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List extensive product information of Incense & Incensory (include Incense Stick, Incense Box, Incense Holder, Incense Burner, Sachet), provided by Incense & Incensory manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Incense and Candle Set
1) 2 x 15pcs incense sticks of 14cm length and 0.28cm diameter. 2) 5pcs incense coil. 3) 2pcs flower candles. 4) 1pc ceramic holder.
Company: Wuxi Lingshan Incense & Candle Handicraft Co., Ltd.    China

Perfume Cards
1) The cards are made of vegetal fibre with fresh color and lively design. They can be manufactured as the now models as clients require. 2) With freshener or perfume, they can be put or hanged in the cars, offices, or toilets and at home.

Incense Sticks
Interweaves many fragrances to purify, relax or stimulate, to add richness to daily life. Evoke moods and feelings, express individuality, accent decor and sooth the senses.
Product Group: Incense Stick
Company: Wuxi Lingshan Incense & Candle Handicraft Co., Ltd.    China

Organza with Flower Sachet
1) Luxurious, high quality potpourri. 2) 100% botanical ingredients. 3) Scented to the highest standard with long lasting fragrances. 4) Wide range of sizes, wrappers, fragrances and designs available. 5) Ideal items for holiday gifts and decorations
Company: Wuxi Lingshan Incense & Candle Handicraft Co., Ltd.    China

Handwork, the fundus is fimo candle holder, the fumigating oil is placed in top glass holder,and when the oil be vaporized,the room will be fill with the fragrance.

Wooden Insense Holders
We are manufacturer of wooden insense holder from china. We manufacture highly carved, small carved & inlayed insense holder cases/boxes in natural and antique finishing.

Incense Sticks
1) 40 sticks with wooden holder 2) Tin cylinder 3) Stick length: 26cm 4) 6 fragrances: a) Rose b) Lavender c) Sandalwood d) Vanilla e) Lemon f) Ocean
Product Group: Incense Stick

Mosquito Incense
1) This product is made of high-grade raw materials. 2) Ignites quickly. 3) Burns longer. 4) Safe for human and livestock. 5) Size: 23 x 3 x 3cm

Incense Set
1) Inner box includes 40 incense sticks, 20 incense cones and 1 porcelain holder ; 2) Many kinds of colors and flavours: apple, jasmine, lavender, vanilla, lemon, sandalwood

Fragrance Lamp
Our decorative fragrance lamp destroys odors and bacteria in the air while increasing oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. Our lamp's purifies the air by destroying odors and air borne bacteria. It increases oxygen levels in the air. The fuels contain essential oils that are made from natural botanical extracts. Our fragrance oils perfume's the air and provides aromatherapy, as well as having insect repelling properties.

We are specialized in producing all kinds of incense products, incense sticks, cones, coils, aroma sachets, and car air freshener. Our products have the following features: 1) New styles ; 2) Multiple types available ; 3) Made from natural plant sources ; 4) 5 fragrances: a) Rose ; b) Lavender ; c) Sandalwood ; d) Vanilla ; e) Jasmine

Fragrance Oil Burner Gift Set
To be made of ceramic; gift set designed, which could be including incense, incense holder, scented tealights, perfume oil and pot-pourri, depand on the requirement. various types of oil diffuser are available.

Electric Incense Burner
This incense burner has very nice design with patent. The fumigating wooden is placed in the plate, burning for about 5 minutes and blacking out, then the wood burns automatically with high temperature. The room will be filled with the fragrance and you will feel very comfortable and fresh. Elegant antique style incense burners, with copper plated.

Aroma Fan
1) Functions: deodorize; sterilize; pasteurize; release fragrance. 2) Unique fragrance censer concept. 3) Safe, reliable, and easy operation. 4) Fixed time for on/off as per your will

LED Mini Aroma Diffuser
1. On / off control button ; 2. LED gradational light with rainbow / warm / cool colour ; 3. Press "mode" button to set light effect ; 4. Transpire by heating up the fragrance oil ; 5. Replaceable different headers for promotion ; 6. One header is included ; 7. Adaptor or USB power supply (optional)

Auto Air Freshener
1) Designed for freshening air in cars ; 2) Plug in the air vent ; 3) Liquid perfume inside ; 4) Various scents available

Mista Decoration
Available in different designs, is a must-have beautiful health appliance in a house or office. It is just incredible as they have various pluses: A beautiful fountain, An elegant ornament, A cool mist humidifier, An aromatic diffuser, An ionizer You also could drop some aromatherapy oils or merely some perfume, in the water and the nice scent of it will please you for a long time.

1) Fabric: 100% cotton sateen with printing ; 2) Size: 3" x 6"/4" x 7"/5" x 8" and so on ; 3) Filling: natural herbal filling

Fragrant Flower Sachets
The potpourri series take natural plant, aromatic essential oil and natural wood flour as material, with rich varieties and packaging styles. The incense can beautify your environment and purify the air.

Aromatherapy Incense Stick
Incense sticks, to delight your nose with wonderful aromas. Hand-rolled different kinds of favour such as sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, flowers, musk, rose, lily, etc. It is good for spa and beauty salon.

Fragrant Decorative Pillow
1) Made from tulle and dry flower. 2) Size and shape can be made by client's request. 3) Long-lasting scent. 4) Makes a great gift or promotional item

Incense Tin
We supply a variety of incense tins that can also be used to hold dried flowers, decorations, matches, or table tennis balls. The standard diameters of the tins are 45, 55, 62, 65, 70, 80, 90

Aromatic Set
1) Size: 25 x 20.7 x 6cm. 2) Oval bowl with wax + ceramic plate + 2 small bowl + cake candle 2 votive glass + bamboo mat in a good quality box with bamboo lid

Perfume Lamp With Censer
Perfume Lamp With Censer: 1) Color: all kinds of colors available ; 2) Material: stainless steel and glass

1) All contents are of natural material with imported fragrances. 2) A large variety of potpourri and fragrance products available for your selection

Incense Mixed Set
This collection is mixed with aroma incense, aroma candle and aroma stone for the perfect relaxing in only one box. Aromatic mixed set: Size:150 x 150 x 42 mm.. Weight:410 g.

Quick Lighting Charcoal Briquet For Shisha or Hookah
1) The dia. 40mm incense charcoal is a traditional incense product and for shisha or hookah of Arabia, we have the patent to produce it in China. 2) charcoal briquette. 3) Ignites quickly. 4) Burns longer. 5) Smokeless and odorless. 6) Sold to Europe, America, and the Middle East

Aroma Reed Diffuser
One set = ceramic bottle +flowers in ceramic cup+ stones in PET box+ potpourri sachet+ rattan ball +5 rattan sticks+100ml aroma oil in PET bottle cardboard box packing
Company: Xiamen Apple Aroma Co.,Ltd    China

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