Three Phase Multi-Rate Static Meter

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Detailed Three Phase Multi-Rate Static Meter Description:

1) 10 load-hours for sharp load-hour, peak load-hour, day-hour, or low load-hour ; 2) Cyclic LED display ; 3) Metering and recording bi-directional active/reactive-power: total consumption, consumptions for sharp load hours, peak load hours, day hours, and low load hours ; 4) Storing energy consumption data of last month, the month before last month, billing date programmable ; 5) Metering bi-directional maximum demands, maximum demands under each load hour; storing the data of last month, and the month before last month: a) Demand interval: 15 minutes ; b) Sliding window time: 1 minute ; 6) Communication interface: RS485 and infrared communication ports; pulse output port is of photoelectric isolated ; 7) With calendar, clock, and lunar calendar automatic inter-conversion function

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