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List extensive product information of Roller Bearings, provided by Roller Bearing manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Tapered Roller Bearings
1) Tapered roller bearings (single row and double row). 2) Inner diameter: 10 ~ 1,500mm. 3) Types: 30200, 30300, 31300, 32000, 32200, 32300, 32900, 33000, 33100, 33200 standard types.
Company: Ningbo Demy Bearings Co., Ltd.    China

Tapered Roller Bearing
1) Spherical roller (21000, 22000, 23000, 24000 and 29000 series).2) Tapered roller (30000 series and inch size). 3) Thrust bearings (50000 series). 4) Pillow block (UCP, UCF, UCFL). 5) Low-noise deep groove ball bearing (mostly 6000 series)

Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Cylindrical roller bearing can only be used to bear radial load and have high capacity of bearing radial load. It is widely used in power machinery, engineering machinery and automobile industry.
Company: Ningbo Demy Bearings Co., Ltd.    China

Self-Aligning Bearings
1) Self-aligning and insensitive to angular misalignments of the shaft relative to the housing. 2) Suitable for applications with considerable shaft deflections or misalignment are to be expected. 3) It has the lowest friction of all rolling bearings, which allows cooler running even at high speeds

Conveyor Roller Bearings
1) Outer ring is produced by pressed steel sheet with zinc plated. The inner ring is produced by carbon steel with zinc plated or with black oxidized. 2) Bearing with excellent surface for conveyor rollers. 3) Bearing with long life performance
Company: Ningbo Demy Bearings Co., Ltd.    China

Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Single row cylindrical roller bearings, Double row cylindrical roller bearings, Four row cylindrical roller bearings, And all kinds of inch sizes roller bearings. Used in heavy electric motor, machine tool main shaft, axletree axle box, diesel engine crank shaft and the gear box, automobile, tractor, etc.

Taper Roller Bearing
The inner and outer ring raceways and rollers of these bearings are made with a taper so that the surface planes of the raceways and roller axis meet at a point. The rollers are guided by a flange on the inner ring. Tapered roller bearings are separable, and have the following components: outer ring, inner ring and roller assembly. The non-separable inner ring and roller assembly is called the 'cone', and the outer ring is called the 'cup'. Internal clearance is ...

Bearing Rings
1) Dust-proof, water-resistant and high temperature endurance. 2) Competitive price. 3) Prompt delivery. 4) Small orders are acceptable. 5) Customer's drawings and samples are acceptable

Track Roller Bearing
1. The construction is the same as double-row angular contact ball bearing. The wall of outer ring is thick and round arc is R500mm. So it provides a heavy radial loading capacity.. 2. Fine impact resistance and wearing capacity.

Aligning Roller Bearing
1) With large bearing loading capability. 2) Widely used in metallurgy and mining machinery. 3) Main specification range: a) Inner diameter: 25 - 60mm ; b) Outer diameter: 52 - 150mm ; c) Width: 15 - 50mm

High Power Speed Reducer
TH, TB helical tooth/umbrella tooth-skewed tooth series high power speed reducer is brand-new rigid tooth flank gear unit with wide application areas, which has features of large torque range, a design of unit structure modulization capable of horizontal mounting and vertical mounting. It has solid shaft, hollow shaft and hollow shaft with shrink disk. With carbureted high-strength good-quality alloy, this series has the features of high-efficiency and long life-span, high permissible axial ...

Tapered Roller Bearings
Sizes and sphere of our production: 1) Single row ; 2) Single row, paired face-to-face ; 3) Single row, paired back-to-back ; 4) Single row, with solid oil ; 5) Double-row, TDO configuration ; 6) Double-row, TDI configuration. 2,000 bearing combinations with sizes ranging from a 0.3125" (8mm) bore to an 25.4" (508mm) outside diameter. We offer the most extensive line of tapered roller bearings available anywhere in the world. Series: Metric series, inch series, ISO series, ...

