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List extensive product information of Pottery & Enamel (include Ceramic Gift, Porcelain Box, Porcelain Pot, Porcelain Craft), provided by Pottery & Enamel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Pottery Art
We would like to introduce you our Chinese pottery craft (porcelain craft) it's made by Chinese traditional art, it's very beautiful and have a great value for watching.
Company: Huapeng Ceramics Manufacturing Co., Ltd    China

Earthy Safe Pottery
Our bio-pots are fully biodegradable and organic. A great environmentally friendly alternative to the earth destroying plastics currently being used for pots, planters, dishes and other gardening products.

Porcelain Pots & vases
We can supply you all kinds of Ceramic Flower Pots, Ceramic Flower Vases, Pottery Flower Pots, Decorative Vases, Ceramic Jars, Flower pots. 1) Material: Ceramic. 2) Size:17.7 x 14 x 11cm,14.5 x 8 x 8.5cm,11.8 x 7.5 x 5.8cm. 3) High quality porcelain with hand-painted patterns with beautiful colors. 4) The design contains some beautiful flowers and green leaves with the white background. 5) More styles and different sizes/colors for ceramic flower pots are available.
Company: Huapeng Ceramics Manufacturing Co., Ltd    China

Ceramic Lacquered Tumble
Product name: ceramic lacquered tumble the set incld: tumble, soap disk, tray, waste basket and lotion bottle. materials: ceramic, plywood all handmade. Usage: for spa, home, hotel

Imitation Hard Enamel / Cloisonne Badge
1) Customers' designs and sizes are welcomed. 2) Material: copper or zinc alloy. 3) Plating material options: nickel, anti-nickel, black nickel, brass, anti-brass, copper, anti-copper, dyed black, gold, anti-gold, silver, anti-silver, etc. 4) Process: stamping molding / outline cutting / coloring / baking / stoning and polishing / attachment / plating / inspection and packing. 5) Enamel can be mixed to create hundreds of pantone color chart variations

We are porcelain manufactory from China. Products including Porcelain, Ceramics, Pottery, dolomite, Terra Cotta and Candle art and so on.
Company: Huapeng Ceramics Manufacturing Co., Ltd    China

Ceramic Casino Gifts
1) We can supply Ceramic Casino Gifts such as money bank, mug, spinning ashtray, cookie dish ashtray lighter from china.

Dragon Decoration, Ceramic Craft
Dragon Decoration: 1) Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 29cm ; 2) Material: polyresin ; 3) Used for decoration only. Ceramic Craft: 1) Material: intensified porcelain ; 2) Glaze: excellent transparency ; 3) Good intensity ; 4) Handiwork

Enamel Frits
Enamel frit, also called glaze, is a special borosilicate glassy chunk which is made through precise prescription, high temperature melting and sudden cooling. There are different enamels to meet with different needs, such as industrial or daily uses. The following are our main specifications of enamel frit for daily use. ground coat fritL Co-ni enamel, Ni enamel(nickel frit: Brown color), Sb enamel(antimony frit: White color), Sb-mo enamel, S-e black enamel, Mixed enamel, Water heater ...

Celadon Pottery
Produce material has porcelain clay, violet clay, fireclay, limestone, quartzite bran and so on. Use 1300 degree high temperature fire produce. The moldings adopt throw, molding and shape.

Porcelain Boxes
Mini porcelain boxes with elegant decals, many shapes and decals are available upon enquiry.

Ceramic Oven Stove
Our main products consist of plane and relief patterns, up to ten thousand varieties, including all kinds of flower vases, flower pots, jugs, arrow barrels, high-class decorative art porcelain, imitation antique porcelain, toy and christmas porcelain, as white porcelain.

Porcelain Tea Set
1) Material: bone china or porcelain, with carving. 2) Style: corm shape new design and patent product, good-looking and attractive. 3) Can be used as a gift for friends

Luminescent Ceramics
The product is a combination of advanced photoluminescent materials with china's ancient ceramic handicraft, not only brightening the color of the ceramic products itself, but also showing a perfect unity of ancient culture with current science and technology. It possesses all features of ceramic in elegance, grace and cultural charm meanwhile, it can function as an indication in dark places by emitting various lights. Category: There are mainly two products of this kind in research, ...

