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List extensive product information of Microphone (include Wireless Microphone, Usb Microphone, Wired Microphone, Mini Megaphone), provided by Microphone manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

UHF Wireless Microphones
System: 1) Frequency ranges: UHF 700∼820MHz (tunable) ; 2) Modulation mode: FM (PLL) ; 3) Nominal / peak deviation: ±25kHz / ≤ ±48kHz ; 4) Frequency stability: ≤ ±15ppm ; 5) AF frequency response: 60Hz∼18lHz ; 6) S/N (1 mV RF and peak deviation): ≥110dB (A) ; 7) T.H.D. (at nominal deviation and 1kHz): ≤1% ; 8) Temperature range: -10-55°C. Receiver: 1) Sensitivity (peak deviation): 3uV (52dB S/N) ; 2) AF output voltage (at peak deviation 1kHz AF out) : a) Balanced: +10dB (XLR) ...
Product Group: Wireless Microphone
Company: Enping Huana Sound Instrument Manufactory    China

Wireless Microphone
1) Carrier frequency: VHF 200 - 270MHz ; 2) Frequency stability: ±0.005% ; 3) Dynamic range: >80dB ; 4) Total harmonic distortion: 80dB ; 8) Borde upon channel rejection: >80dB ; 9) Image disturbing rate: >80dB ; 10) Emission power: 30mW ; 11) Audio frequency output: mixed:0-±400mV ; 12) Receive channel: 2 channel ; 13) Receiver power supply: AC 220V/50-60Hz ; 14) Validated function distance: 50-80m.
Product Group: Wireless Microphone
Company: Enping Huana Sound Instrument Manufactory    China

MIDI Karaoke Microphone
The MIDI Karaoke Microphone is a newly smart portable karaoke microphone developed by new technologies and consists of 1 acceptor and 2 wireless microphones. It can store a thousand songs in a small piece of equipment. It has record/reply/random functions and supports downloading the image background and music from the PC via the USB connection. It will bring innovation to the singing culture.
Product Group: Karaoke Microphone
Company: Enping Huana Sound Instrument Manufactory    China

Multimedia Microphones
1) Frequency response: 50 - 20,000Hz ; 2) Impedance: 1.5k ohms ; 3) Sensitivity: -58dB ± 2dB ; 4) Rated power: 0.5mA ; 5) Jack and plug: 3.5mm ; 6) Cord length: 4 - 6'

Conference Microphone
Features: 1) Type: condenser ; 2) Cordi form directional ; 3) Impedance: 2k ohms ; 4) Frequency response: 100Hz-12kHz ;5) Sensitivity: -43±2dB ; 6) Working voltage: 3V DC ; 7) Use distance: 20-50m

Wire Microphone
1) Type: Wire Microphone ; 2) High grade dynamic microphones ; 3) Unidirectional microphone ; 4) Impedance: 600 ohms ; 5) Color: silver ; 6) Weight: 400g

Desk Microphone with USB Plug
1) Microphone: 6 x 5 - 54dB±2 ; 2) Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz ; 3) Plug type: USB2.0 ; 4) Impedance: 2.2K ohms ; 5) Sensitivity: 54±2dB ; 6) Cable length: 2.5m

Microphone for Laptop
1) Sensitivity: -54±3dB ; 2) Directivity: omnidirectional ; 3) Impedance: low ; 4) Current consumption: max. 0.5mA ; 5) Standard operation voltage: 4.5V ; 6) Sensitivity reduction: within -3dB at 1V ; 7) Cable length: approx. 2m ; 8) Compatible with headphones

Condenser Microphones
Specifications: Directivity: Ominidirectional, unidirectional, noise cancelling, ominidirectional, unidirectional, noise cancelling, bi-directional ; Size: dia. 4.0mm ; 9.7mm ; Height: 1.5mm ; 6.7mm ; Sensitivity: -34dB ; -54dB
Product Group: Condenser Microphone

Speaker Mic For Two Way Radio And Walkie Talkie
Flexible design and comfortable. Tone, convenient for washing away dirt and debris, with a stainless steel rotating clip positioned 360 degrees. The microphone with an outside interposer, arranged in pairs with earphone can keep secret and fit for particular occasion. The tone is clear and it is durable. Product parameter ; Bugle union: Diameter:36mm ; Rating power:1w ; Impedance:8 ; Microphone union: Sensitive: -58db ; Impedance:2.2k

