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List extensive product information of Measuring & Gauging Tools (include Caliper, Level, Measuring Tape, Tire Gauge), provided by Measuring & Gauging Tool manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Tape Measure Heavy Duty
We can supply a full range of measuring tools; including measure tapes, box levels,laser levels, vernier calipers, rulers, bevels, plumb bobs, builder lines and chalk lines.
Product Group: Tape Measure
Company: China National Building Material Investment Co., Ltd.    China

Measuring Tape
1) With body of chrome plate, avail to resist violent impact. 2) Thumbing the locking set. 3) Metal strip finished by sufficient heat treatment and wearable Maila coat, extend use life more than tenfold. 4) Ruler hook with return set of bodily thickness
Product Group: Measuring Tape
Company: Hangzhou SDK Measuring Tool Co., Ltd.    China

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
1) Digital tire pressure gauges in different styles. 2) Gauge with backlight or keychain for your own choices. 3) All products conform to international standard. 4) We specialize in all kinds of tire repair tools, tire valve extensions, and tire valve accessories / parts.
Product Group: Tire Pressure Gauge

Features: 1) With the application of high quality aluminum alloy and high transparent, super clear vials, the level features high sensitivity to the variation of measured surface position when it is placed on an object 2) Widely used in the architectures engineering, room decoration and sports to examine the horizontal or vertical position of an object, and even the object at 45o angle 3) It also can be used in people's daily life to detect the levelness as well Specifications: 1) ...

Combination Aluminum Spirit Level
Aluminum spirit levels, the specification of it is 24"/600mm, aluminum alloy frame, with two bubbles one horizontal and one vertical. Multi-function levels with line and torpedo levels can be used seperatly. Color yellow, black and sliver. The thickness of the aluminum alloy is 1. 6mm.

Measurement Tools
1) Material: carbon steel, stainless steel and fiberglass tapes, ABS and chromed plastic case. 2) Surface: polished, chromed, nickeled, satin and black treated. 3) Handle: plastic dipped, PVC and TPR, 1 or 2 colors. 4) Sizes: a) Measuring tape: i) Length: 2m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m ; ii) Width: 16mm, 19mm, 25mm ; iii) Thickness: 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm ; b) Fiberglass measuring tape: 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 50m, 100m ; c) Sprit lever: 12" ~ 48"; d) Try square: 6", 8", 10", 12"

4-Key Digital Caliper
Features: 1) 8mm high LCD display. 2) Zero setting at any position. 3) Metric/inch interchangeable system. 4) Power on/off at any position, invariable measuring origin. 5) Display window uses special quartz glass, high scratch-resistance. Specifications: 1) Measuring range: a) 0-150mm (0-6") ; b) 0-200mm (0-8") ; c) 0-300mm (0-12"). 2) Resolution: 0.01mm (0.0005"). 3) Repeatability: 0.01mm (0.0005"). 4) Max. measuring speed: 1.5m/sec. 5) Measuring system: linear ...

Infrared Thermometer
Easy to use, just aim the target with a laser point, and press the button Temperature reading appears within 1 second and remains on screen for 7 seconds. Large LCD screen shows readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Range: -4 to 390°F (-20 to 200°C). Distance to spot size is 5:1 ratio (measures a 1-inch area one 5inch away). Max/min. temperature record. Temperature range: 0 to 400°F (-20 to 200°C). Accuracy: -20 to -10°C; -10 to 50 °C; 50 to200°C. Response time: 0.5 second. Operating ...

