solar Module
Multicrystalline or mono crystalline 20w solar modules, with CE, TUV, IEC. The characteristics as below: Voc:21.2V ; Vmp:16.8V ; Isc:1.32AA ; Imp:1.19A ; Dimension:656*306*18mm ; No. Of cells and connections:36(2*18).
Product Group: Solar Module

Solar Energy Battery
Solar energy battery:30w,40w,50w ; Shines the power source: Highly effective conserves energy the lamp ; Control system & battery: RE assembly ; Voltage: DC12V ; Temperature: -20degree-+70 degree ; Lighting time:12 hours ; Lamp pole high:3.5M,4M

Mono / Poly Solar Modules
Supply of solar modules 60WP--165WP, Charge regulators, inverters and wind-solar hybrid power, Systems. If interested, pls leave your message.
Product Group: Solar Module

Solar Panel
Our company has over ten years of experience in providing customers of high quality OEM project development service in electronics and solar panel. We have the manufactory in China. Our factory exports mono and poly solar panel to many countries such as Europe and us with tuv and IEC certificate.

Solar Cell
Photovoltaic solar cells mono and polycrystalline, square and pseudosquare. Standard dimensions: 102.5x102.5mm ; 125x125mm ; 150x150mm ; 156x156mm

Monocrystalline Silicon Wafer
Conductivity type: P-type boron ; Lifetime: >10sec on virgin wafers ; Resisitivity: 400 ; Backside: As cut and cleaned

Lead Acid Battery And Inverter For Solar Power System
Supply of a wide range of lead acid battery(2v4v,6v,8v,12v, capacity from 0.5-250ah)and inverter(12 volts DC a 220 volts AC 50hz.600 va/1000va) for solar power system application.

Mini Solar Panel
1) Dimensions: 109 x 27mm ; 2) Sealed with epoxy ; 3) Polycrystalline solar cell ; 4) Conversion efficiency for solar cell more than 14% ; 5) Vmp: 3.84V ; 6) Back face: printed circuit board (PCB) ; 7) Mainly used for mobile telephones.

Electromechanical Photocell
Photocontrols are often used in these public lights, when the sky becomes dark, the light is on at once and off when the day is clear. Features: Beautiful appearance ; Reasonable structure ; Convenient installation ; Reliable control ; Long service time. Specifications: Voltage:220V ; Current:3A,6A ; Turn-on at about 31.5LX ; Turn-off at about 125LX.

Solar Panels, Silicon Wafers
We can supply solar panels 10W to 60W Charge regulators, inverters from china. Also supply 100,800 pcs of poly- silicon wafer,125mmx125mm.

Crystalline Silicon Solar Module
110wp - 200wp solar module. Mono or poly. Iec61215 tuv certificate. 1) 110wp size,90kwp volume ; 2) 160wp size,50kwp volume ; 3)200wp size,50kwp volume
Product Group: Solar Module

Solar Battery
Our solar bettery that include 3w,5w,15w,30w,45w,65w,120w,750w,1000w etc. Their specially functions in details such as aluminium frame may provide strong protection, used with portable soalr power supply systems.

Plastic Solar Cell
Plastic solar cell, Thickness from 0.2mm up, Thin and flexible, Excellent for sewing the panel on bag and cloth, For outdoor activities, Diffrent size.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel
We are the professional supplier of solar panels > 160WP Charge regulators, inverters and wind-solar hybrid power Systems.

Amorphous Solar Cell
Amorphouse solar cell, Indoor weak light amorphous solar cell, Outdoor strong light amorphous solar cell, Weak& strong light amorphous solar cell Equivalent to panasonic amorphous solar cell

Solar Energy Collectors
1) Integrate solar energy with building ; 2) Decorate the house appearance ; 3) Safe, healthy, energy saving and environmentally friendly ; 4) Material: a) Copper tube ; b) Aluminum alloy ; c) Other material as per customer's requirements ; 5) Types: a) Glass vacuum tube collectors: i) High efficiency ii) Can supply hot water at any time ; iii) Compare with flat plate collector, it hides some potential safety hazard, the possibility of bursting of a tube ; b) Heatpipe collector: i) ...

Solar High Power Modules (140wp - 190wp) And Cells
We are engaged in solar modules business including mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline and a-si(thin film) solar modules, especial in high power rate modules up to 190wp. Solar cells(4& 5 ) would be supplied if needed.

Sola Panel
We are a leading manufacturer in China to produce solar panel and solar cell. Sharp Panels 208w available in large quantity.

Amorphous silicon solar panel
Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels Description: *Works in all weather conditions ,including low light and cloudy conditions *Ideal for deep cycle or multiple battery on motor ,trucks ,cavaera,and so on *Water shock,rust resistant *Aluminum or plastic framed (Aluminum frame has plastic corner sleeve to prevent solar panel from scratching customer's application) *Comes with quick connect battery clamp or cigarette lighter plug *Different output available *Multiple pieces ...
Company: Shenzhen Gold Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd    CHINA

Partable soalr laptop charger
Partable soalr laptop charger Technical Characteristics: Maximum Power:20W Tolerance:+/-5% Maximum Voltage:18V Maximum Current:1.12A Open Circuit Voltage:21.60V Short Circuit Current:1.22A Unfolded Dimension:335*670*7mm Folded Dimension:335*170*30mm Weight:1.11kg Maximum System Voltage:600V Products Warranty: With 15 years limited warranty on power output which power output more than 90% of the Minimum Peak Power as specified within 10 years from date of delivery and power output ...
Product Group: Solar Charger
Company: Shenzhen Xinhonghua Solar-Energy Co., Ltd    China

