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List extensive product information of Industrial Power Supply, provided by Industrial Power Supply manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cantilever Turbine
1) Can be used together with industrial boilers of 6T-20T, and can be widely applied in printing & dyeing industry, chemical industry and vintage industry as the private electric station to generate electricity ; 2) Also as backup units of electric plant to achieve purpose of afterheat utilization

Air Blower & Water Pump Electricity Saver
1) Used for air blowers and water pumps ; 2) Can economize electricity to 3,000V, 6,000V, 10,000V for high-pressure air blower and water pump ; 3) The economizing rate is 30 - 80%.

Universal Switching Power Supply
The universal switch power supply adopts power semiconductor as the switching element. The output voltage is adjusted by making and breaking the switch periodically and control the time ratio of off to on of the switch elements. Meanwhile, it has over-current and over-voltage protection. It has the advantages of small output wave, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, and elegant appearance. Main technical parameters: 1) Output power: 15W, 25W, 30W, 35W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 100W, 120W, ...
Company: Hightech (Changzhou) Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

Insulator & Hardware
1) Arrester: Y5W-10, Y10W-36 ; 2) Machine bolt ; 3) Stay rod, dead end clamp, heat shrinkable tube, skirt cap, breakout

DC Power Supply, SVC Power Supply
Digital DC Power Supply: 1) Line regulation: 0.015%+3mV ; 2) Load regulation:0.015%+3mV(≦3A) ; 3) Load regulation: 0.015%+5mV(>3A). We can supply a variety of power supplies, SVC, UPS, EPS from china.
Company: Hightech (Changzhou) Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

Kaplan Turbines
It is used for the water head of 2-30meters equipped with a vertical axle. There are three different types of this kind in which is an open trough or a pressure trough or closed concrete worm-shell trough. This type of turbine it fit for small hydro power station with low head and load.

Power Supply
1) 220V / 110V ; 2) Used in tattoo machines ; 3) Has attachment of line and feet switch ; 4) Price: USD18.00/pc
Company: Hightech (Changzhou) Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

Trailer-mounted Power Station
1) All trailer-mounted power stations comply with the Motorized Vehicle Branch safety specifications ; 2) Safe and efficient ; 3) Widely used for frequently fluctuating high peak loads

Power Supply Tester
1) Small volume, wide output range, accurate stabilivolt, little distortion ; 2) Efficient and reliable power supply in industries and testing ; 3) Enough process capacity for metal, painting, and wiring harness ; 4) Reasonable craftwork, reliable quality, steady performance.

Francis Turbine
Applied for the head range between 2-100 meters With the vertical axle suitable for the small hydro power station with low head and load

Industrial Power Supply
1) AC/DC power supply (specific purpose): a) 40W power supply with battery charger, 55W power supply with battery charger ; b) 75W DIN rail power supply ; c) 120W DIN rail power supply ; d) 400W HMI lamp power supply AC/DC power adaptor ; e) 1000W telecom power supply. 2) AC/DC power supply (open frame): 5W-SPL, 15W-SPL, 20W-DP, 25W-SPL, 35W-SPL, 40W-TP, 45W-SPL, 45W-DPL, 45W-TPL, 60W-SP, 65W-SPL, 65W-DPL, 65W-TPL, 225W-SPC

High-Speed Turbine
1) Can be used to drive boilers, feed water pumps, blowers, circulation water pumps and other rotary equipment ; 2) Widely used in electric plant and chemical plant to replace motors, to reduce the production costs and heighten economic benefit obviously

Power Supply Distribution Cabinet
Industry standard outer dimension: 800 x 600 x 2260 or 800 x 600 x 2360. We can manufacture to meet the actual needs.

DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply: 1) Output voltage: 0~30V, 0~50V ; 2) Output current: 0~10A, 0~20A, 0~30A ; 3) Ripple and noise: a) CV=<1mVrms (0~20A, 0~30A) ; b) CV=<0.5mVrms (other) ; 4) Display: analogue ; 5) Protection: constant current and short-circuit protection ; 6) Output type: single output. DC Power Supplies SE Series: Voltage: 0.2kw 0.4kw 0.75kw ; Power range: 1.0-400hz ; Dimension: 132/68/131

AC Purification Stabilizing Power Supply
Applicable to an AC 50/60Hz circuit, used as control power supply, local lighting and indication power supply. For machine tools and general electrical appliances

Low-Speed Steam Turbine
1) Can replace motor to make work drive the boiler water-feeding pumps, blower, circulation water pumps, crushers and other rotary equipment in enterprises, such as power plant, petrochemical, foodstuff and other plants ; 2) Can reduce electric consumption and heighten economic benefit obviously

Tubular Turbine
Used for the head of 2-16m.The blade are fixed or can be adjusted manually. This turbine can produce a large quantity of water flow which passed unimpededly and high efficiency.

Generator Set, Alternator, Engine, Motor, Pump
Compact, light, low noise, low fuel consumption, carry convenient. Main features: 1. Compact and structure and light weight ; 2. Large fuel tank for hours of continuous operation ; 3. low operation noise.

DC Power Supply (LED)
1) LED digital panel meters voltage and current display ; 2) Constant voltage operation ; 3) Overload protection ; 4) One dependent adjustable output at 0 - 30V / 60V, 0 - 40A ; 5) Two -independent adjustable output 0 - 30V / 60V, 0 - 50A ; 6) With LED indication, one and two independent adjustable output and constant voltage operation.

600W Active PFC - Redundant Power Supply
The TC-600R3N Series products of N+1 Hot-Swap & Power Sharing redundant Power supply provides increased reliability when integrated a variety of Systems. The R3N series is ideally suited to telecommunications and Industrial system, as well as a variety of other applications where system never shut down I. E. Zero down time.

Three-Phase Frequency Conversion Power Supply
Features: 1) Output power: total from 0~ (6KVA-300KVA ) (each phase 2KVA-100KVA) optional. 2) Output phase -voltage: low position from 0 to 150V, top position from 0 to 300V. 3) Output line-voltage: low position from 0 to 260V, top position from 0 to 520V. 4) Position switch for frequency settings. 5) Output three-phase. 6) IGBT/PWM circuit. 7) High load and frequency stability. 8) ±1% waveform low distortion. 9) V, A, W, Hz, PF display accurately, digital, simultaneously (A, B, C switch ...

High Voltage Power Supply For Image Intensifiers Tubes
Our high voltage power supply (hps) for image intensifiers tubes is an electron converter which has an ability to transform from low voltage of direct current into once or a series of high voltage of direct current (dc/DC converter). It consists two assembly -an oscillator module and a high multiplier module.

Uninterruptible Power Supply with high efficiency
It can be used as an AC regulated power supply when the urban electricity is available, it can automatically be out of the urban electricity and provide use's electric when the urban electricity break out. It features advance technology, high efficiency, small size, good reliability, etc. Widely used as uninterruptible power supply to protect computer system, intelligent precision instrument & meter, communication system, etc. The output power will be stabled at 220~240V when the ...

60w Led Power Supply
60W LED Power Supply Specification: Input Voltage: 170~250V ; Output Voltage: 24V+_0.5V ; Output Power: 60W ; Output Frequency: 47~64HZ ; Output Current: 2.5A ; Certificate: CE&amp;ROHS ; Waterproof LED Power Supply CE&amp;ROHS Certified input voltage range:170~250V input electrical:0.42A Input Power:78W Max output Power:60W Output voltage:24V&plusmn;0.5V Max. output electrical:2.5A Connect the line request: Input:H03VV-F 3G*0.75mm Brown&amp;blue&amp;kelly VDE(300mm) ...
Company: Shenzhen Zoyea Led Technology Co., Ltd.    China

25kva Yangdong Power Diesel Generator Set
25kva YangDong Power diesel Generator Set Specification: Input Voltage: 220V ; Output Voltage: 400/230V ; Output Power: 25kva ; Output Frequency: 50/60HZ ; Output Current: 36.1A ; Product Range: generator set ; Hoping Power 25kva YangDong Power diesel generator set: Model:HPY-20 Rated Power25kva Engine: Model:Y4100G Ratedoutput:25kw Governing method:Mechanical Intaking method:Natural aspirated Fuel consumption:247g/kw.h Cooling Starting Method:Closed water cooled/electric starting ...
Company: Fuzhou Hopow Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Brushless Synchronous Alternators
TFW brushless synchronous alternators Specification: Input Voltage: 400/230V ; Output Voltage: 1500/1800r/min ; Output Power: 10-500kw ; Output Frequency: 50/60HZ ; Output Current: 18.04-902A ; Brushless alternator,Copy from Leroy Sommer, Power range from 8kw to 600kw, F or H insulation class, IP21-IP23, 1500rpm/1800rmp, Single bearing or Double bearing.
Company: Fujian Filo Power Co., Ltd.    China

