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Module Polycrystalline 240wp Solar Panel
Module Polycrystalline 240wp solar panel Specification: Material: Polycrystalline Silicon ; Size: 1.658*990*40 ; Number of Cells: 60 ; Max. Power: 240 ; Module UE P240 Series The Universal Energy UE P240 Series contains 60 series connected 156×156mm polycrystalline silicon solar cells. The UE P240 Series module is designed for grid connected systems with efficiencies up to 14.60%. Warranty Product workmanship 5 years Power output 10 years (90% of minimum output power) Power ...
Company: Universal Energy Nanjing Solar Technology Co., Ltd.    China

156x156mm Monocrystalline Silicone Solar Cell
156x156mm Monocrystalline silicone solar cell Specification: Material: Monocrystalline Silicon ; Size: 156X156mm ; 156mm Monocrystalline silicon solar cells --Mechanical Data and Design Format: 156mm x 156mm ±0.5mm Thickness: 190μm±20μm Front(-): 1.9mm bus bars(silver),blue anti-reflection coating(silicon nitride) Back(+): 3mm wide soldering pads(silver), back surface field(aluminium) --Temperature coefficients Voc.Temp.coef.%/K: -0.346%/K ...
Company: Ningbo Xinyou Photovoltaics Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Supply 18v/5w Small Solar Enery Panel
Supply 18V/5W small solar enery panel Specification: Material: Monocrystalline Silicon ; Size: to customer requirement ; Number of Cells: 1PCS ; Max. Power: 10W ; Product Description panel:18V5W 1PCS 2.battery:12V5AH 1PCS 3.controller: 12V 3A 4.loads:12V2W LED light*2PCS 5.working time:7-8 hours per day, last working 2 rainning days when the battery fully charged. 1). Refer to the Wmp range, Our factory can produce solar panel and solar module from 1.5W-180w ...
Company: Ningbo Xufeng Solar Energy Co., Ltd.    China

solar jacket -STF001
Solar Touch Co., Ltd has a range of Jackets (woman and man series) that have a unique design that allows attaching solar panels to supplement the power of your portable devices. The solar jacket is with flexible solar panel that generates enough energy to power personal devices. The panel is water resistant (rain okay) and removable, it can be used separately from the jacket when not needed. It is connected to a lithium battery power box that stores the charge, and has outputs to plug in ...
Company: Solar Touch    china

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