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List extensive product information of Radio & TV Equipment (include Satellite Receiver, TV Tuner, FM Transmitter), provided by Radio & TV Equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

DVB-Satellite Receiver
1) Fully DVB-S/MPEG-2 compliant ; 2) Auto DiSEqC 1.0 and DiSEqC 1.2 support ; 3) SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellites ; 4) Multi-language OSD ; 5) Fully support to electronic program guide (EPG) ; 6) Easy and speedy software upgrade through RS-232 port ; 7) 4:3, 16:9 screen format selectable ; 8) PAL/NTSC auto conversion ; 9) Input range: 950-2150MHz ; 10) Size: 260 x 40mm
Company: Chengdu Santai Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Car TV
1) Broad display digital LCD mini TV, designed by the update Japanese digital TV technology, with fine and crisp picture. No radiation ; 2) All supplementary channels receipt,with 255 preset channels ; 3) Semi-transparent menu in eight languages ; 4) Blue screen while no signal ; 5) Inset calendar ; 6) Inset game ; 7) All-function remote controller ; 8) Multi-system, PAL / SECAM can be freely chosen by customers ; 9) AV input jack ; 10) Earphone output jack ; 11) Can be used upside down ; ...

RG58U, RG59U, 21V ATC Coaxial Cable
RG-58/U coaxial cable: 1) Inner conductor: 19 x 0.18mm tinned copper (or bare copper) ; 2) Dielectric core: solid PE 2.95mm ; 3) Braid shield: 64 x 0.12mm tinned copper (or bare copper) ; 4) Coverage: >60% ; 5) Jacket: 4.95mm PVC. RG-59/U coaxial cable: 1) Inner conductor: 0.643mm tinned copper (or copper clad steel, bare copper) ; 2) Dielectric core: physical foamed PE 3.71mm ; 3) Foiled shield: bonded Al/PET (or Al/PET/Al) ; 4) Braided shield: 64 x 0.12mm tinned copper (or bare copper, ...
Product Group: Coaxial Cable

TV Cards With FM Conexant 878A
1) Real-time MPEGII/I encoder and decoder (hardware solution) ; 2) Record file with DVD quality without delay ; 3) Captures TV program with DVD-quality MPEGII files ; 4) Supports S-video/AV in and S-video/AV out ; 5) TV functions (for TV version) TV channel: 160 channels ; 6) TV system: NTSC/PAL/SECAM system ; 7) Video encoder: a) Real-time MPEG-1/MPEG-2 video encoding ; b) Supports constant bit rate and variable bit rate ; 8) Video decoder: decode ML at MP MPEG-1/MPEG-2 ; 9) Video ...
Company: Chengdu Santai Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Video Splitter (1 to 2 / 1 to 4)
1) Divide 2 screens to one computer ; 2) Can connect to VGA, XGA, SVCA, LCD ; 3) VGA resolution: 1280 x 1024 @75HZVGA Bandwidth(-3db)150Mhz ; 4) Transmission distance: 65m (Max 200m)

Outdoor Antenna
1) Rotating speed: < 4R/M ; 2) Max. rotation: 360o ; 3) VHF gain: ≥ 18dB ; 4) UHF gain: ≥ 28dB ; 5) Frequency: 45-910MHz ; 6) Impedance: 75Ω ; 7) Power: 3W ; 8) Working voltage: 110V/220V ± 10%c

Store DVB Satellite Receiver
Due to our R & D dept. now on developing & researaching the newly solution of the DVB satellite receiver,we have store 5,000pcs of the DVB satellite receiver and waiting for sale with its very competitive price.
Company: Chengdu Santai Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.    China

CATV Two Way Optical Receiver
1) Product dimensions: 325 x 230 x 120mm ; High quality, sensitive optical receiving module (RB-A), higher RF output level, low noise, and less non-liner distortion ; 2) Bandwidth: forward (45) 87 - 862MHz / (45) 87 - 750MHz, reverse 5 - 65MHz (or specified by user) ; 3) Plug-in duplex filter, several frequency divisions for selection ; 4) Individual input port AC60V power supply ; 5) Power multiplication output ; 6) Switching power supply for selection ; 7) High capability to price ration

Car TV Antenna (On Glass Type)
1) Car TV (on glass) antenna ; 2) Latest patent technology ; 3) Threat-proof design ; 4) Strong reception and good signal ; 5) Easily installed and used.