Motor Bridge Rectifier
motor bridge rectifier Specification: Input Voltage: 220-480v ; Output Voltage: 99V/216V ; Output Current: 3A ; input voltage: 220v-480V ; output voltage: 99v-216v ; Max current: 3A ; ZLk series for DC power rectifier electromagnetic brake and clutch electromagnetic DC-specific products, which is converted into AC power will be able to meet the DC or direct current electromagnetic brake electromagnetic clutch DC power needs. Factory production line ZLk power rectifier complete ...
Company: Wuhu Dazhong Machinery Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

12v5a24v3aaenclosed Switching Power Supply
12V5A24V3AAENCLOSED SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY Specification: Input Voltage: 110-240V ; Output Voltage: 24V ; Output Power: 80W ; Output Current: 3A ; Our factory produces high-precision a constant pressure constant flow and flow regulated supply power, all the existing (50 - 5000w), a constant pressure constant flow and looking in all parts of the agency. for laboratory test, and factory Input Voltage 175V240VAC 50/60Hz Output Specifications: 0-30V0-10A,0-30V0-5A,0-15V0-5A,0-15V0-10A ...
Company: Xinguanyuda Power Supply Co., Ltd.    China

Regulated 24vdc Power Supply
regulated 24vdc power supply Specification: Direct-Current Main Type:ZR-2402,110V/24V,2A ZR-2410B,110V/24V,10A ZR-11001,24V/110V,1A 1. Competitive price 2. Well and high quality control 3. Prompt delivery 4. Best service We can provide a variety of Electric Locomotive Series, if you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate and contact with us any time, welcome to your enquiry. We insist on &quot;quality the first, customers the first&quot;.
Company: Xian Zhong Rui Railway New Technology Co., Ltd.    China

200amp Three Phase 90kw Industrial Power Supply
200AMP Three Phase 90kW Industrial Power Supply Specification: Specifications: - Rated Voltage: 90 - 480 VAC, 50HZ / 60 HZ - Working Temperature: -15 degrees to 80 degrees Celcius - 3 phase - Maximum effective load limit: 90,000 watts - NEMA 3 Waterproof casing - Load Rating 200A Features: - Utilizes Self-Healing Low Loss Capacitors - Let Through Voltage 150V line-to-neutral - EMI / RFI Noise Reduction 0-40dB Ships with: 1 x Intelliworks Energy Saver 1 x Product Manual OEM &amp; ...
Company: MACRO PLUS    Hong Kong

Siemens Plc
6ES7272-0AA30-OYAO Siemens PLC Specification: 6ES7272-0AA30-OYAO Siemens PLC Brand: Siemens Model: 6ES7272-0AA30-OYAO Place of origin: Germany Condition: New &amp; Original Method of shipment: DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. Our main products, IGBT, IPM, PIM,SCR / GTO power modules, Thyristor modules ,Diode modules, Rectifier Bridge modules, Capacitors, Connectors, Resistors,Relays, Sensors, Photoelectric switches, Inverters,Fuses and Switches,PLC products,Elevator Spare Parts, Electroplating ...
Company: Shanghai Zifine Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Wind Turbine Horizontal
wind turbine horizontal Specification: wind turbine horizontal 1)Long service life cycle: 20 years 2)Anti-wind ability 3)Start-up with low wind speed 4)High efficiency of generator with low noise 5)Direct drive permanent magnet generator,low start-up resistance moment. 6)Sealed slip ring, no cable twist 7)Automatically adjust the facing with direction 8)Select high quality bearing and magnet, easy to send out quantity of heat and keep magnetic property. 9)Anticorrosion in 15 years ...
Company: Huabin General Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

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