U-2 Wireless Microphone, Infrared Microphone
Wireless microphone: Functions: The effect of U2 is the new design by Rigao ; Used the heart of MIC that is produced by Rigao and the material is import ; The frequency rand is wide ; Two unbraided groups of incept system, excellent receiver ; 16 sets of U-2 can work at the same time. The channel can be setting at will, no jamming, wireless MIC with intellectualized switch ; Used UHF 780-850MHz channel to avoid interferential frequency ; LCD screen show all the message, it can show the ...
Product Group: Wireless Microphone

Mute Microphone
This Mute micphone is invented for the karaoke pratice singing etc without any noise. It is really idea and interesting product which is being sold well in Japan. That is the world-first! And we have the patent. By the way, we are the one of 4 karaok companies in Japan.

1) Drive unit: Φ15mm w/ferrite ; 2) Magnet ; 3) Impedance: 32 ohms ; 4) Frequency response: 20 - 20,000Hz ; 5) Sensitivity: 105dB S.P.L. at 1KHz ; 6) Max. input power: 100mw ; 7) Cord length: 180cm±3% ; 8) Volume control (optional): yes

Desk Microphone
1) Type: microphone ; 2) Microphone: 6 x 5 - 54dB±2dB ; 3) Frequency response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz ; 4) Impedance: 2.2kω ; 5) Sensitivity: 54dB±2dB ; 6) Plug type: φ3.5mm stereo ; 7) Cable length: approx 1.8m

VHF Wireless Microphone
Specifications: Frequency: 217.25/218.2/223.0/223.7MHz ; Effective distance: 25 meters ; Transmitter power supply: 9V ; Receiver power supply: AC voltage depending on your requirement ; S/N ratio: >55dB ; Sensitivity: >42dB ; S/N ratio: >55dB ; Sensitivity: >42dB.
Product Group: Wireless Microphone

Microphone for iPod
1) Voice recorder via 30-pin connector 2) Stereo 3.5mm audio line-in jack 3) Powered by iPod 4) Supports iPod 5G or new version 5) Built-in mono mic and speaker 6) 3.5mm stereo line-in jack for external audio device 7) One touch button to switch into voice memo mode from normal iPod operation 8) Can be used with most iPod cases

Interphone Handle Microphone
Remote speaker / microphone. Durable case with very streamline shape. Metal clip clamps collar tightly like the soldier. The everlasting cable environmental, it can kiss with kin friendly. Data sheet: Speaker impedance: 8 ohms ; Speaker size: 36mm ; Mic sensitivity: -58db ; Microphone impedance: 2. 2 kohms ; Microphone specification: 9. 7*4. 5mm ; Plus tpye: tait, standard. Kenwood. Yaesu. Icom. Motorola. Maxon, uniden, vetex, and so on.

Microphone for All kinds of Moblie Radio
Two-way radio microphone is also in our production range. We have microphones for mobile and remote microphones. Our microphones are of following advantages: 1) With CE certificate ; 2) Have very good outputting voice ; 3) Excellent quality, half of year as warranty ; 4) Very competitive price

Swiss Mini Microphone
High sensitivity microphone for voice recognition, plugging into the mic input jack without any cables. Adjust the angle width for a relatively nearby. Incredible small and lightweight. Compatible with both macblack and notebook pc for skype. Black colour with sensitivity: -55db + / -3db; impedance: 680 ohm; directivity: unidirectional; frequency response: 20hz~16khz; standard operation voltage: dc 1-10v; s / n ratio: more then 58db
Product Group: Mini Microphone

Condenser Microphone
Specifications: Element: back electret condenser microphone ; Polar pattern: cardioid ; Frequency response: 50Hz-18kHz ; Sensitivity: -45dB±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz) ; Output impedance: 200Ω±30% (at 1kHz) ; Operating voltage: 48V DC and 1.5V battery
Product Group: Condenser Microphone

Stereo Microphone Pack
2pcs HST-02A silver pencil mic with switches ; 2pcs HST-02A silver BIG shock mounts ; 2pcs HST-02A omni diaphragm elements (inside gold plated) ; 2pcs HST-02A windscreen ; 1pc plastic carrying case ; 1pc high quality foam inside ; 1pc color gift-box cost ; 2pcs silica gels (dryer)