RAM/FM 2 Band Radio
1) Put in two 5 type batteries ; 2) Turn on the volume level, the indicator is light ; 3) To press band switch AM or FM,broadcast ; 4) Turn on the turning switch chose you need, the broadcast.

Mobile Digital TV Receiver
It can be storage 1000 channel message with disconnect power memory function support OSD TV picture VBI(DVB ETS 300 706), Color screen display It can be support English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian multi language system. Electron program guide EPG function, and support PIG(picture in Graphics) picture in picture display function support nine picture display function

FM Transmitter
1) Install the battery into the FM transmitter and turn on the power ; 2) Insert the audio input jack to the audio player's output socket ; 3) Turn on the audio player and press "scan" button to choose the correct channel. The corresponding channel indicator light will be on for your choice ; 4) Turn on the FM radio, turn to corresponding channel then you could enjoy music. Specifications: 1) Frequency channel: 88.1 MHz, 88.3 MHz and 88.5 MHz ; 2) Frequency stability: 10 ppm ; ...
Product Group: FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter with LCD for iPod
1) FM wireless modulating and transmitting iPod output audio signal for car FM radio or portable FM radio ; 2) Pressing button to adjust the transmitting frequency digitally from 87.5MHz to 108MHz with the frequency interval of 100KHz ; 3) Setting up and saving nine channels at the same time. Each channel's frequency can be set up, changed and saved independently ; 4) LCD indicating frequency and channel ; 5) Power provided by iPod directly. Low power consumption (working current is ...

Digital Satellite Receiver
1) SCPC/MCPC full compatible, receives all domestic and overseas digital programs ; 2) Receives satellite digital TV / digital audio program of DVB-S format ; 3) Picture-in-picture, game and calendar ; 4) 22KHz and DiSEqC1.0 control signal ; 5) Power failure memory, signal strength and quality indicator ; 6) High-reliability switch power supply (AC80-270V) ; 7) Compatible to both graph and text, able to receive graph and text information ; 8) Left, right and stereo audio channels ; 9) RS-232 ...

TV Tuners
1) Watching TV on your CRT monitor ; 2) Apply to CRT monitors and part of LCD monitors using PAL ; 3) Apply to CRT monitors and LCD monitors using NTSC ; 4) Mini-size TV box with various functions ; 5) Multi-output choices provide more accessorial functions ; 6) Not requirement for other software or hardware ; 7) Stored up to 1,000 channels ; 8) Connected to camera/VCD/DVD/TV game player for best multimedia enjoyment ; 9) With perfect electronic switch between PC and TV, the picture is clear ...

Junction Box ( Die Casting )
1) Title:Spar parts of TV Broadcasting Equipment ; 2) Material: ADC12 (Japan) ; 3) Size: 148mm * 110mm * 28mm / 102mm * 74mm * 28mm ; 4)Weight: 368.8 g / 196.4 g ; 5)Working process: Die casting --> Metalworking --> Baking finish. With our complete machining line and such superior surface finishing as ball blasting, plastic spraying, spray painting, baking finish, electroplating and brunofixing, we can work with you on an OEM basis.

15-IN-1 Universal Remote Control
1) TV1, TV2, TV3, VCR1, VCR2, TV4, Cable, SAT, AC, HiFi, AUX, AMP, VCD/DVD, LD, CD ; 2) Product dimensionss: 19 x 5 x 2cm ; 3) Volume: 0.097cbm

FS LCD Tuner
1) 5V power supply ; 2) FS PLL controlled tuning ; 3) I²C bus control ; 4) PAL B/G, D/K or NTSC M system ; 5) 75Ω unbalanced output ; 6) Receiving frequency: 45.25-863.25MHz ; 7) Super wafery shape ; 8) For LCD TV, DVD-R, PC multimedia, HDTV ; 9) Weight: 36g

Yagi Antenna, Mini Radio
We can supply quality Yagi Antenna, mini FM scan radios from china. Yagi Antenna: 1) Gain: 18 dB ; 2) Operation frequency: 470-860MHz ; 3) 220V or 110V.