Vernier Calipers
Features: 1) Made of stainless steel ; 2) Can measure OD, ID, depth and steps. Specifications: 1) Mode: 0 - 150mm, 0 - 200mm, 0 - 300mm. 2) Range (mm/in.): 150/6, 200/8, 300/12. 3) Resolution (mm/in.): 0.01/0.0005.
Company: Hangzhou SDK Measuring Tool Co., Ltd.    China

Measuring Tape
1) Length: 50m. 2) Special ring design for convenient usage. 3) It can be fastened on the case to avoid taking off when you don't use it. 4) With shock resistant rubber protection. 5) Comfortable hand feeling

Electronic Weighing Platform Scale
Specifications: 1) LCD backlight / red LED display ; 2) AC / DC power supply ; 3) Capacity: 60kg/20g, 150kg/50g, 300kg/100g ; 4) Table-board dimensions: 40 x 50cm, 45 x 60cm

Vernier Caliper and Micrometer
1) Precision vernier caliper: 0-150, 0-200, 0-250, 0-300. 2) Dial caliper with dial unit, roll wheel: 0-150, 0-200, and 0-300. 3) Electric dial caliper with roll wheel: 0-150, 0-200, 0-300. 4) Micrometer: 0-25, 25-50, 50-75, 75-100, 100-125, 125-150

Digital Room Thermostat
Digital thermostat are designed to on/off control fan coil, valve, dampers or electric heaters in Air-Conditioners and Heating applications. Models are available for 2-pipe fan and valve control, 4-pipe fan and valves control with Auto-Changeover, auto fan speeds control, modulating and damper control. The fan speed can be manually or automatically controlled by the fan speed pushbutton. There is a choice of running the fan continuously or cycling it with the thermostat. Features: 1) Luxury ...

Whiteness Meter
1. Measure and digital display the brightness, fluorescence brightness and opacity (%). 2. Zero drift: <0.1. 3. Indication drift: <0.1. 4. Indication error: <0.5. 5. Repeatability error: <0.1. 6. Error of specular reflection: <0.1. 7. Sample size: testing surface is not less than DN30mm, thickness of sample is not exceeding 40mm. 8. Power: 160-260V, 50Hz, 0.3A. 9. Working environment: temperature is 0-40°C, relative humidity is not exceeding 85%. 10. Dimensions and weight: ...

Vernier Caliper, Electronic Caliper, Dial Caliper
We supply vernier calipers (100mm-2,000mm), dial calipers (100mm- 300mm) and digital calipers (100mm-2,000mm) made of stainless steel and carbon steel with good quality and reasonable prices from china.
Product Group: Vernier Caliper
Company: Hangzhou SDK Measuring Tool Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminum Level
1) Aluminum alloy frame, oxidized surface. 2) Sizes: 12 ~ 80 3) Adjustable length range: 460 - 600, 560 - 800, 760 - 1200, 960 - 1600mm 4) 3 special angles (0o, 45o, 90o) with 3 Plexiglas shockproof vials 5) Milled finish on datum edges 6) Shockproof ABS plastic parts

PH Meters
Specifications (waterproof electrodes replaceable pH meter): 1) Range: 0.00-14.00pH. 2) Resolution: 0.01pH. 3) Accuracy: ±0.1pH. 4) Temperature compensation: 5 ~ 50oC. 5) Power supply: 4 x 1.5V. 6) Operating temperature: 0oC ~ 50oC. 7) Adjustment: 1 point. 8) Dimensions (L x W x H): 165 x 26 x 26mm. 9) Weight: 63g

Measuring Tools
We also can make any measuring tools, such as plug gauges, calipers, ring gauges, sine bars and trapezoid gauges from china.

Plastic Digital Caliper
1) Made of extra strong carbon fiber composites, lightweight and durable. 2) Can be used in schools, laboratories, carpentry, farms and DIY at home. 3) Can be used to measure magnetic objects. Free of hurting when measuring. 4) Big LCD display for easy reading. 5) Functions: zero setting at any position; metric/inch system conversion at any position and ON; manual OFF or auto power off. 6) One 1.55V SR44 battery can last about 12 months. 7) Low voltage warning by flashing display. 8) Range: ...

