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List extensive product information of Storage Batteries, Secondary Batteries (include SLA Battery, VRLA Battery, Lead Acid Battery), provided by Storage Battery, Secondary Battery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Power Station, Inverter, Battery Tester
Starting current:500AMP ; Peak current:1200AMP ; 12V 24AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery ; Automatic shut down when fully charge ; Voltmeter display the internal battery status ; 3.6W lamp ; 12 volt DC cigarette-lighter plug-with automatic overload and short circuit protection ; Cables type: #4 gauge 46 welding

Storage And Secondary Batteries 6v4ah
Model: 6V4AH (3FM4) ; Nominal voltage: 6V ; Nominal capacity: 4AH ; Demension: (L*W*H)= 70 * 48 * 101 ; Total height: 107mm ; Weight: 0.72KG ; Plates inside:15 PCS.
Company: Guangsheng Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Motorcycle Battery
Motorcycle batteries include conventional series, high performance series and MF/SMF series, and are mainly applied for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, personal watercrafts, riding mowers.
Company: Guangsheng Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Battery Plates
We are the largest producer of battery plate in China. Now we can produce about 150mts of plates each day. Our reasonable price and good quality let us get more and more customers in the worlds.

Electric Vehicles Battery
Features: 1) Superior deep cycle design ; 2) High power density ; 3) Thick plates and high-density active material ; 4) Longer life in deep cycle applications ; 5) Excellent recovery from deep discharge. Specifications: 1) Nominal voltage: 12V ; 2) Rated capacity (2 hours rate): 14Ah ; 3) Dimensions (L x W x H x T): 181 x 76 x 167 x 167mm ; 4) Weight: 6.4kg

Automotive Batteries, Industrial Battery Cells
We can supply all Jis and Din type automotive batteries. Industrial Battery Cells, Nickel Metal Cadmium (Ni-Cd). Storage battery for automobiles and ships.

Telecom UPS Battery
Coopower offer special designed UPS battery for Telecommunication system. Nomination: 12V 100Ah/ 20Hour Rate ; Dimensions: 507 * 109 * 223 * 238mm ; Weight: 35kg ; Designed life:10 years
Company: Guangsheng Battery Co., Ltd.    China

VRLA Battery
1) Nominal voltage: 2V ; 2) Rated capacity (10 hours rate): 3000Ah ; 3) Dimensions: 714L x 352W x 366H x 380TH (mm) ; 4) Weight: 210kg

Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
Specifications: 1) Nominal voltage: 6V ; 2) Nominal capacity: 1.2Ah ; 3) Dimensions: 97 x 24 x 52mm Total height 58mm ; 4) Weight: 0.33kg. Features: 1) High discharged performance ; 2) High reliability and stable quality ; 3) Low rate self-discharge ; 4) Powerful recover ; 5) Long service life ; 6) Wide operating temperature range ; 7) High gas recombination efficiency

SLA Battery
SLA/ VRLA batteries are for standby or cyclic applications such as emergency lighting, computer terminals, telecommunications, switch control, railway, electric vehicles, portal tools and electric toys.

VRLA Battery (Small Model)
1) Nominal voltage: 6V ; 2) Rated capacity (20 hours rate): 1.2Ah ; 3) Dimensions (L x W x H x T): 98 x 24 x 50 x 57mm ; 4) Weight: 0.32kg

Energy Alloy-fuel Cells Or Battery
Traditional battery with low energy capacity, such as lead-acid battery(<60 Wh/Kg) , hydrogen - nickel battery(80 Wh/Kg), are difficult to meet the development of message technology and electrical vehicle. Even the Li-ion battery(150 Wh/Kg) is limited in some field The modern fuel cells technology, for example, PEMFC, is also difficult in actual application for its problems of need high- pure hydrogen and Pt catalyzer. We realized that the alloy-fuel cells with high-energy capacity would ...

Storage And Secondary Batteries 12v24ah
Nominal Voltage:12V ; Nominal Capacity:24AH ; Dimension:175x166x126 mm(Total height:126 mm) ; Weight:8.2KG ; Terminal: NB. Our products are especially designed for lantern, emergency lights, UPS systems, Fire protection alarm systems, and security systems which guard against theft, electrical Vehicle, scooters, solar lightings, garden lamps, telecommunication systems, Television& video recorders, toys, vending machine, etc.