Porcelain Cats
This is a pair of cats made from porcelain. Absolutely gorgeous with pinkish colour. The cats represents a male cat and a female cat leaning lovingly against each other. The taller one with slightly larger base is the male cat and the smaller sized is the female cat. Attractive design is painted at the chest of the cats. Spectacular piece of art, a must for couples in love.

Sublimation Photo Plate
Specifications: 1. 7.5" rim plate with gold, 7.5" rim plate with flower, common 7.5" plate 2. Plate size: 4.33" (110mm) inner diameter, 7.48" (190mm) outer diameter 3. 10" rim plate with gold, 10" rim plate with double-gold 4. Plate size: 4.33" (110mm) inner diameter, 48" (190mm) outer diameter Descriptions: 1. 7.5" rim plate with gold trim: these white ceramic 7.5" round plates have an area of 4" in diameter for printing, great for ...

Ceramic Statue
We are manufacturer of ceramic products, planter, flower pot, animal, statue. 100% handmade. Various size and colour.

Fine Hand Painted Porcelain Box
The Fine Hand Painted Trinket Box is also known as Porcelain Box which is called by its special characteristic of ceramic. Porcelain is a type of ceramics highly valued for its beauty and strength. Porcelain is characterized by whiteness, a delicate appearance, and translucence. Because it is the hardest ceramic product, porcelain is used for electrical insulators and laboratory equipment. Porcelain is known primarily as a material for high-quality vases and tableware, as well as for ...

Enamel Cup/Mug & Enamel Pot
Enamel mugs with different patterns for storing sugar, salt and coffee Feature: with cover. Enamel Pot: Porcelain tea pot (1.0 liter) + enamel tea pot (2.0 liter) set With flower decal

Bowl Shaped Antique Pot
Bowl Shaped Antique Pot: 1) Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 26 x 23cm ; 2) Weight: 5.2kg ; 3) Texture: terracotta

Handcraft Jewelry
1) Chain with bronze plating + real pearl beads ; 2) Planting will all according to your demand ; 3) Fashionable and novel design, large stock ; 4) Elegant design for fashion ladies, excellent handmade

Porcelain Plaque
1) Porcelain tiles for craft and decoration gift use ; 2) Shapes available: oval, heart, round, square, rectangular and round

Ceramic Crane
Ceramic Crane: 1) Made from heavier dolomite ceramic ; 2) Underglazed technics and process ; 3) 100% hand-painted

Porcelain Beads
Porcelain beads are made from a mixture of clay and other chemicals, and then decorated. There are different qualities of clay and mixing chemicals which lead to varying degrees of hardness, texture and color of the fired product. There are different types of slips and glazes used to fire in a color or color effect. Some times the fired beads are simply hand-painted. Other times, they have a decal that is glazed onto the surface. For the items you can see on this picture are just hand ...

Miniatue Animal Ceramic
Our company supply the animal ceramics: Dogs, cats, fowls, zoo animals, aquatic animals, dolls house accessories, calendar and more other. There are over 250 models of animal ceramics. Our product lines of ceramic: artisan doll house ceramic miniatures ; animal ceramic miniatures, varied from pets, wild animals, and marine animals ; antique-style artisan handmade wooden furniture with high quality finishing ; metal utensil and carpenter tools in miniature sizes.

Tea Censers
1) All kinds of designs and patterns available. 2) Regular sizes available for European and American customers. We can produce all kinds of ceramic crafts and gifts according to customers' requirements including cups, mugs, pots, bowls, plates, ashtrays and gifts.

Ceramic Souvenir/3D Airtight Canister
Ceramic souvenir/3D airtight canister Material: dolomite Size: 11 x 11 x 16cm Ceramic handicraft good for home decoration 100% hand-painted craft Usage: Home decoration Office supplies Living room decoration Hotel decoration Business gifts Holiday gifts Exhibit goods Promotion goods

Cartoon bear Money box ceramic money box
material: dolomite Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 19cm Ceramic handicraft Good for home decoration 100% hand painting craft High quality with best factory price Usage: Home decoration Office supplies Living room decoration Hotel decoration Business gifts Holiday gifts Exhibit goods Promotion goods

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