Mini Megaphone
1) Mini megaphone (sound reinforcement) ; 2) Flashlight (torch): 12 LED ; 3) Radio: FM radio ; 4) Alarm: signal (whistle) ; 5) Patented product ; 6) OEM availability ; 7) Batteries: 4 x AA ; 8) Weight: 190g (not including batteries) ; 9) Dimensions (L x dia.): 205 x 70mm ; 10) Megaphone (sound reinforcement) output: 2W ; 11) Flashlight (torch) output: 2W ; 12) Suitable for army, police, guardian on duty or rescue ; 13) Can be used in working places, families, traveling, driving, camping, ...

Wired Dynamic Microphone
Specifications: 1) Frequency response: 40 - 17kHz ; 2) Sensitivity: -38dB/Pa±3dB ; 3) Impedance: 680-1Kohm ; 4) Type: electric condenser ; 5) Directivity: uni-directivity

Mini Megaphone with Alarm, Radio & LED Flashlight
1) Mini maegaphone (sound reinforcement) ; 2) Flashlight (torch): 12 LED ; 3) Radio: FM radio ; 4) Alarm: signal (whistle) ; 5) Patented product ; 6) OEM availability ; 7) Batteries: 4 x AA ; 8) Weight: 190g (not including batteries) ; 9) Dimensions (L x dia.): 205 x 70mm ; 10) Megaphone (sound reinforcement) output: 2W ; 11) Flashlight (torch) output: 2W ; 12) Suitable for army, police, guardian on duty or rescue .Can be also used in working places, families, traveling, driving, camping, ...

Voice-Control Earpiece Microphone
1) Listen and speak without holding the radio. 2) High-quality cable being used, clear sound performance, great comfort and simple to use. 3) Provides discreet communication. 4) The high-quality microphone with small PTT can be clipped to the lapel. 5) It has a small appearance and we offer different plugs for your preference.

Uni Directional Electret Condenser Microphone
Compact size clear absorption ; Lowest cost and highest performance ; Automatic producing system ; 1. Directivity: Uni-Directional ; 2. Vcc=2. 0v / RL=2. 2k ; 3. Diameter: 6. 0 ; 4. Max. Height: 5. 2mm ; 5. Capacitor Value: 10pF~33pF ; 6. Connection Type: Pin or Lead Wire or Solderless ; 7. Sensitivity: -47 + / -4 ~ 50 + / -4-dB

AKG C 12 VR Microphone (Matched Pair)
AKG C 12 VR Microphone (Matched Pair) ---2500Euro The AKG C 12 is one of the first famous tube microphones in the history of recording. This collector's item is still very much sought after and engineers all over the world love it for its fantastic, unique sound. Now, AKG's C 12 VR offers a remarkable renaissance of the original, with new self noise and distortion specs optimized to meet the current state of the art. AKG C 12 VR Tube Microphone at a Glance: Recreation of ...
Company: Jas Musical Instruments    United Kingdom

A professional supplier (rubber powder puff, NBR, SBR, hydrophilic, cotton, wool, flocking, PVA)
We are a professional supplier of powder puff.We Supply different kinds of powder puffs sucha as NR puff, NBR puff, SBR puff, hydrophilic puff,cotton puff, plush puff, flocking puff,PVA puff.We will try our best to satisfy any of your requirements.
Product Group: Powder Puff,NR Puff,NBR Puff,,Hydrophilic Sponge,Cotton Puff
Company: Qingdao Rongyan Cosmetic Appliance Co.,Ltd    china

Sennheiser ew322G2 Wireless Cardioid Lavalier System (Channel B)----250Euro
Sennheiser ew322G2 Wireless Cardioid Lavalier System (Channel B)----250Euro Sennheiser ew322G2 Wireless Cardioid Lavalier System: Bodypack transmitter with ME4 cardioid lavalier and rack mountable receiver with GA2 rack mount kit ?Autoscan on all receivers for simple and secure frequency selection ?1440 frequencies within a 36MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility ?Robust metal construction for durability ?Smaller bodypack transmitters and receivers(30% smaller than ...
Company: Wehkamp BV    Netherlands

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