Full Intelligent Digital Program Selector
1) Store 256 channels ; 2) Child lock function ; 3) Fully implemented PLL tuner ; 4) Non-skip programming ; 5) Automatically turns off (10 mins.). Specifications: 1) Receipt scope: 45MHz, 870MHz ; 2) Program video output: 1Vp-p ; 3) Audio output: -6db ; 4) RF output: 85db 75Ω ; 5) TV system: PAL / NTSC / SECAM ; 6) Voltage scope: AV110V - AC240V ; 7) Power consumption: <10W

Satellite Dish Antenna
1) Diameter: 0.60 - 0.75m ; 2) Gain: 36 - 39dB ; 3) Efficiency: >=60% ; 4) Standard wave: 0.35 ; 5) VSWR: 1.30 ; 6) AZ adjustments: 0 - 360o ; 7) EI adjustments: 5 - 85o ; 8) Frequency range: 3.7 - 4.2GHz ; 9) L.O. frequency: 5.15GHz ; 10) L.O. frequency stability: &Plusmn;1.0MHz @ 25oC

1550nm Internal Laser Transmitter
1) Bandwidth (47-1000 MHz), can transmit 84-way PAL-D TV signal ; 2) The output wavelength adjustable, convenient to upgrade ; 3) Big output power, dual optical outlet, can make EDFA work efficiently ; 4) Dual power supply, incase the power is damaged, each power supply is with short circuit protection, reduces the damage to power supply ; 5) Media converter control function, each machine with independent IP, suit for the network management ; 6) Optical component and IC are sealed, special ...

DVB Receiver
1) Fully MPEG-2 digital and DVB compliant ; 2) Stores up to 790 channels ; 3) Auto program search and manual PID scan function ; 4) Input frequency 950-2150Mhz ; 5) 1 LNB input (F-type), 1/F single loop through ; 6) SCPC and MCPC capability and C/KU band reception ; 7) Various channel editing function (moving, renaming, deleting) ; 8) Supports DiSEqC 1.0 and 0/12V, 13/18V, 22KHz for LNB ; 9) Multi OSD languages available: Chinese, English, Indonesian ; 10) Last channel memory function ; 11) ...

Dreambox DM800HD-S TV reciever
Description: Dreambox series: HD DVB-S2+2USB(PVR)+Multi--CA+Enternet Dreambox DM500S, Dreambox DM500T, Dreambox DM500C, Dreambox DM100S, DreamBox DM600PVR, Dreambox DM600C,Dreambox DM600T,Dreambox DM7020Si,Dreambox DM7025,Dreambox DM800HD,Dreambox DM8000HD-C,Dreambox DM800HD-S,Dreambox DM500HD. Die Dreambox DM 800 HDPVR mit Festplattenvorbereitung Digitizer Satellites-Enplanes receiver for TV- und Radio programmer. Die DM 800 HDPVR ist wohl die Kleist digital Linux Stopcocks der Welt ...
Product Group: Dreambox TV Reciever
Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

Satellite sharing and Internet sharing reciever
Description: SD DVB-S+FTA+MULTI-CA+2TUNER(satellite sharing)+USB(PVR)+HDMI port+Enternet (Spport+CCCam),MPEG-4/2 Satellite sharing receiver,Satellite sharing,sharing receiver. Dongle sharing receiver,Enternet sharing receiver,Enternet sharing twin tuners satellite reciever,Dual tuners satellite reciever. Features DVB & MPEG-4/2 Compliant Brilliant PIG and User Friendly Menu & ICON Dual channels are recording while watching dual channels with ...
Product Group: Internet Sharing Reciever
Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

