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List extensive product information of Bamboo & Wooden Crafts, provided by Bamboo & Wooden Craft manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Wooden Wine Box
1) Dimensions: 37.5 x 29.5 x 7.5mm or in accordance with your requirement. 2) Material: paulownia, pine, rosewood, teak, birch, oak, plywood, MDF. 3) Usage: packaging for wine, liquor, alcohol drinks or soft drinks
Company: Changxing Jinliang Bamboo & Wooden Crafts Factory    China

Hand Carved Products
1) Unique. 2) Dimensions, wood species, finishes, designs and other specifications can be customized. 3) High durability, easy care, safe for daily wear and tear. 4) Special order and special designs accepted.

Wicker Picnic Basket Backpack
1) Dimensions:13.5" x 8.5" x 17.5" H x 19.75" TH/12.5" x 13". 2) Willow picnic basket for 4persons, including 4pcs of 8" melamine plates,4pcs of wine glasses,1 set of plastic salt and pepper shaker,1pc of corkscrew,4 sets of stainless steel forks, knife and spoon with PS handle,1pc cutting board and 1pc cheese knife,4pcs napkin,1pc blanket
Company: Changxing Jinliang Bamboo & Wooden Crafts Factory    China

Bamboo Blind
1) Made of natural bamboo, with good reputation for quality. 2) Any size as per customers' requirement available. 3) Woven with bamboo splints of various colors: natural, carbonized or any color you required, such as orange, red, green. 4) Contemporary and fashionable styles

Sword Shelf
1) Materials: wooden or other materials. 2) Elegant and generous design with excellent workmanship. 3) This shelf goes with some ancient style swords

Bamboo Carpet
1) Materials: a) Hand woven 100% bamboo ; b) Non-woven cloth backing, felt or EVA skidproof backing with cotton or PP border. 2) Width of bamboo slat: 17mm. 3) Thickness of bamboo slat: 2.4mm. 4) Color: light brown, dark brown, chocolate or other dyed colors. 5) Finishing: light brown, dark brown, chocolate or other dyed colors. 6) Normal dimensions: a) For Europe: 120 x 180cm, 140 x 200cm, 170 x 230cm, 200 x 300cm. b) For North America: 4 x 6', 5 x 8', 6 x 9', 8 x 10'. ...
Company: Changxing Jinliang Bamboo & Wooden Crafts Factory    China

Bamboo Cushion
1) Adopts high-quality mao bamboo as raw material refined, a green environmental protection product. 2) Products standard size: 45 x 45cm, 40 x 40cm. 3) Backing material: non-woven / pressed with non-woven. 4) Bound edge material: PP, cotton yarn cloth, and imitated cotton

Wooden Collection Box
Our products cover wooden furniture, wooden toys, wooden garden items, wooden kitchenware, wooden home decors, natural beauty bath accessories, bath sets, paper umbrellas and paper lanterns.

Fishing Baskets
Fishing Baskets: 1) Made of natural materials ; 2) Customized designs acceptable ; 3) Size: 11.5 x 11.5 x 5.75"

Craft Boat
1) We can supply different craft boats. 2) All the OEM orders are available. 3) Craft sail boats and craft rowing boats are available

Wooden Fireplace Mantel
1) Hand carving with unique art and craftsmanship. 2) Material: oak, mahogany, birch, pine, cherry wood, MDF, flackboard. 3) Dimensions: 120 x 35 x 100cm, insert opening size: 50 x 59cm, N.W.: 37kg, G.W.:44kg. 4) Various wooden carvings available. 5) Customized dimensions, colors, wood species, finishes, designs and specifications available. 6) Different styles for more decorations

Wooden Jewelry Boxes
1) Material: rubber wood. 2) Finish: shining. 3) Pad material: cream PU. 4) Dimensions: a) WJB-01: 140 x 120 x 80mm ; b) WJB-02: 110 x 110 x 60mm ; c) WJB-03: 110 x 85 x 50mm ; d) WJB-04: 80 x 60 x 55mm; 5) Special requirements available upon request.

Bamboo Mats and Kitchenware
1) Material: first-grade natural mountain bamboo. 2) Durable and beautiful. 3) Ideal Chinese touch for your home

Wooden Pallet
1) Reduce the risk of manual handling injury, lateral partition separate products, minimize crushing and ensure security of valuable products. 2) Pallet collars can be built up around products size and strong enough to support top loading. 3) Collars added to standard wooden pallet. 4) Collapsibility minimizes storage and transport costs, quick to re-engage. 5) Turns a pallet into containers. 6) Eliminates cartons and shrink-wrap

Wooden Bottle Box
1) Wooden bottle box: made of paulownia wood, pine wood, poplar wood, China berry wood and plywood for one to six wine bottles. 2) Wooden tray: various kinds of wooden trays made of paulownia wood, pine, chinaberry wood, plywood and willow are supplied. 3) Can manufacture according to customers' needs. 4) Humidity resistance, crack resistance. 5) Non-distortion, heat preservation, antisepsis, wearable mothproof. 6) Materials: birch wood, paulownia wood, willow