Digital Tire Gauge
Functions: 1. Check tire pressure before driving when tires are cold. 2. Remove cap on tire valve. 3. Press button "on", the figure 0.0 will be displayed. 4. Press button 3 seconds continuously, the figure will flash, choose the unit you like (PSI, KPa, bar, kg/cm). 5. Place the chuck of the gauge onto the tire valve, pressing firmly to insure a good seal. 6. Hold in place for approximately 3-4 seconds, remove and note reading. 7. To clear reading, depress and release the ...

Laser Spirit Level
1) Wavelength: 635 - 650nm. 2) Laser power: ≤1mW. 3) Level vial accuracy: 30'/2mm. 4) Beam level accuracy: ±1mm/10m. 5) Voltage: 3V, 4.5V

We can supply: 1) Maximum and minimum thermometers. 2) Indoor and outdoor thermometers. 3) Gardening thermometers. 4) Wine / milk refrigerator thermometers. 5) Double metal thermometers. 6) Electronic thermometers. Features: 1) Pen thermometer: for oral, rectal, and armpit use. 2) Ear thermometer: a) With buzzer, memory function, and auto shut off. b) Can also be used to measure the temperature of food, air, liquid, and solids. Specifications: 1) Display range: 32.0 - 42.0°C/90.0 - ...

Disc Brake Micrometers
1) Disc brake micrometers 2) Digital drum gauges 3) Digital brake disc gauges 4) Measuring tool sets for auto

Measuring Tape and Level
1) Products available: cast iron padlocks, global lock series, handle lock series, mortise door locks, brass cylinders, and drawer locks. 2) W09-002 size: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 60mm

Caliper, Gauge & Micrometer
Caliper: Vernier caliper: Made of Carbon steel, high quality tool steel or Stainless steel ; 3-way or 4-way measuring ; Have Basic model, with fine adjustment, with auto clamp, with up scriber jaws, with circular inside jaws. Mono block vernier caliper. Special vernier caliper: Include the calipers with point, with inside groove, precision welded seam gage, spline gage, V measuring face vernier caliper, T type marking, steel marking gage with double needle-with round rod-with round rod & ...

Digital Tire Gauge with LCD Screen
Used in any weather conditions-day or night. Pressure range: 2-150PSI. Save gas/extend tire life with correct pressure. Automatic shut-off. For autos, SUV, light trucks, motorcycles. Battery included. Competitive price. Various colors available. Suitable for promotion gift.

Titanium Coated Digital Caliper, Digital Measuring Calipers
A fast, accurate, easy to use caliper with exceptional user features. Large LCD display shows inch (to 0.0005") and metric (to 0.01mm) as well as peak mode and data output mode status. Set tolerances at upper and lower limit and read automatically. Body is hardened stainless steel; TiAlN or TiN coating allow the device to be more durable and used longer. Measuring range is 0-150mm and permissible error is 0.02 mm.
Company: Guilin Anyi Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

Guage Block, Calibration Gauge Block Master, Tools for Measurement
Check Master, also called Precision Step Gauge, is lab standard toolbar for the ultimate accuracy of production. With 0.002 mm permissible error, it is designed to calibrate and improve, through error compensation, the accuate positioning of Coordinate Measuring Machines and other precision numerical-control machine tools.
Company: Guilin Anyi Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

Calipers Digital Measuring, Micron Digital Caliper
With Large LCD display for easy reading, this instrument uses a totally new, high accuracy capacitive sensor, a latest innovation in electronic measuring, to make its resolution be up to 0.001mm. Measurement can reach higher accuracy.
Company: Guilin Anyi Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

Checkweigher, offers the weight control of packaged products carried on the conveyor belts. After weighing, the packages which have less or more weight are removed from the belt manuallty or by means of air. As the measurement is completed, all results are recorded for reporting. Depending on the application, the system might include one belt or three belts as infeed, weighing and outfeed belt. Checkweigher with three belts are used to separate the products from each other and to ...
Company: Puls Electronic    Türkiye

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