Iclass 9797FTA-HD reciever
Iclass Reciever Series: iclass 9696PVR,iclass 9797PVR,iclass 9797HD,iclass 9797FTA-HD,iclass 9898PVR,iclass 9898HDPVR. Specifications of 9797HDTV - 6000 Channels of TV & Radio Programmable - MPEG-4Digital & Fully DVB Compliant - MPEG/Music Cam Layer I and II, CD Quality Audio Sound - Quick Channel Switching Time - Fast Channel Download from Satellites - Network Search - SCPC & MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-Band Satellites - 256 Colors On Screen Display - Easy ...
Product Group: Iclass Reciever
Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

Openbox X820CI TV reciever
OPenbox series:openbox F300,openbox F500,openbox X800,openbox X810,openbox X820,openbox X730,openbox X750,openbox X770. Common interface with two CI slots for irdeto, viaccess, nagravision, conax, cryptoworks, mediaguard, and others With Embedded CONAX,Viaccess,Seca,Irdeto,Nagravision CAS 60 programmable satellites/4,000 programmable channels 950~2150 MHz IF range MCPC/SCPC,C/KU reception Fully MPEG 2/DVB compliant 1 LNB input,IF Ioop through for 2nd receiver Variable input ...
Product Group: Openbox TV Reciever
Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

Openbox X590CI TV reciever
Openbox X590CI TV reciever Openbox S5 HD PVR Openbox S7 HD PVR Openbox S8 HD PVR Openbox F-500 0penbox X 540 Openbox x 590CI Openbox x 560 OPENBOX X 800 810 820CI Openbox X-730/750/770CIPVR OPENBOX X590CI(2 Smart Card,2CI) FEATURES: Mpeg-1, 2/dvb video and CD quality sound Convenient OSD with 256-color Easy installation for multiple satellites High-speed transponder support: up to 45 million symbol/ sec Scpc/mcpc receivrale from C/KU-band satellites Positioning by ...
Product Group: Openbox TV Reciever
Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

Opticum9500HD tv reciever
Opticum(Globo,Orton) 9500 HD 2CI 2Multi-CA E Plus PVR ready Technische Daten: MPEG-Fully DVB-S / DVB-S2 (H.264) HD compliant 8000 channels (TV and Radio) programmable Multilingual menu text support Channel switching time less than 1 second Channel list editing Favorite channel list editing True-color On-Screen Display (OSD) Full Picture In Graphic (PIG) function Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for on screen channel information Subtitle supported Teletext supported by VBI ...
Product Group: Tv Reciever
Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

Nagra 2 and Nagra 3 receiver
Nagra 2 and Nagra 3 receiver Support Nagra II and Nagra III HD receiver list: DM800HD-S,DM800HD-C,AB IPBOX91HD, Opticum 9500HD,OCTAGON SF918HD,Cuberevo 3000HD; Support Nagra II and Nagra III SD receiver list: Hiperbox S710USB(PVR), DM500S,DM500C,DM600S-PVR,DM600C-PVR,DM7020Si. N2 and N3 receiver,N2 and N3,Nagra 2 and Nagra 3 receiver,Nagra 2 and Nagra 3.Hiperbox S710USB(PVR), DM500S,DM500C,DM600S-PVR,DM600C-PVR.
Product Group: Nagra Receiver
Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

Satellite dish antenna
Satellite dish antenna Offset Dish Antenna series: Ku Band 35 x 39cm Ku Band 45 x 50cm Ku Band 55 x 61cm Ku Band 60 x 66cm Ku Band 75 x 83cm Ku Band 80 x 89cm Ku Band 90 x 100cm Ku Band 95 x 105cm Ku Band 120 cm x 135cm Ku Band 150 cm x 165cm Prime Focus Dish Antenna series: C Band Solid - 6 Panels C Band 100cm C Band 120cm C Band 135cm C Band 150cm C Band 180cm C Band 210cm C Band 240cm C Band Solid - Single Panel series: C Band 120cm C Band 135cm ...
Product Group: Satellite Dish Antenna
Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

Company: Forever well(SZ)Co.Ltd    China

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