12V 4Ah Motor Type Battery
We offer 12V 4Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery for Motor cycle from china. L: 112MM ; W: 68MM ; H: 90MM ; WEIGHT: 1.70KG

High Capacity Battery
It Collects with R&D,Manufacture, Marketing together. We can offer full range of NI-MH , NI-CD , Lithium and dry cells.

Sealed Lead Acid Gel SLA Battery
1) Nominal voltage: 12V ; 2) Rated capacity (20h rate): 12Ah ; 3) Size (L x W x H): 151 x 99 x 96mm ; 4) Total height: 102mm ; 5) Weight: 3.78kg (approx.) ; 6) Terminal type: F2 ; 7) Warranty: 12 months.

Telecommunication Battery
1) Nominal voltage: 2V ; 2) Rated capacity (10 hours rate): 1,000Ah ; 3) Dimensions (L x W x H x T): 475 x 175 x 365 x 365mm ; 4) Weight: 65kg

Valve-Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Storage Battery
1) Container: ABS plastics have been adopted to make the and lid; it is corrosion resistant. 2) Plates: positive plate grids are made from a lead-calcium alloy to make it corrosion resistant; the positive plate is tubular. 3) Separator: PVC separator used

Acid Spray-Proof Type Lead-Acid Storage Battery
1) Container: AS and ABS plastics have been adopted to make case and lid; it is transparent and corrosion resistant ; 2) Plates: positive plate grids are made from a low antimony and hexa-element alloy to make it corrosion resistant; the positive plate is tubular ; 3) Separator: microporous rubber separator together with corrugated PVC separator

Rechargeable Batteries For Toys, Cordless Phone
Supply all kinds of rechargeable batteries, Ni-cd, Ni-mH single and packs batteries, for toys, cordless phone.

OpzS / OpzV / Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Our solar products are fit for camping, gifts, houseware, power failure area. For example, windup radio with flashlight is a noverity to children, young people, old people. Solar lantern is very fit for camping, household. The main items which we are producing are: Solar Mobile phone changing systems ; Solar Mobile phone charger ; Solar Home Light systems ; Solar Cooling Caps/Fan caps ; Solar Power Systems ; DC to AC Inverters ; Charging Controller/ Regulator ; DC&AC Energy Saving Lights

Deep Cycle Battery
We are one of the manufacturer of sealed lead-acid batteries for UPS, alarms, emergency lighting, communication equipment, medical equipment and telecomunication system, electric bicycle, electric scooter, electric car, electric wheel chair, etc.

VRLA Batteries (Small Model)
1) Nominal voltage: 12V ; 2) Rated capacity (20 hours rate): 17Ah ; 3) Dimensions (L x W x H x T): 182 x 77 x 167 x 167mm ; 4) Weight: 5.2kg

Electric Vehicle Series Sealed Lead Aicd Battery
Electric Vehicle Series is designed for the applications to Electric Bike and Scooter, Wheelchair, Golf Cart, etc. A stronger assembly pressure for Electric Vehicle battery than it for normal battery. Different chemistry to active the paste is added, and uses particular alloy, So the battery can withstand repeated major discharging and charging cycle, and is for high rate discharging. More Product Features HS Code: 85072000 Trademark: FORTUNE Model NO.: 6FM17D ...
Product Group: Lead Acid Battery
Company: Shenzhen Fortune Battery Manufacturing Co. Ltd    China

Lead Acid Battery
Lead Acid Battery Specification: Usage: UPS ; Voltage: 12v ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: Free ; Size: 2/3 AA ; Nominal Capacity: 20Ah/hr ; sealed type: all sealed ; Lead Acid Battery 1.brand name:rainbow of original:Tianjin,China 3.nominal voltage:12v 4.nominal capacity:100Ah 5.sealed type:all sealed 6.Maintenance Type:Free 7.size:2/3 AA 8.model number:6FM-18 9.packing details:all sealed packing 10.payment terms:L/C or T/T 11.Output terminal of low resistance:a copper ...
Company: Tianjin Hanby-Leaden Business & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Rechargeable Cylinder Lithium-ion Battery/slim Battery
Rechargeable Cylinder Lithium-ion Battery/Slim Battery Specification: Usage: iphone,ipod,ipad,mobile phone ; Voltage: 5V ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: General ; Size: 128*21*21mm ; Weight: 68g ; Nominal Capacity: 2400mAh ; Color: blue ; Lamp: LED ; Battery type: Lithium-ion ; Batteries type Lithium-ion Input volt DC 5.0V/1 A Output volt DC 5.0V/1 A Capacity 2400mAh Size 128*21*21mm Weight 68g Application iphone,ipad,ipod,mobile phone,camera etc ...
Company: Shenzhen Huanyuna Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