Slewing Bearings
1) four-point contact ball slewing bearing (no gear, outside gear, inside gear) , 2) double row balls slewing bearing, 3) crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearing (no gear, outside gear, inside gear). 4) Three-row cylindrical roller slewing.

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings
The outer ring raceway of this bearing is spherical, with the center of the radius located on the bearing axis, providing a self-alignment capability. This bearing incorporates a 45o contact angle that enables the bearing to support large axial loads and moderate radial loads. These bearings incorporate an improved internal design that allows relatively high-speed operation.

Banded Thrust Roller Bearings
1) Full complement of rollers or balls; 2) Unground or ground choice; 3) Banded; 4) Part numbers: T88W, T101, T163W, T251, T302W; 5) Can custom-made as per samples

Transmission Parts
All kinds of transmission parts, i.e. standard sprockets, taper lock sprockets, special sprockets, chain couplings, shafts, gears, pulleys, taper bushes, racks etc.

Punched Ring Roller Bearing
1) A full range of series from SCE44 to SCE3220. 2) Has enough intensity and resistance to wear. 3) Nylon retainer's highest revolution temperature: 120°C. 4) Short-term revolution temperature: 180°C. 5) Material: good quality steel plate or as per your requirement

Pullrods System
1) We can produce the punched parts in different specifications. 2) My factory usually produce the items according to client' samples or drawings. 3) Attended punched/pressing ports used in auto clutch. 4) At present, we have developed other parts, that work in furniture, building machines, yachts and engines garage door parts. 5) All kinds of surface treatments are available: polished, zinc plated, nicked plated, chrome plating powder coating, e-coating, dip coating, phosphate coating

spherical roller bearings-FRB Bearings
From small size(D=150mm) to large size(D=1660mm) Spherical roller bearings that we could making in our factory, The clients were able to operating request yourself, advanced by technology refer and purchase to our company. Spherical roller bearings are inherently self-aligning and very robust. The two rows of rollers make the bearings able to carry heavy loads. Invented by FRB BEARINGS and refined over the years, the present FRB BEARINGS range of spherical roller bearings includes a wide ...
Company: FRB Bearings co.,ltd    China

inch taper roller bearings-FRB Bearings
FRB Bearings Inch Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways between which tapered rollers are arranged.The projection lines of all the tapered surfaces meet at common point on the bearing axis.Their design makes taper roller bearings particularly suitable for the accommodation of combined(radial and axial)loads.
Company: FRB Bearings co.,ltd    China

thrust roller bearings-FRB Bearings
FRB BEARINGS spherical thrust roller bearings incorporate a large number of asymmetrical rollers and have specially designed raceways with an optimum conformity. They can therefore support very heavy axial loads and permit relatively high speed operation. Applications : Injection molding machines, crane hooks, vertical pumps
Company: FRB Bearings co.,ltd    China

three-row slewing bearings-FRB Bearings
FRB Bearings Three-row roller slewing bearings has three seat-rings,which separate the upper,lower and radial races,via which the load of each row of the rollers may be specified.It may bear different loads simultaneously and its load capacity is the largest one among the four models. Thanks to the large size of its axle and radius,it is sturdy and especially suitable for heavy-duty machines which require large working radius.such as bucket-wheel excavators,wheeled cranes,ship cranes,ladle ...
Company: FRB Bearings co.,ltd    China

double row slewing ring bearings
FRB Bearings Slewing Ring bearing has been developed as a new machine part in recent 30 years. It is first used in excavator and crane, and then applied to other machines. Slewing bearing is almost the same as oversize ball and roller bearing. Figure 1-1 shows double-row ball Slewing bearing's structure. Figure 1-2 shows how Slewing bearing is used in Caterpillar Crane. It connects the upper and lower parts of the machine, bearing the weight and working load of the upper part, and makes ...
Company: FRB Bearings co.,ltd    China