Bamboo Basket
1) Materials: bamboo basket, metal bells ; 2) Many shapes and designs are available ; 3) Any change in size/color or design of basket is acceptable

Oak Wood Wine Barrels & Wooden Wine Barrels
1) High quality oak wood wine barrels with brass tap/stainless steel tap and wooden holders. 2) Suitable for storing all kinds of wine in order to keep the original taste of wine. 3) Product size: 1.0 L - 5.0 L. 4) Material: high quality oak wood or fir wood. 5) Oak wood wire barrel with stainless steel container inside available. 6) Different sizes available: 1L, 1.5L, 3L and 5L. 7) Can store all kinds of wines

Bamboo Table Runner
1) Material: fine natural bamboo. 2) Mat size: various sizes available. 3) Size of sticks or slats: various sizes available. 4) Colors: various colors available, such as natural, carbonized, dyed (red / green / purple / pink / blue / yellow / white / black / gold / bronze/ orange / pink / cream. 5) Binding: cotton or polyester fiber. 6) Without any chemical treatment and good for people and environment.

Bamboo Placemats
1) Specification of bamboo sticks or slats in the mats: a) Width of slats: null b) Diameter of column-sticks: 2.5mm ; c) Colors: simply-designed for living a easy life; available in natural, carbonized, dark brown, light brown, red, green, purple, orange, pink, cream, blue, cyan, yellow, silver, gold and bronze. 2) Normal sizes of mats: 45 x 75cm, 60 x 90cm, 70 x 140cm, 90 x 180cm, 120 x 180cm, 140 x 200cm, 160 x 230cm. 3) Bordering materials: PP or cotton cloth. 4) Backing materials: felt ...

Seagrass Rugs
1) Width: Max.4m. 2) Length: As you like. 3) Backing: Latex backing. 4) Border: Cotton border/ PP border/ artificial leather.

Wooden Cabinet with Willow Drawer
1) Material: willow and wood. 2) Wooden cabinet with willow drawer. 3) Willow drawer with white liner. 4) For storage. 5) Natural material, handmade

Bamboo Carpets
1) Width: 17mm ; 2) Color: light brown, carbonized ; 3) Felt or EVA backing ; 4) Common dimensions (W x L): a) 120 x 180cm ; b) 150 x 240cm ; c) 170 x 230cm.

Coasters and Wooden Coaster Holder
1) Methods: spin casting, injection ; 2) Material: zinc alloy ; 3) Effect: 2-D, semi-3-D, 3-D ; 4) Finish: soft enamel, resin, synthetic enamel ; 5) Plating: gold, nickel, copper, brass, matte finish and antique finish.

Bamboo Curtain Picture
Bamboo Curtain Picture (Embroidery): 1) Tribute in the years we called dynasty. 2) State-gift to foreign leaders in Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoqi's time. 3) Collection of the Diaoyutai State guesthouse. 4) Woven with hair-like bamboo silk, combine with calligraphy, painting and embroidery. 5) Product size: 33 x 100cm ~ 88 x 200cm. 6) 100% handmade crafts

Summer Sleeping Bamboo Mat
1) The summer sleeping bamboo mat of health care chooses high quality raw; bamboo in the mountain areas carefully, with the contemporary latest technology and craft, while processing freshly. 2) Therefore, it keeps bamboo green, fine and smooth. 3) It is ventilating, cool and comfortable, nice in appearance and graceful. 4) The color and luster are soft and beautiful, and the smell is fragrant and pleasant. 5) It is cooked in scientific way to prevent from eating and corrosion, thus is ...

Art Fan
1) Materials: silk, bamboo frame ; 2) Printed: Chinese traditional characters or scenery drawings ; 3) Applications: gift, museum piece, promotion

Spice 6-Bottles Holder of Duck Design
1) Materials: wood, polyresin, glass bottle ; 2) Size: 29 x 29.5 x 7.5cm ; 3) More sizes and designs available

Sitting Pad
1) Raw materials: natural bamboo, foam rubber, cotton cloth. 2) There are many kinds of colors and styles for selecting. 3) Specification: 45 x 45 x 5cm, 43 x 43 x 3cm

Bamboo file folder / Vertical File Holder / Desk File Holder
Bamboo file folder / Vertical File Holder / Desk File Holder Bamboo Pen box / Desk screen / Vertical File Holder Specifications : Model Type :  LC-301 Size (cm) : Depends   Material: Bamboo & Wooden Feature: Eco-Friendly , Non-Pollution Place of Origin: Fujian , China Customer Design : Accept Delivery: 15-30 DAYS , also depends on quantity Contact Person : Mr. Hakka MOB : +86 18259783331 Tel: +86-598 6782399 Fax: +86-598 6782898 LCJG BAMBOO ...

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