Solar System Battery Series
*Model: 6FM7S (12V7AH/20HR) *Application: Solar System; Wind Power System *Size: 151.4(5.96)*65.5(2.58)*92.8(3.65)*97.3(3.83) mm(inch) *Approx Weight: 2.33 kg (5.14 lbs) *Terminal: F1/F2 *Capacity (25'C): 20HR (0.35A) 7AH; 10HR (0.65A) 6.50AH; 5HR (1.19A) 5.95 AH; 1HR (4.20A) 4.20AH *Internal Resistance (Fully charged at 25'C): 0.031 Ohm *Self-discharge: 3% of capacity declined per month at 25'C *Capacity Affected by Temp. (20HR); 40'C 105%; 25'C ...
Product Group: Solar Battery
Company: Shenzhen Fortune Battery Manufacturing Co. Ltd    China

Solar Energy
DPL-ZM24-150 solar energy Specification: Material: Monocrystalline Silicon ; Size: 1580*808*35mm ; Number of Cells: 72 ; Max. Power: 150 ; Maximum Power: 150Wp ; Cell brand: suntech ; Cell type: monocrystalline ; Power Tolerance: 1%~3% ; Efficiency of cell: 17% ; Voltage standoff: AC200V,DC3000V ; TPT brand: ISOVOLTA ; Weight: 13.5Kg ; Dimension: 1580*808*35mm ; Frame Material: Clear anodized aluminium frame ; Maximum Power 150Wp Power Tolerance 1%3% Optimum operating voltage ...
Company: Xiamen DPL Energy Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Polycrystalline Solar Module With 280w Output
Polycrystalline Solar Module with 280W output Specification: Material: Polycrystalline Silicon ; Size: 1957*992*50MM ; Number of Cells: 72 ; Max. Power: 280W ; Polycrystalline Solar Module with 280W output 1. Poly Solar Module 2. 280W output 3. Solar cells 72pcs 4. UL/CE/TUV Length Width Depth Weight Solar Cells 1957mm 992mm 50mm 22.5Kg 72Pcs (156*156mm) in a 6*12 matrix connected High efficiency module using 6'' polycrystalline sloar cells (156*156mm) 72 solar ...
Company: Milestone Group Limited    China

Solar Charger Bag
Solar Charger Bag Specification: Material: Polycrystalline Silicon ; Solar Charger Bag: Solar Laptop Bag ; Brand new solar charger bag for 2011 1.charge your laptop by solar 2.Be superior in material & excelllent in workmanship Solar panel: Power:0.8W Output:5V 160ma Size:110*80mm,1pcs Battery: Capacity:3.7V/1000mAh Input:DC5V 0.45A Output:5V Bag: Fabric: reusable material Dimensions: (38cm*14cm*45cm) Color:yellow+coffee Weight: 660g including battery and ...
Company: Shenzhen Sveck Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Solar Panel
MSP-50 solar panel Specification: Material: Other ; Size: 805X445X30 ; Max. Power: 50W ; MSP-50VA solar panel, we make the best quality and the full capactiy solar panel.Our solar panel products have polysilicon and monocrystal line silicon. Our strong point is the combination the best price and the best quality. We can make solar inverter and solar power system as well beside of solar panel.
Company: Taizhou Kewei Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Solar Module
solar module Specification: Material: Monocrystalline Silicon ; Size: 1480mm*666mm*35mm ; Number of Cells: 36PCS ; Max. Power: 100WP ; Module type St-100-36 Max power 100W Optimum operation voltage(Vmp) 17.5V Optimum operation current(Imp) 5.7A --pv solar module Adopting tempered glass with high transmit rate and strong mechanical resistance. -- A waterproof versatile junction box provides flexibility of connection. water-proof module efficiency:exceed15% --long lifespan 25 YEARS ...
Company: Xi 'an Sheng Tang New Energy Co., Ltd.    China

60w Solar Module
60W solar module Specification: Material: Monocrystalline Silicon ; Size: 846x542x30 ; Number of Cells: 36 ; Max. Power: 60W ; 60W solar module: 60W solar module ; 60W solar module 18V, monocrystalline, encapsulated with glass, with aluminium frame and junction box. 1). Refer to the Wmp range, Our factory can produce solar panel and solar module from 0.1w-180w (1.2w, 2.5w, 5w, 10w, 20w, 40w, 50w, 60w, 80w, 85w, 125w,135w, 150w, 165w, 180w), according to customers requirement. 2). Refer ...
Company: Ningbo Sky Survey Solar Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
mono crystalline solar panel Specification: Material: Monocrystalline Silicon ; Size: 550*1200*35mm ; Number of Cells: 26 ; Max. Power: 85W ; mono: dark blue ; high efficiency: PECVD ; grade A: uniform color ; IP67 85W: customized panel ; 85W Mono Solar Module Electrical Parameters Maximum Power at STC(Pmax) 85W Optimum Operating Voltage(Vmp):17.71V Optimum Operating Current(Imp):4.82A Open-Circuit Voltage(Voc):22.11V Short-Circuit Current(Isc):5.11A Output Tolerance(Pmax):+-3% Solar ...
Company: Hangzhou Haotai Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Bipv Transparency Solar Panel
BIPV transparency solar panel Specification: Material: Monocrystalline Silicon ; Size: 2500*1250mm ; Number of Cells: 84 ; Max. Power: 350W ; BIPV transparency solar panel 350W parameter: Max output 350W Solar cell Mono 156*156 (14*6) Voltage at max. power (vmp) 42.85V Current at max. power (Imp) 8.17A Open circuit voltage (voc) 52.92V Short circuit current (Isc) 8.81A dimension 2500*1250mm Glass thickness 4+4mm transparency 35% ...
Company: Jiangsu Chendian Solar Photoelectric High-Tech Co., Ltd.    China

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