Sell old number roller bearings
We can produce the diameter from15mm—360mm single row tapered roller bearings, a wide range of sizes series of Tapered roller bearing, single row, matching single, double row, and four Tapered Roller bearing can meet a wide rang of application. And we can produce the bearings accordingly to the customers' samples or drawings; The following is part of our products: Old Item , Old Ttem, Old Item, Old Item 7203E, 27303E, 7510E, 3007112E 7204E, 27304E, 7511E, 3007113E 7205E, ...
Company: Shengyuan Bearing Co.,Ltd    China

The CARB toroidal roller bearing
The CARB toroidal roller bearing The CARB toroidal roller bearing is a completely new type of radial roller bearing. This compact self-aligning roller bearing was developed by HYJG and introduced on the market in 1995. In a unique design, it combines the self-aligning capability of the spherical roller bearing with the unconstrained axial displacement ability of the cylindrical roller bearing. It can also have the compact cross section normally associated with the needle roller bearing. ...
Company: Dalian HYJG Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Liaoning

Double Row Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings
China Bearings Double Row Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings With Double Direction This type of bearing’s height is the lowest and its outside diameter is the shortest with the same axis diameter and axial load than the other locating bearings in axial direction such as single row and double row angular contact ball bearing, double row taper roller bearing with big taper angle.
Company: Dalian HYJG Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Liaoning

Tapered Roller Bearings
Tapered Roller Bearing This type of bearing has rows of taper rollers, it is used to bear heavier radial load and axial load in double direction also, it can limit the displacement of axis or housing in the dimension of axial clearance. The bearing is provided in sets. The clearance of new bearing has been adjusted well before being out of our company. Please notice the words and numbers on outer ring, two rings between outer rings and one ring between inner rings, the end planes of the ...
Company: Dalian HYJG Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Liaoning

Bearings for Printing Machines
Bearings for Printing Machines Bearings: Tapered Roller Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings High precision bearings designed only for printing machines to achieve high printing quality. Feature Desgin: Bearings for cylinders which are the core of a printing machine are specially designed for low heat generation and super precision. Application: As bearings for every rotating part of printing machine
Company: FRB BEARINGS CO.,LTD    China

Bearings for Railroad Vehicles
Bearings for Railroad Vehicles Three kinds of bearings .Bearings for axles, gear boxes and traction motors. Exclusive design for each application. Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used for axles with heavy radial load (Double-row tapered roller bearings have also used recently). Tapered roller bearings are used for gear boxes where large thrust loads are expected. Deep-groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are used for traction motors. Feature Design: Double-row ...
Company: FRB BEARINGS CO.,LTD    China

Cross Tapered Roller Bearings for Machine Tools
Cross Tapered Roller Bearings for Machine Tools The special design give the function of two tapered roller bearings in this one bearing; Compact in axis direction; Radial load, axial load and moment load can be sustained. Feature Design: All loads, such as a radial road, axial load, and moment load, can be supported by one bearing. Compact machine, fewer number of parts, light weight and ease of assembly is available since machine design can be simplified with this type of bearing. Since ...
Company: FRB BEARINGS CO.,LTD    China

XSA140544-N Crossed Roller Slewing Bearings
FRB Bearings supply slewing ring bearings with diameter from 356 mm to 4500mm,material:50Mn,42CrMo,42CrMo4V. FRB Bearings single row cross roller slewing bearings without gear, external gear, internal gear FRB BEARINGS-Crossed roller bearings XSA14 type: external gear teeth XSA140414-N XSA140544-N XSA140644-N XSA140744-N XSA140844-N XSA140944-N XSA141094-N
Company: FRB BEARINGS CO.,LTD    China

110.28.800 Slewing Ring Bearings
FRB Bearings supply slewing ring bearings with diameter from 356 mm to 4500mm,material:50Mn,42CrMo,42CrMo4V. FRB Bearings Slewing rings bearing can take moment load and radial load, besides take thrust loads; There are ball bearings, roller bearings and ball-roller bearings at type. At type of structure, There are single-row, double-rows and three-rows. It with teeth and without teeth on conduction(outer-ring or inner-ring); At dust-proof and leak grease proof type, with air-proof and ...
Company: FRB BEARINGS CO.,LTD    China

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