12v150ah Battery
12V150AH battery Specification: Usage: UPS ; Voltage: 12v ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: Free ; Size: 410*176*227 ; Weight: 35kg ; Nominal Capacity: 120AH ; 12Volt batteries: black colour ; 7AH12V;12AH12V; 17AH12V; 24AH12V; 38AH12V; 40AH12V; 65AH12V; 100AH12V; 120AH12V; 150AH12V; 200AH 250AH all the battery model are mainly for ups working, and long backup time type inverter etc. 1. Start from 7AH to 200AH 2. Lead acid 3. Normal voltage: 12V 4. Completely sealed 5. High output ...
Company: Baykee Electric Power Equipments Co., Ltd.    China

Sunstone Vrla Battery Catalogue
Sunstone VRLA battery DP catalogue Specification: Usage: Solar system, UPS ; Voltage: 12v ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: Free ; Battery Type: VRLA ; Nominal Voltage: 12V ; Specification of DP series Sunstone DP series vrla battery is designed specially to have a large amount of stored current discharge between charging sessions, with heavy non-porous battery plate that is made of a different chemical for the plates active paste material and a electrolyte stronger slightly than ...

Mobile Phone Battery For Iphone 3g
mobile phone battery for iphone 3g Specification: Usage: mobliephone ; Voltage: 3.7V ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: General ; Size: 100pcs/carton /44*35*21.5cm ; Weight: 100pcs/carton/5.5KG ; Nominal Capacity: 1150mAh ; Compatible Brand: for iphone 3g ; battery for iphone 3g: battery for iphone 3g ; quality control: high quality and 100% original ; mobile phone battery for iphone 3g Universal Mobile Parts LTD supply all kinds of brand mobile phone parts.We offer housing ...

Rechargable Lead Acid Battery / Solar Battery
rechargable lead acid battery / solar battery Specification: Usage: UPS ; Voltage: 12v ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: Free ; Size: 405*173*210mm ; Weight: 40KG ; Nominal Capacity: 150AH ; Battery model 6-GFM-150 Nominal Voltage 12V Number of cells 6 Design Life 10 years Nominal Capacity 77 F(25 &deg;C) 20 hour rate 150Ah 10 hour rate 136Ah 5 hour rate 130.5Ah 1 hour rate 105Ah Internal Resistance Fully Charged battery 77 ...
Company: Yueqing Bochuang Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Sealed Solar Battery
Sealed Solar Battery Specification: Usage: Solar energy ; Voltage: 2v ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: Free ; Size: 98.5mm*174*348.5*357.5(L/W/H/Height with . ; Weight: 13.5 ; Nominal Capacity: 200 ; Sealed lead acid battery Model: HRB2-200 Specification: Nominal Voltage 2V Nominal Capacity(25celsius,77fahrenheit,20hr) 200Ah Dimensions(Length*Width*Height*Total Height) 98.5mm*174mm*348.5mm*357.5mm Features: 1)Maintenance-free 2)Low intemal resistance 3)Low ...
Company: Huarui Solar Co., Ltd.    China

Popular Portable Power Source
Popular Portable Power Source Specification: Usage: UPS ; Voltage: 5V ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Maintenance Type: General ; Size: 3inch ; Weight: 65G ; Nominal Capacity: 2600mAh ; Color: Silver/Black ; 1. Power tube universal battery case for Smart phone/Mp3/Mp4 player,PSP/iPod/iPhone 2. Aluminous Alloys housing 3. Fashional design 4. Power ON/OFF function 5. Color: Silver/Black/Pink/Golden/Blue 6. 1 LED capacity indicator 7. High capacity ...

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